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Welcome to Renown Films

Welcome to the March 2018 Renown Film Club Newsletter!

Dear Club Members,

Hoping you are all well.

An exciting month at Talking Pictures TV headquarters as we managed to locate the iconic actor Michael Craig and spent a wonderful day with him at his home filming an exclusive interview for Talking Pictures TV. Discussing Campbell’s Kingdom, House of Secrets, Sea of Sand and The Angry Silence and many, many more of his films. He talked about being under contract to Rank, playing poker with his dear friend Dickie Attenborough on location in  Tripoli, why director Ken Annakin was called ‘Panicking Annakin’ (great story about Payroll!) and working with Guy Green. The date for the interview transmission is to be announced – so stay tuned!

We’re happy to announce that subtitles will now be available on the channel for a select number of films from 15th March! As we manage to script and subtitle more films, the amount of those available with subtitles will increase.

A wonderful Sci-Fi Box Set for you this month, highly entertaining with some ‘suspect’ aliens and robots in cod pieces – but a bit of Vintage Sci-Fi fun! All for just £15 with free UK postage and packing.

To celebrate Will Hay being back on British TV screens we have an exceptional box set of his films from ITV, along with A Rank Collection celebrating 70 years and a superb Margaret Lockwood Collection.

We are also delighted to be able to bring you the new Diana Dors book and the Will Hay Book - both excellent reads. Talking of good reads….

With ANY PURCHASE from this
month’s newsletter, we have
a few of the brilliant TONY
GARNETT autobiography books
left,yours for just £5!

We were very sad to hear of the death of actor Colin Campbell, known for his iconic roles in the seventies drama, A Family at War and the Sixties film The Leather Boys. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

Many thanks for your continued support. Until next month…

Noel, Sarah and Neill

Renown Pictures New DVD Release:

Renown Pictures are delighted to present THE VINTAGE SCI-FI COLLECTION VOLUME 1. TEN films in a superb 3 DVD Box Set. Spoiler Alert! The films in this collections are not serious classic sci-fi features but a compilation to have a giggle with as alien costumes and robots in cod-pieces make this box set more for the light hearted than the faint hearted! Disc 1: ONCE IN A NEW MOON (1935) Stars Eliot Makeham, René Ray & Derrick De Marney. The town of Shrimpton-on-Sea is dragged into space by the force of a 'dead star' passing Earth, the populace try to organise a local government based on equal rights for all. This is Thorley Walters first film. THE NIGHT CALLER (1965) Stars John Saxon, Maurice Denham and Patricia Haines. An alien creature uses the fear of atomic destruction to recruit young women from earth in order to interbreed and save their species and planet from extinction. PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) Stars Ted Cooper, Tom Daly, Steve Acton and Burt Wenland. An alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by the government authorities. Next is the Short Castle Films Digest version (not the full film) of DR CYCLOPS (1940) Stars Albert Dekker, Thomas Coley and Janice Logan. Explorers are summoned to Peru by the brilliant physicist Dr Thorkel. They discover a rich source of radium and a half-mad Thorkel who shrinks them down to one-fifth their normal size! Disc 2: TARGET EARTH (1954) Stars Richard Denning, Kathleen Crowley, Virginia Grey and Whit Bissell. A large city is ordered to be completely evacuated as an army of robots, believed to be from the planet Venus, attack it. Left behind are Nora and Frank, strangers until their meeting in the deserted streets. They meet a celebrating couple at a café and the quartet escape the robot patrol and take refuge in a large hotel. There, they encounter another danger… STRANGER FROM VENUS (1954) Stars Patricia Neal, Helmut Dantine, Derek Bond and Nigel Green. A woman meets a man like alien with no pulse from Venus who has come to warn Earth. A beautifully-crafted tale of a superior being from Venus who has the power of life and death at his touch. Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal's glowing and sensitive performance as a woman caught up in the biggest event in history is complemented by Helmut Dantine's powerful, moving portrayal as the Stranger. THE ALIEN FACTOR (1978) Stars Don Leifert, Tom Griffith and Richard Dyszel. A spaceship containing specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth near a small back-woods town, but the specimens escape and soon the town folk are turning up mutilated. Disc 3: CAPTIVE (1980) Stars Cameron Mitchell, David Ladd, Lori Saunders and Dan Sturkie. Earth and the planet Sthyrolia are at war over the possession of valuable Dirathium crystals. Director Robert Emenegger went on to make his mark in sci-fi films, not just as a director, but producer, composer, writer and much more! PSI FACTOR (1980) Stars Peter Mark Richman, Gretchen Corbett and Tom Martin. Aliens from another dimension cross space and time to come to Earth as a scientist tries to discover what their motives are. The final film in our Sci-Fi Collection is THE DREAM DOCTOR (1936) Stars Julie Suedo, Sydney Monckton, Leo Genn and Margaret Yarde. A lady gypsy interprets the dreams of a doctor’s patients, but are her readings any more accurate than her psychic pronouncements? This ‘quota quickie’ films credit opening states; “To the universal belief in the meaning of dreams, to the research workers in this sphere of Science and the age old tradition of the gypsies… this film is dedicated.”

