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Welcome to Renown Films

Welcome to the January 2018 Renown Film
Club Newsletter!

Dear Club Members,

Hoping you are all well and enjoyed Christmas - here’s to 2018!

Our annual Festival Of Film is just a few weeks away and with our strongest line up yet, we are down to the last 50 tickets! I doubt there will be any tickets available on the day, so please do call us if you were thinking of joining us on Sunday 11th February call 01923 290555 or BOOK HERE. Doors open at 9am. Please remember some guest stars may charge a small fee for an autograph or signed picture after their talk and all appearances and talks are subject to their health, wellbeing and any personal commitments on the day. We’ve lined up some exciting LOST films for you and TV episodes, all top secret but the full line up will be announced in the coming weeks.

Delighted to announce the release of our Crime Collection Volume 3. Some real lost crime gems from a variety of eras in this fabulous box set and all for just £15 for you all - more details below.

Inside this newsletter, we also bring you our famous January Sale. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RENOWN SALE LIST AND SELECT YOUR ITEMS There are limited stocks, so it would be best to telephone your order through! We are also bringing you a sale from our friends at Strawberry Media, with some real bargains! The sale runs only until February 15th so don’t delay!

Some real nostalgic treats from a new ‘friend‘ of Renown’s with THE WAY WE WERE series on DVD   (special offer if you buy all three!) – looking back through the years from the 1920s to the 1970s!

We’ve included some Highlights from films showing on Talking Pictures TV this month with some times and dates of their screenings – have you all retuned? Remember to tell friends and neighbours that we are now available on standard Freeview on channel 81, almost Nationwide so those who couldn’t get us before, should be picking us up now. A reminder to all those watching us on local channels for a small part of the day on channel 7 or 8 to please retune to pick us up on channel 81 as some local services will lose us soon.

Delighted to announce the Daily Mail now also carries our listings Mon-Friday and their Weekender magazine will be carrying the listings from 20th January! Here's hoping others will follow soon – but do badger the magazine of your choice if we aren’t in there (TV choice etc), as the decision is theirs and nothing we can do will persuade them more than their readers getting in touch.

We were sad to hear the news of the death of actress Peggy Cummins on 29th December. We had only recently spoken to her as she was going to attend the Renown Festival of Film. A lovely lady and great actress who will be missed.

Until February, many thanks for your continued support.

Best Wishes

Noel, Sarah and Neill

Renown Pictures New DVD Release:

