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Welcome to Renown Films

Welcome to the April / May 2018 Renown Film Club Newsletter!

Dear Club Members,

Hoping you are all well. Firstly some technical information to make you aware of. Those who watch us on SKY – please make a note in your diaries that Sky are making some changes and from Tuesday 1st May 2018 we will no longer be on Sky channel 343 but are moving to Sky channel 328. NO OTHER CHANNEL NUMBERS OR SERVICES WILL BE AFFECTED. We are NOT leaving Freeview 81, Virgin or Freesat – so this is ONLY a message for those who watch us using Sky.

Secondly I’m sure you will have seen in the press the recent reshuffle on Freeview and making space on the transmitters for mobile phone data etc at the request of the government and Ofcom. Some viewers will need to retune to get us back. If you have had problems with this then please call the special dedicated Freeview helpline on: 0808 100 0288 - It’s a FREE call.

This month we are revisiting the Music Hall days and remembering some of the acts and variety turns. A lovely mixed collection full of nostalgia and stars. From Flanagan & Allen and Marie Lloyd to GH Elliott and Barry Cryer (a very young dear Barry Cryer I should add!) It’s got great footage of some of Britain’s most memorable Music Halls and some great films that have been ‘lost’ and rescued by us, many of which are the ONLY surviving footage of these stars and the Music Halls themselves. I’m afraid due to manufacturing costs and the closure of Sony duplication factory we have been forced to increase the price of our box sets to £20, but still with free UK postage and packaging so still a real bargain to be had!

We are delighted to announce that from the week commencing 28th April, we will be listed in Total TV Guide & TV Choice! We are so pleased that these popular TV weekly magazines have decided to carry our listings. We would also like to thank viewers who wrote, emailed and tweeted the magazines asking for our inclusion, as it has all helped their final decision.

Delighted to say we have unearthed more ‘lost’ films and are busy restoring some rare Butchers films that even the BFI never thought they would locate. We’ve also managed to negotiate more Edgar Wallace mysteries for the Talking Pictures TV channel and these will be on your screens in May.

RENOWN & TPTV BADGES BACK IN STOCK! Just £2 each with any purchase in this newsletter!

Events: Great news, we are still exploring the idea of a Leather Boys Reunion and screening at The Ace Café in September, along with a celebration of Nettlefold, Merton Park and Walton Studios in November. We are delighted to say we have found a spectacular new venue for our Annual Festival of Film, the St Albans Arena. It seats 1000 with stalls and a circle, state of the art cinema, stage and is steeped in history of Great Stars who have performed there over the years. It’s a great location with a hotel opposite and car park next door. The date for your diaries is Sunday 24th March 2019 so put it on your calendars now to avoid disappointment next year. More information coming soon.

Many thanks for all your support, please do keep spreading the word, as it all helps! Until next month, Best Wishes,

Noel, Sarah and Neill

Renown Pictures New DVD Release:

Renown Pictures are delighted to present MUSIC HALL & VARIETY ACT MEMORIES VOLUME 1. . Over Ten Hours on 14 films and shorts in this superb 3 DVD Box Set with many of the films previously ‘lost’ and making their first appearance on DVD. One such film is THEATRE ROYAL (1943) Stars: Flanagan & Allen, Peggy Dexter and Finlay Currie. A manager of a theatre is broke, but rather than let the theatre close and fall into a rivals hands, the staff put on a show to raise the funds to keep it open! A LITTLE OF WHAT YOU FANCY (1968) is a loving tribute to Music Hall and the likes of Gus Elen, Lily Morris and Ella Shields. Helen Shapiro sings ‘The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery’ and the original music hall stars appear on archival footage. MUSIC HALL (1934) Stars George Carney, Ben Field and Helena Pickard in a story about a Benefit Concert for an ailing music hall. Many original music halls stars appear including Debroy Somers Band, G H Elliott and Olive Sloan. SARAH REMEMBERS (1952) is a film by Wilf Watters and features the recollections of an elderly resident of Hoxton, from the bombings and the changes that are happening to the area and personal memories of The Hoxton Music Hall. VARIETY JUBILEE (1943) stars Reginald Purdell, Ellis Irving and Lesley Brook. Set in the 1900s, two variety stars Kit Burns and Joe Swann are friends. Kit even marries Joe’s dancing partner Evelyn. Bullets in the Boer War end Joe’s dancing and he goes to work at the Burn’s Music Hall, which Joe & Kit buy. This film features the great music hall act Wilson, Keppel and Betty. HIGHLIGHTS OF VARIETY (1938) Highlights from the acts of Bell & Howell Music Hall features singing trio The Radio Three, Xylophonist Teddy Brown and a sketch from Harry Tate Jr. THE FINAL FINALE (1968) Filmed by Wilf Watters, we follow the demolition of one of London’s greatest Music Halls, The Bedford Theatre, which played host to many of Britain's finest acts. We have unprecedented access around the site as we say a final farewell and witness the demolition. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS (1934) Stars Mary Clare, Ben Field and George Carney. When a market working couple fall on hard times, their colleagues put on a benefit concert to help them, which feature Charles (The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo) Coborn, Florrie (Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?) Forde and musical comedy star Marie Kendall – grandmother of Kay Kendall. LONDON ENTERTAINS (1951) Eamonn Andrews takes us on a tour of a variety of entertainment from Diana Coupland, Gloria Swanson, Ray Ellington, The Goons and Les Girls des Folies-Bergère. CLIMB UP THE WALL (1960) Stars Jack Jackson, Glen Mason, Russ Conway, Craig Douglas, Libby Morris and archive footage of Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Elvis Presley and many more! The film is also the first film directed by Michael Winner. CAVALCADE OF VARIETY (1940) Directed by Thomas Bentley. Peter Brough and Archie Andrews present a variety bill that includes Billy Cotton and his Band, Eve Becke, The Four Air Aces, Bobbie ‘Uke’ Henshaw and Sam Barton. Also on the bill are The Sherman Fisher Girls, The Radio Three, The Arnaut Brothers and The Empire Girls. STARS ON PARADE (1936). Made at Cricklewood Studios in North London it stars Syd Harrison, Max Harrison and Pat O’Brien. This film features some of Britain’s finest variety acts including Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, Robb Wilton, Albert Whelan, Navarre, Mabel Constanduros and Jimmy James. MUSIC HALL GREATS: TELL ME ANOTHER (1) features Norman Wisdom, Charlie Drake, Roy Castle and more as they share memories of how their careers began in the music halls, while in part (2), Billy Dainty, Dickie Henderson, Tommy Trinder and Reg Varney tell us the jobs they did before showbusiness and their early career in the theatres to complete our box set of Variety and Music Hall.

  Our Price £20.00 with FREE UK Postage & Packing.


Stars: Albert Finney, Shirley Anne Field, Rachel Roberts and Hylda Baker. Directed by Karel Reisz. A rebellious, hard-living factory worker juggles relationships with two women, one of whom is married to another man but pregnant with his child. Extras include; Interviews with Shirley Anne Field and Albert Finney, documentary ‘We Are The Lambeth Boys’ (1959) and fully illustrated booklet on the film. Digitally remastered edition.


Stars: Edward Judd, Leo McKern and Janet Munro. When atomic bomb tests knock the earth off its axis and set on a collision course with the sun, the planet inexorably heats up and society slowly breaks down. Extras include; four documentaries, a ‘Making Of’ programme, radio & TV spots and commentary with director Val Guest. The film has been digitally remastered in print and audio sound.

BFI: The Selected Films of Richard Massingham (1934-51)

Richard Massingham was recognisable to cinemagoers in Britain during the 40s – starring as a well-meaning but bumbling everyman in a series of imaginative shorts that provided instruction on everything from how to cross roads to the correct way to sneeze into a handkerchief. The collection contains 22 of these restored short films.