RRP £29.99   CLUB PRICE £15.00 with FREE UK post and packing.

THE TRAP (1966)

We are delighted to be able to offer our you this new release DVD. THE TRAP (1966) is a spectacular and gripping adventure drama available for the first time on DVD.
The film stars Oliver Reed, Rita Tushingham, Rex Sevenoaks, Barbara Chilcot and Linda Goranson. Directed by Sidney Hayers, the film was made at Pinewood Studios and extensively on location in Canada for Rank. The memorable soundtrack is by Ron Goodwin and recently had a revival when the BBC used it as the theme for the London Marathon! Jean Le Bête (Oliver Reed) is an intimidating fur trapper who comes to a small mining town in British Columbia in search of a wife. Having travelled for 3 days from his remote trappers hut Jean has to settle for a mute girl, Eve (Rita Tushingham), who has not spoken since her own family suffered at the hands of Indians when she was a young girl. The initial hostility between Jean and Eve thaws and the slowly changing relationship between the trapper and his mute partner is both touching and fragile. The story centres around these two mismatched individuals, both handicapped in their own way as they struggle to make a life together in the Canadian wilderness. From initial brutality to tolerance to mutual interdependence and finally love! This DVD release is now available to you at a special price.

RRP £15.99   Our Price £10 with FREE UK Postage.

New HARDBACK BOOK Offer:: £20 with free postage
Passport To Fame: The Diana Dors Story by Huw Prall

One of Britain’s most beloved actresses is the subject of a brand new book release written by Huw Prall. PASSPORT TO FAME: THE DIANA DORS STORY, charts the magical life and career of the star who conquered not only the world of film and television, but also theatre, cabaret, released recordings and wrote books too.

Her private life was equally as exciting to her fans as was her professional career, but her crowning glories were always the films she made from light and frothy comedies to hard hitting thrillers. ‘Yield to the Night’, showed her critics that she could act and hold her own with the best of them and they had to agree.

"Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe". This tag was to hang around Diana Dors' neck during the 1950s. As she would often point out that she had been working professionally a lot longer than Monroe. Her first appearance was in 1946 in ‘The Shop at Sly Corner’, while still a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Diana, like Marilyn, was blonde, curvy and sexy, but that's where the comparison ended. Her range as an actress was from comedy blondes to evil old hags, and even Greek tragedy in theatre. With Diana, what you saw was what you got. But above all, she was a survivor. Diana was a also a talented writer compiling two autobiographies of herself, as well as her three A - Z books. Diana had a prolific career encompassing theatre, cabaret, film and TV. "Passport to Fame" is a comprehensive study of Diana's work across her 40 years of filmmaking. The 276 page HEAVY HARDBACK book is an invaluable source of reference to the film-buff interested in the changing face of the film industry.