Renown Pictures are delighted to present THE CRIME COLLECTION VOLUME 3, with 10 fabulous vintage crime drama films in a superb 3 DVD Box Set. The collection kicks off with BLACKOUT (1950) directed by John Gilling. Starring Dinah Sheridan and Maxwell Reed as a blind man who stumbles across a dead man and starts investigating when his sight is restored. JOHNNY ON THE SPOT (1954) Director: Maclean Rogers. Starring Hugh McDermott, Elspet Gray and Paul Carpenter. A framed ex-convict struggles to clear his name in this thriller filmed in St John’s Wood. 13 EAST STREET (1952) Director: Robert S. Baker. Starring Patrick Holt, Sandra Dorne and Sonia Holm. When Police Inspector Gerald Blake wants to infiltrate a London stolen-goods gang, he does a thorough job of it, as he robs a jewellery store, gets arrested and sent to prison! Filmed at the Alliance Studios, Twickenham, Middlesex. MYSTERY AT MONSTEIN (1954) Director: Joe Mendoza. Peter Illing narrates this short film about a ski-champion Uncle who is after an inheritance. WEB OF EVIDENCE (1959) Director: Jack Cardiff. Starring Van Johnson, Vera Miles and Emlyn Williams. A British-American returns to England after 20 years to discover that his father has been jailed since World War II, for a murder that took place in very murky circumstances. Filmed at Walton Studios. WHEN LONDON SLEEPS (1932). Director: Leslie S Hiscott. Starring Harold French, Francis S. Sullivan and Alexander Field. Slippery Rodney Haines runs a high-class gambling joint in Hampstead, while elsewhere in London Lamberti’s fair for the less well off, is on its last legs. The only link seems to be Tommy Blyth. His betting has put him in serious debt with Haines and he also fancies Mary, the adopted daughter of Lamberti. But in fact there is one other link… Filmed at Twickenham Film Studios, St Margaret’s, Twickenham, Middlesex. THE LOST HOURS (1952) Director: David McDonald. Starring Mark Stevens, Jean Kent and John Bentley. During a London reunion of an RAF unit, an American pilot gets into a fight with one of his buddies, who is drunk and belligerent. The next day the pilot wakes up in a strange hotel room with blood on his suit and can’t remember how he got there. Then he discovers that the friend he fought with the night before has been found murdered… and he is now the prime suspect. Filmed at London and Denham Studios. THE PASSING STRANGER (1954) Director: John Arnold. Starring Lee Patterson, Diane Cilento and Duncan Lamont. A girl (Cilento) works at a roadside café for truckers, with her protective and plain sister Olive Gregg. A solid but rather unperceptive trucker (Lamont) wants Cilento to be his girl, but she is hesitant. She seeks a way to spread her wings and escape the dreary and constricted life she has. An American soldier (Patterson), also wants to escape and arrives at the café hidden in the Lamont’s truck. THE HOSTAGE (1956) Director: Harold Huth. Starring Ron Randell, Mary Parker and John Bailey. Filmed at Elstree Studios, this is the story of a South American revolutionary who is facing death for murder, but the President’s daughter is a hostage in London. THE END OF THE LINE (1957) Director: Charles Saunders. Starring Barbara Shelley and Alan Baxter. The wife of a night club owner frames a writer for her husband’s murder.

RRP £29.99   CLUB PRICE JUST £15.00 with free UK post and packing! If ordering online use code TPTV at the checkout for discount price.

The Renown DVD January Sale – Any 4 DVDs for £20!


IF ORDERING ONLINE: Select ‘January Sale’ from the Home Page, then ‘any 4 for £20’ – choose how many 4’s you would like and enter your titles into the comments box or email us at [email protected]
IF ORDERING BY POST: Tick the boxes of the films you want, cut out pages and send with your payment to the address on the order form.