From Hackney to Chelsea in the company of the great 1920s British travelogue. The directors of ‘Wonderful London’ captured some of the most evocative images of the capital in the mid-1920s. These simple films contrasted different aspects of city life – East End and West End, poor and rich. The collection houses 6 films and 6 further travelogues including ‘Along Father Thames to Shepperton’ and ‘Dickens’ London’.


Stars: Elissa Landi & Brian Aherne in Anthony Asquith’s silent masterpiece about the average existence of a Londoner. Restored with extras.


Stars: Anton Walbrook & Diana Wynyarde in Thorald Dickinson’s film of a man trying to drive his wife mad! A collection of Dickinson’s documentaries are included as extras.


Stars: Rita Tushingham, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Satirical comedy set in a vividly realised post-apocalyptic London where survivors still hold social ideals. Directed by Richard Lester.


Stars: Robert Buchanan, John Gordon Sinclair & Billy Greenlees in Bill Forsyth’s directorial comedy film debut. A gang steal stainless steel sinks in a ‘get rich quick’ idea that goes wrong!


Stars: Lelia Goldoni & Anthony Ray. Directed by John Cassavettes. Set in 1950s bohemian New York, it’s the story of a doomed mixed race relationship. Great Charles Mingus soundtrack.


Stars: Gary Cooper & Helen Hayes. An American ambulance driver and an English nurse fall in love during World War I. Directed by Frank Borzage.

BFI: FACES (1968)

Stars: John Marley & Lynn Carlin in John Cassavetes's powerful feature. Richard and his wife Maria seek solace from their disintegrating marriage in the arms of other lovers.


Stars: Annette Benson & Wally Patch in Anthony Asquith’s director debut about a starlet who plots an escape from Hollywood. Restored with many extras and illustrated booklet.


All 4 of the classic Huggett films in one superb box set collection!
During the immediate post-war years, the Huggetts was undoubtedly Britain’s favourite film family. Unashamedly working-class they epitomised the spirit of a united nation, relishing simple pleasures with a cheery, down-to-earth smile.

Headlining Jack Warner (Dixon of Dock Green) and Kathleen Harrison (Scrooge), this DVD collection presents all four Huggetts films for the first time and showcases early successes for such beloved stars as Diana Dors, David Tomlinson, Susan Shaw and Petula Clark.

In HOLIDAY CAMP (1947) the Huggett family's off on a spot of hols, led by dad Joe (Jack Warner). They arrive at one of Britain's largest holiday camps and soon find their lives intertwined with those of fellow holidaymakers Jimmy Gardner (Jimmy Hanley), a 21-year-old sailor jilted at the altar, spinster Esther Harman (Flora Robson) and flashy 'Binkie' Hardwicke (Dennis Price), who all have a story to tell! In HERE COME THE HUGGETTS (1948), the Huggett family returns in a home grown adventure as the family is about to have the telephone installed and find a wayward niece coming to stay with them poses just as much bother. In THE HUGGETTS ABROAD (1949), the Huggett family is down on its luck, as father Joe is unemployed. Son-in-law Jimmy has a job waiting for him in South Africa, but no transport, so the whole clan sets off for the far continent in the car. Along the way they have to cope with a breakdown, a broken compass in the Sahara, diamond smugglers and even a spell in prison. In VOTE FOR HUGGETT (1948), Joe Huggett decides to enter the world of politics, causing uproar in his own household and the local community, who all pull together to help his election campaign. Look out for a young Anthony Newley in a scene with Petula Clark as the Huggett daughter Pet, rounding off a box set that you will want to watch again and again.