Our Price £20 with FREE UK Postage & Packing


8 Classic Films! In The Red Shoes (1948), ballet impresario Boris Lermontov (Anton Walbrook) hires up-and-coming ballerina Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) and talented young composer Julian Craster (Marius Goring) to work with him on a new ballet, an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story 'The Red Shoes'. The 39 Steps (1935) is Alfred Hitchcock's most celebrated British thriller, adapted from John Buchan's novel. Mr Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) becomes the victim of mistaken identity when a female corpse is dumped in his flat by a spy ring. His adventure eventually leads him to a music hall theatre where the secret of the 39 steps is finally revealed to him. In Brief Encounter (1945) a married doctor (Trevor Howard) comes to the aid of an equally upstanding housewife (Celia Johnson) when a passing train blows cinder into her eye. Thus begins a tentative romance, conducted in the tearooms and railway café of a small English town. Henry V (1944) Laurence Olivier's adaptation of Shakespeare's play, begins in a miniature Globe Theatre and slowly expands beyond the stage to become a film. A Matter of Life and Death (1946) is a classic wartime propaganda film. David Niven plays an RAF pilot who is ready to be picked up by the angels after bailing out of his plane. But an administrative error in Heaven leads to a temporary reprieve. In Genevieve (1953), barrister Alan McKim (John Gregson) and wife Wendy (Dinah Sheridan) compete against Alan's friend (and Wendy's former beau), Ambrose Claverhouse (Kenneth More), in the London to Brighton vintage car race. The Wicked Lady (1945) is set during the reign of King Charles II. The aristocratic Lady Skelton (Margaret Lockwood) attempts to relieve the tedium of her day-to-day life by secretly acting as a highway robber. Lady Skelton finds herself caught up in a tangled web of romance, danger, and jealousy. Finally, in Hamlet (1948), Laurence Olivier directs and stars in an adaptation of Shakespeare's famous tragedy. The film won five Oscars, including Best Actor for Olivier and Best Film.

RRP £29.99   Our Price £19.99 with FREE UK P&P.

RRP £49.99   Our Price £25 with FREE UK P&P.

A hilarious NINE film collection of some of Will Hay’s greatest comedy films. Ask a Policeman: Will Hay heads a police force where no crime ever gets committed. Boys will be Boys: Will Hay takes his first outing as a School Master and in Good Morning Boys: Will Hay again stars in the role of Dr. Benjamin Twist, taking his pupils on a trip to Paris! In Hey! Hey! USA: Dr Twist this time heads for New York City. Old Bones of the River, sees Hay taking his educational theories to the locals in Africa. Where There’s a Will: Hay this time plays a bored solicitor caught up in a robbery. Oh Mr. Porter: Will is sent off by his relatives to rural Ireland, where he becomes the Stationmaster of a derelict Irish railway station. In Convict 99, he a disgraced schoolmaster who is mistaken for a tough prison governor. Finally, Windbag the Sailor: Will Hay plays Ben Cutlet, who is tricked into taking control of an un-seaworthy ship -- which the owners intend to sink – and stars with Moore Marriott & Graham Moffatt for the first time.

RRP £39.99   Our Price £20 with FREE UK P&P.

An incredible SIX film box set collection. In Love Story (1944), Lissa discovers she only has a short time to live, so travels to Cornwall for a final fling. While there, she falls in love with young mineral prospector, Kit (Stewart Granger). Lockwood plays entomologist Frances Gray in Highly Dangerous (1951) sent by the British Intelligence behind the Iron Curtain. In The Lady Vanishes (1938), when the elderly Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty) goes missing on a train bound for England, her friend Iris Henderson (Lockwood) sets out to find her. In Give Us the Moon (1944), a young man, Sacha (Vic Oliver), joins a group called 'The Elephants' whose principle is to abide by a complete disregard for work. However chaos ensues when the group decides to help run the hotel owned by Sacha's father. In Bank Holiday (1938), two lovers relationship starts to come apart when one has to deal with a bereavement at the hospital where she works. The Wicked Lady (1945) sees Lockwood in her most remembered role, co-starring James Mason.

Softcover Book Offer: £20 with free postage!
WILL HAY by Graham Rinaldi

WILL HAY BY GRAHAM RINALDI. With foreword by Sir Ken Dodd.