  • ASSIGNMENT REDHEAD (1956) Drama - Richard Denning & Carole Mathews
  • BATTLE OF THE V1 (1958) War (in colour) - Michael Rennie & Christopher Lee
  • BOOBY TRAP / FOUR DAYS (1957/51) - Sydney Tafler / Hugh McDermott
  • BROKEN MELODY (1934) Romance - John Garrick & Merle Oberon
  • CALLING PAUL TEMPLE (1948) Drama - John Bentley & Dinah Sheridan
  • CHILD IN THE HOUSE / SCAMP (1956/57) Drama double bill - Stanley Baker & Mandy Miller / Richard Attenborough & Colin ‘Smiley’ Petersen
  • COTTON QUEEN (1937) Comedy - Will Fyffe, Stanley Holloway
  • COMMAND PERFORMANCE (1937) Musical - Arthur Tracey & Lilli Palmer
  • DUSTY ERMINE (1936) Drama - Margaret Rutherford & Anthony Bushall
  • EMERGENCY / LANDSLIDE (1962/36) Drama - Dermot Walsh / Jimmy Hanley
  • FLANNELFOOT (1953) Crime - Ronald Howard & Mary Germaine
  • GREED OF WILLIAM HART (1950) Horror. Tod Slaughter and Henry Oscar.
  • GENTLE TRAP / HANGMAN WAITS (1960/47) Drama John Turnbull / Spencer Teakle
  • GUILTY? (1956) Drama - John Justin, Jessica Laage & Sydney Tafler
  • GILDED CAGE (1955) Crime - Alex Nichol & Clifford Evans
  • HER FAVOURITE HUSBAND (1950) Comedy - Jean Kent & Robert Beatty
  • HI-JACKERS / SMOKESCREEN (1963/64) Drama - Anthony Booth / Peter Vaughan
  • HOUSE OF BLACKMAIL / THE SIX MEN / MATTER OF MURDER (1953) Drama - Triple Bill: William Sylvester / Harold Warrender / John Le Mesurier
  • ITS IN THE BAG / MISS MCTAGGART WON’T LIE DOWN (1943/66) Comedy - Elsie & Doris Waters / Barbara Mullen & Eric Woodburn
  • I’LL WALK BESIDE YOU (1943) Musical - John Bird & Lesley Brook
  • I’LL TURN TO YOU (1946) Drama - Dan Stannard & Irene Handl
  • IT’S A GREAT DAY/GIRL WHO COULDN’T QUITE (1955/50) Comedy double bill - Ruth Dunning & Sid James / Bill Owen & Betty Stockfield
  • JAILBIRDS / SAILORS DON’T CARE (1940) Comedy - Charles Hawtrey / Edward Rigby
  • KILL ME TOMORROW (1957) Drama - Pat O’Brien & Tommy Steele
  • KISS THE BRIDE GOODBYE (1944) Drama - Jimmy Hanley & Patricia Medina
  • LILLI MARLENE (1950) Drama - Lisa Daniely & Hugh McDermott
  • LIFE IN DANGER / COVER GIRL KILLER (1959/59) Thriller double bill - Derren Nesbitt & Julie Hopkins / Harry H Corbett, Felicity Young & Spencer Teakle
  • MADAME LOUISE (1951) Comedy - Richard Hearne & Petula Clark
  • MEET MR CALLAGHAN (1954) Crime - Derrick De Marney & Adrienne Corri
  • MELODY CLUB/HOLE LOT OF TROUBLE/ GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT(1949/69/68) Comedy triple bill - Terry-Thomas / Arthur Lowe / Eddie Byrne
  • MEN IN WAR (1957) War drama - Robert Ryan & Aldo Ray
  • NOOSE (1948) Crime - Carole Landis & Derek Farr
  • ONCE A SINNER (1950) Drama - Pat Kirkwood & Jack Watling
  • THE OTHER LOVE (1947) Romantic drama - Barbara Stanwyck & David Niven
  • OUT OF THE FOG / RADIO CAB MURDER (1962/54) – Crime drama double bill - David Sumner & Susan Travers / Jimmy Hanley & Sam Kydd
  • THE PICKWICK PAPERS (1954) Comedy (in colour) - Nigel Patrick & James Hayter
  • PICCADILLY THIRD STOP (1960) Crime - Terence Morgan & William Hartnell
  • ROGUES YARN / STEEL KEY (1956/53) Crime - Derek Bond / Terence Morgan
  • THE RELUCTANT BRIDE (1955) Comedy - Virginia Bruce & John Carroll
  • THE ROUGH AND THE SMOOTH (1959) Drama - Tony Britton & Nadjar Tiller
  • SAY IT WITH FLOWERS/SONG OF THE ROAD (1934/37) Musical double bill - Mary Clare & George Carney / Bransby Williams & Ernest Butcher
  • SEND FOR PAUL TEMPLE (1946) Crime - Anthony Hulme & Joy Shelton
  • STORMY CROSSING (1958) Drama - John Ireland, Derek Bond & Joy Webster
  • SOHO CONSPIRACY (1950) Drama - Zena Marshall & John Witty
  • SONS OF THE SEA (1939) Drama - Kay Walsh & Leslie Banks
  • SQUIBS (1935) Comedy - Betty Balfour, Stanley Holloway & Gordon Harker
  • THE STORY OF SHIRLEY YORKE (1948) Drama - Dinah Sheridan & Derek Farr
  • SUBWAY IN THE SKY (1959) Drama - Hildergarde Knef & Van Johnson
  • TIGER BY THE TAIL (1955) Drama - Larry Parks & Lisa Daniely
  • THE TIGER AND THE FLAME (1953) Drama - Mehab, Schrab Modi & Mubarak
  • TINKER (1949) Documentary - Mining trainees with Derek Smith
  • THIS WEEK OF GRACE/SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC (1933/35) musical double bill - Gracie Fields & John Stuart / Jack Hylton & Claude Dampier
  • THAT WOMAN OPPOSITE (1957) Thriller - Phyllis Kirk & Petula Clark
  • THUNDER ROCK (1942) Supernatural drama - Michael Redgrave & James Mason
  • TIME OF HIS LIFE (1956) Comedy - Richard Hearn & Richard Wattis
  • TOO YOUNG TO LOVE / FRAIL WOMAN (1960/32) Drama double bill - Jess Conrad & Pauline Hahn / Mary Newcombe
  • TO DOROTHY A SON (1954) Drama - Shelley Winters & John Gregson
  • TALKING FEET (1937) Musical - Hazel Ascot & Jack Barty
  • TREAD SOFTLY STRANGER (1958) Thriller - Diana Dors & George Baker
  • TREASURE OF THE SAN TERESA (1959) Drama - Eddie Constantine & Dawn Addams
  • YOU PAY YOUR MONEY/FREEDOM TO DIE (1956/61) Crime double bill - Hugh McDermott, Jane Hylton & Honor Blackman / Paul Maxwell & Bruce Seton
  • UNDER YOUR HAT (1940) Comedy - Cicely Courtneidge & Jack Hulbert
  • WHILE I LIVE (1947) Musical - Sonia Dresdel, Carol Raye & Tom Walls