RRP £40.00   Our Price £20 with FREE UK P&P


A box set of 12 British comedy classics from Norman Wisdom!
In ON THE BEAT (1962), Wisdom stars as a bumbling Scotland Yard car park attendant who gets his chance to be a real policeman after he accidentally catches some crooks. In MAN OF THE MOMENT (1955) Norman accidentally becomes the British delegate to an important international conference in Geneva. Hilarious chaos and amusing misunderstandings ensue. In his debut film, TROUBLE IN STORE (1953) he is taken on as a shop assistant in a department store and falls in love with his dream-girl, Sally. In UP IN THE WORLD (1956) Wisdom stars as the bumbling window cleaner to Lady Banderville. He has to cope with the pranks of her son, Sir Reggie, but cleans up when he confounds a gang of kidnappers. In THE SQUARE PEG (1959) Norman Pitkin is keen to help the war effort, and turns out to be a dead ringer for an enemy general. In FOLLOW A STAR (1959), Norman dreams of becoming a famous singer. THE BULLDOG BREED (1960) Norman is a grocer who joins the Navy and finds himself chosen to man a rocket flight into outer space. In ONE GOOD TURN (1955) Norman works at the orphanage and promises that he will buy one of its charges a model car. But how can he get the money? In A STITCH IN TIME (1963) Wisdom plays an apprentice butcher trying to help a sick child but as he gets banned from the hospital must try other ways to see her. In JUST MY LUCK (1957) Norman places an unusual bet on the horse called an accumulator, to try and win enough money to buy the girl of his dreams a diamond pendant. In THE EARLY BIRD (1965) Wisdom plays a milkman caught up in a feud between the small, traditional company that employs him and a large, modern dairy planning a takeover. Finally in PRESS FOR TIME (1966) Norman is an accident-prone young reporter, but only got the job because his grandfather happens to be the Prime Minister!

RRP £50.00   Our Price £25 with FREE UK P&P

GENEVIEVE – Special Edition (1953)

Starring Kenneth More, Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson and Kay Kendall and directed by Henry Cornelius.
Two young couples participate in the Vintage Car Rally, a yearly race from London to Brighton in this classic British comedy. This digitally remastered special edition also contains exciting ‘extras’ of star biographies and the exclusive documentary ‘A Profile of Genevieve.’


Starring John Mills, Anthony Wager, Finlay Currie and Martita Hunt. David Lean directs this classic adaptation of Dickens's novel about a young orphan who develops 'great expectations' after a mysterious benefactor pledges to sponsor his transformation into a gentleman. The film, which won two Academy Awards in 1948, has been beautifully restored and digitally remastered in both print and sound quality.


Starring Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Steel, Muriel Pavlow and Flora Robson in this exciting wartime drama directed by Brian Desmond Hurst. During World War II, British photo-reconnaissance pilot Peter discovers that the Italians are planning a secret invasion of Malta, a strategically important island nation critical to keeping the Allied supply lines open. The film was the 4th most popular film at the British box office in 1953.

THE PLANK (1967)

Starring Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Edwards, Roy Castle, Jimmy Tarbuck, Hattie Jacques, Graham Stark, Stratford Johns and many more star appearances in this hilarious comedy written and directed by Eric Sykes. Two inept workmen laying floorboards in a new build house, find they are one plank short to finish the job, so they go to the wood yard to get another one. But it isn’t so simple!


Starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Simon MacCorkindale, Alan Badel and Michael Sheard in a spy thriller based on the novel by Erskine Childers and directed by Tony Maylam. Set in 1901, a British yachtsman named Charles Caruthers and his friend accidentally find themselves having to overcome a pre-World War One German trial invasion force in the North Sea. Filmed in Holland, West Germany & Bushey Studios.


Starring Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow, Lyndon Brook, Dorothy Alison and Lee Patterson. Directed by Lewis Gilbert this is a dramatisation of the story of flier Douglas Bader (Kenneth More) who loses his legs in a 1931 crash but through persistence re-joins the RAF as a World War II wing commander. It won the BAFTA Award for Best British Film of 1956. The films superb soundtrack music was by John Addison, who in real life was Bader’s brother-in-law!


This is a Special Restoration Edition. Starring Roger Livesey, Deborah Kerr, Anton Walbrook, Roland Culver, Ursula Jeans and John Laurie. Produced and directed by the British film making team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Filmed in rich Technicolor, this is a story from the Boer War through World War II, as a soldier rises through the ranks in the British military. Presented in a magnificent restoration edition.