“Graham Rinaldi is to be congratulated for capturing the essence of Will Hay’s greatness in this wonderful text of tickleology. It is a worthy tribute to a sublime comedian, an excellent actor and a great entertainer.” SIR KEN DODD

“A meticulously researched and richly entertaining biography of one of the most influential comedians Britain ever produced.” THE DAILY EXPRESS

Every British comic actor that followed Will Hay owes Hay a debt of gratitude, for it was Hay who defined the modern essence of British comedy. Working closely with Hay's family, Graham Rinaldi's definitive tribute to the respected comic actor, takes a close look into Hay's on-screen and off-screen personae. Drawing upon Hay's own writings - newspaper articles, notes from his astronomy observations and pilot's logbooks and extracts from his unfinished and previously unpublished autobiography. The book is illustrated throughout with previously unpublished photographs from Hay's family albums, plus memorabilia from his performing career. Each of Hay's 18 films is examined, with insightful information regarding their production and including written extracts from deleted scenes. For the first time in their entirety the missing sequences from Ask a Policeman are also detailed, plus interviews with those who worked with him. Did you know that Hay was also an accomplished astronomer, linguist and pilot as well as an actor? You didn’t? Then you really must read this 432 page soft cover book about one of British film's most fascinating characters!

Our Price £20 with FREE UK Postage & Packing

As Seen on Talking Pictures TV! 

We are delighted to be able to offer our members this fabulous 7 DVD DISC SET featuring all 26 episodes of GIDEON’S WAY: THE COMPLETE SERIES. Starring John Gregson as Scotland Yard Police Commander George Gideon. GIDEON’S WAY is a classic ITC crime thriller series based on the books by John Creasey. Extensively shot on location, the documentary style of the direction lends itself wonderfully to fast-paced, thrilling action stories with some outstanding performances from guest stars such as Gerald Harper, Alfie Bass, George Cole, Rosemary Leach, Ray McAnally, Michael Ripper, Jane Merrow, George Baker and Gordon Jackson. This rarely seen series is presented here, with all 26 episodes complete and uncut. It will appeal to people who like ITC film series and cop shows and was described as "The Sweeney” of its day.

RRP £49.99   Our Price £25 with FREE UK Postage.

An Incredible 20 DVD Box Set Offer  

We are delighted to be able to offer our members this incredible 20 DVD DISC SET featuring all 47 films in THE EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERIES, with outstanding guest star roles which include Patrick Barr, Ruth Denning, Paul Daneman, James Villiers, Patrick Magee, John Bentley, Anton Diffring, William Sylvester, Hugh Paddick, Marianne Stone, John Carson, Dandy Nichols, Murray Melvin, Glyn Houston and Wanda Ventham to name but a few! The catchy theme tune ‘Man of Mystery’ was also a big hit for The Shadows. Made at Merton Park Studios during the first half of the 1960s. A noir-esque series, unseen for decades and freshly transferred from the original film elements, all 47 films are included in this Anthology set alongside a wealth of special features including seven films made by Independent Artists Ltd during the same period as the Merton Park films -exclusive booklets and much more. This MIGHTY BOX SET is available at a massive saving, so take advantage while you can!

RRP £129.99   Our Price £60 with FREE UK Postage.


ALBERT R.N. (1953) Stars Jack Warner, Robert Beatty & Anthony Steel. POW officers escape with the help of a life-like dummy!

BATTLE OF THE V.1 colour (1958) Stars Michael Rennie and Patricia Medina. Polish patriots discover the latest Nazi weapon.

CALLING PAUL TEMPLE (1948) Stars John Bentley, Dinah Sheridan & Margaretta Scott. Temple assists the Yard in finding a serial killer.

THE GLASS MOUNTAIN (1949) Stars Michael Denison & Dulcie Gray in the wartime classic. Cared for by Alida after being shot down in WW2, a composer returns home to write an opera but is love torn.

I’LL WALK BESIDE YOU (1943) Stars Richard Bird, Leslie Brook & Percy Marmont. After meeting in a music shop, John is called to serve for the war, but when he returns, he is suffering memory loss.

I’LL TURN TO YOU (1946) Stars Terry Randall, Don Stannard and Irene Handl. When a soldier returns from the Far East after the war, he and his wife have to adjust to life at home.