The Big Valley - The Complete Series One

After the successful recent screening on Talking Pictures TV, we are delighted to be able to bring you the Complete Series Oneof the popular western television series starring Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans, Richard Long and Peter Breck in a stunning 8 DVD Box Set containing all 30 episodes! The series features many star guest appearances including Richard Anderson, Chips Rafferty, Charles Bronson, Ron Howard and Nancy Olsen to name a mere handful, all which helped to make The Big Valley one of the most popular western series of the sixties.
THE BIG VALLEY was an American western television series which ran on successful originally on ABC (in the USA) from September 15, 1965, to May 19, 1969 and subsequently all over the world. It starring the legendary Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck, as the widow of a wealthy 19th-century California rancher. This character was the mainstay of the series. Victoria Barkley was the owner and head of the Barkley ranch. In fact, Stanwyck's refusal to portray Barkley as fragile was controversial at the time. Barkley's husband Tom had been killed six years prior to the beginning of the series. Victoria Barkley loved and was proud of all her children, including her late husband's illegitimate son, Heath, whom she would refer to as "my son". Stanwyck, who went from the refined, elegant lady of the manor to a jean-clad cowgirl as tough as any cowboy, appeared in the most episodes.
The real Hill Ranch at the western edge of Calaveras County survived until 1931, when the Mokelumne River ran through it.

CLUB PRICE JUST £15.00 with free UK post and packing!

£12.99 each or All 3 Sets for £30.00

THE WAY WE WERE: North East England – Industry

Hours of forgotten footage from local collectors and cine enthusiasts, restored in a fantastic nostalgia series, showing the changing landscapes and lifestyles of the region and its people. This first series volume brings you 174 minutes on The Sea: fishing and life on the oil rig; The Land: farming and our Land Army girls; When Coal was King: mining village life; Women at Work: at the ministry and the work of a beauty queen; Giants of Industry: ICI & Consett Steelworks; Days of Steam: North Yorks Moors Railway; Food & Drink: Vaux Brewery and the Co-op. Series One covers the 1920s to 1970s. .

