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Welcome to Renown Films

July/August Newsletter

Dear Club Members

Hoping you are all well.

We are delighted to announce that subject to personal commitments and wellbeing The wonderful LIZ FRASER and PETER VAUGHAN have accepted our invitation to talk at The Third Renown Festival of Film Sunday 12th February 2017 at Watersmeet Rickmansworth. The equally wonderful BRIAN MURPHY has also agreed to join us once again and open the event for us. Tickets are now available at £10 for non-members and £9 for members and the full events programme will be announced in the Autumn.

This month we bring you some previously ‘lost’ Films once again. Our first release is a tribute to the famous LUPINO family and features Lupino Lane, Ida Lupino and Wallace Lupino. Their family tree shows nearly all descendants to have been connected with the stage. George Lupino’s children,Barry and Stanley start our link. Stanley was a popular comedian who played variety for several years at the Drury Lane. It is his nephew Henry George, Who was known under the stage name of Lupino Lane. 

Lane became a well-known cockney comedian and in 1937 he scored a tremendous success in the British musical Me and My Girl, in which he created the “Lambeth walk,” His brother Wallace Lupino starred in over 60 movies during 1918-1945. Stanley Lupino’s daughter, Ida Lupino (1918–1995) made her British film debut in 1932 in Her First Affaire. She later moved to the United States and was voted best actress by the New York film critics.

Our second release is a tribute to some of Britain’s earlier films and we have selected 4 for your enjoyment that show the 1930’s was actually an excellent period for British film. We will be back in touch at the end of the month with details  of our Summer Sale.

Until then, many thanks for your support and please keep on spreading the word.

Best wishes.

Noel, Sarah and Neill

Renown July 2016 New Releases

The Lupino Collection: No Lady / Her First Affaire / Shipmates O’Mine

No Lady (1931) Stars: Lupino Lane, Renee Clama, Sari Maritza Lupino Lane Comedy vehicle, where Lupino Lane directs and stars as henpecked Mr Pog, who takes his wife and stepchildren on holiday to Blackpool.. He is mistaken for an international criminal mastermind and drawn into a series of adventures that climaxes in a glider race which a foreign power aims to win by fair means or foul. Lovely shots of 1930’s Blackpool.

Her First Affaire (1932) Stars: Ida Lupino, George Curzon, Diana Napier Ida Lupino stars in her first film aged just 18 and plays an impetuous teenager, who, much to the consternation of her boyfriend (Arnold Riches), becomes infatuated with a famous novelist (George Curzon). The boyfriend and the writers wife (Diana Napier) join forces to deter her, and he decides an early marriage is the best cure.

Shipmates O’Mine (1936) Stars: John Garrick, Jean Adrienne, Wallace Lupino

A through the years story with songs and sentiments. A sailor rises from first officer to captain, gets married and has a son, but loses his command when his ship is rammed and he abandons ship to save passengers. For years he lives in the countryside. Then his son, now grown, contacts his father’s old shipmates and eventually their ship is put back into commission with its old skipper in command.

RRP £15.99

THE 1930’s Collection: The Lash / Big Ben Calling / Flood Tide / The Captain’s Table

The Lash (1934) Hearty morality tale about a self-made millionaire (Lyn Harding) and the weakling son (John Mills) who lets him down at every turn. Even jumping a ship bound for Australia to return to England and continue an affair with a married woman (Joan Maude). Finally the millionaire gives his son a savage beating with a stockman’s whip. But has either learnt anything? Only time will tell.

Big Ben Calling (1935) Stars: Leslie French, Mary Lawson, Warren Jenkins, Hughie Green Comedy Musical in which a Radio shop proprietor, a songwriter and a cafe proprietress start a pirate radio station to help save themselves from financial disaster. They lead the police a merry dance until their secret location is uncovered. 

Flood Tide (1934) Stars: George Carney, Janice Adair, Minnie Rayner.  A shot on location story of life on the Thames Estuary in the 1930’s. After doubts all round Ted (Leslie Hatton), son of a lock keeper, decides he does want to marry Betty (Janice Adair), daughter of a bargee, while the bargee, Bill (George Carney) is more worried about how to win the cup at the Bargee’s Regatta.

The Captain’s Table (1936) On a transatlantic cruise ship, a musicians wife is found strangled. Suspects are plentiful, but, with the help of one of them, a detective who poses as a steward, the ship’s captain (Percy Marmont) finally discovers the killer. Lively pocket crime drama that moves quickly and makes one wonder why Marmont directed so little.

RRP £15.99


Queen of the Silver Screen - Margaret Lockwood
Best known for her classic award-winning films The Lady Vanishes, The Man in Grey and The Wicked Lady, Margaret Lockwood is a twentieth century icon of stage and screen. This is the definitive biography of the acclaimed actress entitled Queen of the Silver Screen.

“A lot of discrepancies have attached themselves to Margaret’s legacy” says author Lyndsy Spence, “and my book will correct those errors. We will learn about an actress who was not only driven in her career but a woman who was dedicated to her only child and loyal to those around her.”

“Despite playing ‘wicked ladies’ onscreen, she possessed strong principals in her private and professional life,” continues Lyndsy, “Her story is fascinating and, as a strong woman in an age when men ruled the roost, she remains an inspiration for me.”

Written to coincide with Margaret’s centenary, this in-depth biography offers a fresh perspective on an independent woman who was intensely private away from the spotlight and whose life was unlike anything that was reported in press. You can order Queen of the Silver Screen in hardback priced £19.99 today.

RRP £19.99.