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The Boys

The Boys

Director Sidney J. Furie was betwixt and between his Canadian TV work and his theatrical-film prominence visa- vis Ipcress File (65) when he helmed the British social melodrama The Boys.

The title characters are four youths, all implicated in the murder of a night watchman. Robert Morley plays the defence attorney who tries to convince the jury to render a charitable verdict. His basic argument is that the government expects a death sentence in cases involving robbery, but is more lenient towards crimes of passion. Prosecuting attorney Richard Todd is unmoved; his job is to prove that the boys aren't the innocent victims of society they're made out to be.

Directed By
Sidney J. Furie

Richard Todd - Victor Webster
Robert Morley - Montgomery
Dudley Sutton - Stan Coulter
Ronald Lacey - Billy Herne
Tony Garnet - Ginger Thompson
Jess Conrad - Barney Lee
Felix Aylmer - The Judge
Wilfrid Bramble - Robert Brewer
Alan Cuthbertson - Randolph St. John
Colin Gordon - Gordon Lonsdale
Wensley Pithey - Mr. Coulter
Kenneth J. Warren - George Tanner
Patrick Magee - Mr. Lee
David Lodge - Mr. Herne
Mavis Villiers - Celia Barker

Year of Production 1962

Running Time: 1 hr 58 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 16:9
Region: 0
Sound: Mono, 2.0 Dolby Digital
Encryption: CSS


Ref: 132290