JIGSAW (1962) Stars Jack Warner, Ronald Lewis and Yolande Donlan. Two detectives try to solve a woman's brutal murder in Brighton by reconstructing her past events that led to her death.

KILL ME TOMORROW (1957) Stars Pat O’Brien, Lois Maxwell and Tommy Steele. A reporter who needs cash for his son's operation is paid for by a smuggler, but in return he has to take a murder rap.

KISS THE BRIDE GOODBYE (1944) Stars Jimmy Hanley, Patricia Medina & Jean Simmons. Pressured by her pushy mother to climb the social lady to marry, Joan is worried as she loves a soldier…

LILLI MARLENE (1950) Stars Lisa Daniely, Hugh McDermott, Richard Murdoch and Stanley Baker. A French girl singer is captured by the Nazis and made to broadcast for them.

MADAME LOUISE (1951) Stars Petula Clark & Richard Hearne. A dress shop owner sells the shop to a bookmaker to pay off the debts.

MEN IN WAR (1957) Stars Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray and Vic Morrow. A small group of US soldiers are cut off and try to re-join their division.

NOOSE (1948) Stars Carole Landis, Derek Farr & Nigel Patrick. A female reporter investigates a murder linked to a black marketeer.

ONCE A SINNER (1950) Stars Pat Kirkwood & Jack Watling. A lowly bank clerk marries a good time girl who then two-times him for her old crooked boyfriend.

THE OTHER LOVE (1947) Stars Barbara Stanwyck & David Niven. A dying concert pianist leaves her loving Swiss Alps doctor for a fling with an auto racer.

PICCADILLY THIRD STOP (1960) Stars Terence Morgan, William Hartnell, Dennis Price, Yoko Tani & Mai Zetterling. A wealthy playboy and petty thief, hires a gang of criminals to help him steal £100,000.

THE RELUCTANT BRIDE (1955) Stars John Carroll & Virginia Bruce. Jeff & Laura are paired together to take care of a group of wild children whose parents are lost on an African safari.

THE ROUGH & THE SMOOTH (1959) Stars Tony Britton, Nadja Tiller & William Bendix. A London archaeologist drops his fiancée for a foreign temptress who has a strange hold over her boss.

SEND FOR PAUL TEMPLE (1946) Stars Anthony Hulme & Joy Shelton. Novelist and amateur sleuth meets a newspaperwoman called Steve and together they investigate a gang of diamond robbers.

STORMY CROSSING (1958) Stars John Ireland, Derek Bond & Maureen Connell. A swimmer training to swim the channel is found drowned, but a colleague is not convinced it was an accident.

SOHO CONSPIRACY (1950) Stars Zena Marshall, Pater Gawthorne, John Witty & Tito Gobbi. A young man attempts to stage a charity concert in order to raise funds to refurbish a Soho church.

SONS OF THE SEA (1939) Stars Leslie Banks, Cecil Parker and Kay Walsh. Filmed in Dufay colour. British naval officers at the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth must defeat an espionage ring.

THE STORY OF SHIRLEY YORKE (1948) Stars Dinah Sheridan, Derek Farr and Margaretta Scott. Nurse Yorke assists her boss, Dr Napier, who is able to effect a new treatment on the ailing wife of a Lord.

SQUIBS (1935) Stars Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker and Stanley Holloway. A flower seller whose father overwhelmed by gambling debts wins through with the help of a romance and a lottery ticket!

TALKING FEET (1937) Stars Hazel Ascot, Enid Stamp-Taylor and Jack Barty. A London hospital is faced with closure unless funds are raised, so a charity concert is staged to raise the required money.

TINKER (1949) Stars Derek Smith in a semi-documentary focusing on the training of young boys before they are sent down the mines.

TIME OF HIS LIFE (1955) Stars Richard Hearne & Ellen Pollock. The president of a rehabilitation society has a father who’s just out of jail.

TO DOROTHY A SON (1954) Stars Shelley Winters, John Gregson, Wilfred Hyde-White and Peggy Cummins. To inherit, a woman has to make sure her ex-husband has no male heirs!

UNDER YOUR HAT (1940) Stars Jack Hulbert & Cicely Courtneidge in a musical spy comedy.

£7.99 each with FREE UK Postage!