THE WAY WE WERE: Bygone Days (series 2)

In this second series the bygone days footage looks at King George V opening of Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge; A 60s bus trip with kids from Stockton and a Darlington nursery footage from the 30s; the Northumberland coast; Butlins in Filey; Water skiing in Scarborough; Gateshead celebrates VE Day; Memories of York at War; The Home Guard cycles to War; Dunkirk battlefield memories and much more in over 180 minutes of pure nostalgia from the 1930s to the 1960s.

THE WAY WE WERE: More Bygone Days (series 3)

The third volume covers footage from the 1940s to the 1960s, including; Kids Stuff: the Streets were our playgrounds; The Young Ones: teenage days of dance from ballroom to bebop! Happiest Days of Our Lives: Schooldays; On the Waterfront: from rivers to shipyards; The Great Outdoors: includes the 1947 big freeze; Holidays at Home and much more in 184 nostalgic minutes on 2 DVDs.

Limited Stock – Sale runs only until 15th February!
Pick any 4 of these DVDs for £25 with free UK P&P


Starring Conrad Veidt, Sabastian Shaw, Marius Goring & Valerie Hobson in the first film collaboration of Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. A German WW1 captain is sent to discover British Intelligence secrets.


Starring Ian Hendry, Ronald Fraser, Janette Scott and Sid James in a comedy drama set against a backdrop of the sixties beauty pageants from local event to world competition.


Starring Adrienne Corri, William Russell and Ian Colin. A travel agent trapped in a mundane job with a nagging wife seizes his chance to escape abroad in this intriguing drama.


Starring Ian Carmichael & Belinda Lee. Comedy about the son in a family of thieves who steals a suitcase full of money but the notes all have the same serial number!


Starring Maxwell Reed, William Hartnell and Natasha Parry.
A Scotland Yard Inspector hunts a seaside killer who is out to kill an actress who witnessed him get away from a crime scene.


Starring Leslie Howard (who also directs), Lilli Palmer, Joan Greenwood and Rosamund John. A Czech refugee, a Scot and five other young women join the army in World War II Britain. This was also Leslie Howard’s final film before his death.


Starring Ralph Richardson, Merle Oberon and Anthony Bushell.
RAF squadron leader W.C. Richardson, his wife and a relative, Bobby, placidly ignore the military rumblings from Nazi Germany in the late 1930s that there must be a war.


Starring Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing, Anne Heywood and David McCallum in a juvenile delinquent drama of gangs, a difficult romance and social unrest.


Starring Stewart Granger, Joy Shelton and John Mills. A tale of adultery and desertion set during World War 2.


Starring Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Stanley Ridges. Dr. Sovac transplants the brain of a gangster into his professor friend's body to save his life, but there is a side effect that causes a dangerous split personality.


Starring Peggy Cummins and Ronald Squire in a comedy about a father and daughter confidence trickster team who travel around posing as a newly wed couple, in order to gain peoples confidence and make off with their money!


Starring Will Fyffe and Anthony Hulme. The owner of a newsreel company wants to make a film about the Nazis but his son doesn’t agree in this propaganda-drama.

I WAS A SPY (1933)

Starring Conrad Veidt, Madeleine Carroll and Herbert Marshall in a drama of espionage in the Great War when a Belgian nurse helps the Allies by passing on information.


Starring Gordon Jackson, Patricia Roc and Naunton Wayne. During WW2 Celia is separated from her family when called up to work in an aircraft factory. It is there that she meets and falls in love with Fred.


Starring John Gregson, Belinda Lee and Cyril Cusack. A romantic comedy about an Italian barmaid who falls for a road builder in London’s Soho.


Starring Peter Finch and Mary Peach. A drama involving a politician who is trying to salvage not only his marriage but also his career, but will love, a career or nothing survive?


Starring Nigel Patrick, Yvonne Mitchell, Michael Craig and Earl Cameron. The murder of a young woman in London exposes deep racial tensions and prejudices inherent in the area.


Starring Ralph Richardson, Richard Attenborough and John Laurie. British scientists develop radar and other technologies for World War II in this film directed by Peter Ustinov.


Starring Jean Kent, Bonar Colleano and Albert Lieven. Espionage agents break into an embassy in Paris to steal a diary filled with crucial political secrets, then pass it on to an accomplice who double crosses them…


Starring Dirk Bogarde, Jean Simmons and David Tomlinson. When Vicky wakes, not only is her brother missing, but his room has vanished. When asking about him Vicky grows disturbed when the manager insists that he was never there.

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New Release Book Offer: Roger Delgado

We are delighted to bring you this incredible new book on one of the most ironic and recognisable actors in British film and television.
Roger Delgado is instantly recognisable as the Master in Doctor Who but his most famous role was also one of his last. He died aged only 55 but his career was long and productive including roles in much loved television programs such as The Saint, The Avengers, Quatermass II and films including the Hammer horrors. His brilliant versatility made him an indispensable character actor, who was able to switch accent and nationality.
This biography by Marcus K. Harmes, brings to light Delgado’s life from his childhood and early work in banking, his repertory theatre, early television, film roles and finally his fame as the Doctor’s nemesis in the hit BBC TV programme Doctor Who, opposite Jon Pertwee’s third incarnation of the Time Lord. Colleagues found that this master criminal was played by the kindest man they had ever met. It also shows a private life more complex than previously thought.
The biography commemorates the centenary of Delgado’s birth in 1918 and looks beyond commonly told anecdotes to tell the story of Delgado’s life and career based on painstaking archival research. It features never before seen photographs from the collection of Roger’s widow Kismet Delgado and all new interviews with both some of Delgado’s most famous co-stars as well as with rarely-interviewed co-stars and directors.

Club Price £20 with FREE UK Postage!

Audio Book Club Special CD Sets
Three Classic Authors – Three Superb Novels!


When Jonathan Harker visits Transylvania to help Count Dracula with the purchase of a London house, he makes a series of horrific discoveries about his new client. Soon, various bizarre incidents unfold in England: an apparently unmanned ship is wrecked off the coast of Whitby; a young woman discovers strange puncture marks on her neck; and the inmate of a lunatic asylum raves about the ‘Master’ and his imminent arrival. In Dracula, Bram Stoker created one of the great masterpieces of the horror genre, brilliantly evoking a nightmare world of vampires, illuminating the dark corners of Victorian sexuality and desire. This abridged version is read by actor Anthony Valentine over two CDs.

Price £9.99 inc free UK Postage and Packing.


Somewhere in Africa, a tiny, primitive tribe, the Amahaggers, live secretly amongst the debris of a lost Egyptian civilisation, ruled by the beautiful semi-goddess Ayesha, or She-who-must-be-obeyed. Ludwig Horace Holly, a Cambridge academic, is reluctantly drawn into plans for a voyage in search of this legendary queen. With his adopted son, Leo, he sets out on a brave journey, following a trail of clues. Shipwrecked and captured by cannibals, their voyage soon turns into a nightmare. The abridged version is read by the actor Steven Pacey, known for his role in Blake’s 7 and Murder Investigation Team, on two audio CDs.

Price £9.99 inc free UK Postage and Packing.


A country doctor had come to 221B Baker Street, the famous lodgings of Sherlock Holmes, with an eerie tale – the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles, the devil-beast that haunted the lonely moored around the Baskervilles’ ancestral home. One of the most recent Baskervilles, Sir Charles, was now dead and the footprints of a giant hound had been found near his body. Would the new heir to the Baskervilles meet the same dreadful fate? Holmes and his friend Dr Watson are faced with their most terrifying case. This abridged version is read by actor Peter Egan on 2 CDs.

Price £9.99 inc free UK Postage and Packing.