Starring Terry-Thomas, Brenda de Banzie, Sid James, Bernard Bresslaw, George Cole, Vera Day and Terry Scott. A rich man is being blackmailed for the hoards he's stashed away as a renowned tax dodger. His put-upon wife also draws on her expertise as a wartime PT instructress to turn the tables on him by marshalling the support of a band of crooks in this hilarious comedy directed by Mario Zampi.


THE BALLOON GOES UP (1947) / UP WITH THE LARK (1943) Comedy double starring Gracie West & Ethel Revnell who masquerade as WAAFs to help capture fifth columnists. In Up with the Lark, (directed by Philip Brandon) the double act are Land Girls pursuing black market racketeers!

BOOBY TRAP (1956) / FOUR DAYS (1951) Booby Trap stars Sydney Tafler, Harry Fowler and Patti Morgan in a tale about a scientists exploding pen. Four Days stars Hugh McDermott and Peter Reynolds features suicide, forgery, fights and blackmail, in four days!

BREAKING POINT (1961) / MAN FROM TANGIER (1957) Director Lance Comfort is celebrated in this crime double bill. Breaking Point, stars Dermot Walsh and Peter Reynolds in a tale of a counterfeit money plot. Then its murder and robbery with Robert Hutton and Lisa Gastoni in Man From Tangiers, with great shots of Victoria station!

THE CROOKED SKY (1957) / SCARLET WEB (1954) This crime drama double opens with The Crooked Sky and stars Wayne Morris and Bruce Seton as Scotland Yard detective investigating an airplane company who radio operators are getting murdered! Scarlet Web stars Zena Marshall and Griffith Jones as an insurance investigator framed for murder!

EMERGENCY (1962) / LANDSLIDE (1937) A dramatic double bill. Emergency stars Glyn Houston, Zena Walker and Dermot Walsh, searching for a rare blood donor for a sick little girl. Landslide stars Jimmy Hanley & Dinah Sheridan. A landslide traps a group of actors in a small theatre in Wales. The cashier is killed, who’s next?

THE HANGMAN WAITS (1947) / THE GENTLE TRAP (1960) The Hangman Waits is a semi-documentary style featurette and is a story of grisly murders by a cinema organist. Stars John Turnbull and Beatrice Campbell. The Gentle Trap stars Spencer Teakle and Martin Benson. It’s about a safecracker, who is himself robbed after pulling a safe job!

THE HI-JACKERS (1963) / SMOKESCREEN (1964) A 60s double bill of films directed by Jim O’Connolly. Peter Vaughan stars in Smokescreen as an insurance assessor who is investigating the mysterious death of a businessman. The Hi-Jackers, stars Anthony Booth & Jacqueline Ellis in a lorry hi-jack crime drama.

IT’S IN THE BAG (1957) / MISS MCTAGGART WON’T LIE DOWN (1954) Elsie & Doris Waters star as Gert & Daisy in It’s in the Bag, Miss McTaggart Won’t Lie Down stars Barbara Mullen in the title role as a lady mistakenly believed to have passed on! Directed by Francis Searle.

IT’S A GREAT DAY (1955)/GIRL WHO COULDN’T QUITE (1950) It’s a Great Day stars Ruth Denning, Edward Evans and Sid James. The Grove family get implicated in shady deals when a Royal visit is looming. The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite stars Bill Owen and Elizabeth Henson and is about a girl unable to smile until she meets a tramp called Tim. Comedy double.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS (1934) / SONG OF THE ROAD (1937) Two 30s musical films. In Say It With Flowers, a benefit concert is put on to help a flower selling couple on hard times and features Charles Coborn & Florrie Forde. Song of the Road stars Bransby Williams and Tod Slaughter. Shunning motors, Bill buys his horse and cart and sets off to seek country work.

THIS WEEK OF GRACE (1933) / SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC (1935) Gracie Fields and Henry Kendall stars in This Week Of Grace, a poor woman who is made a housekeeper at the estate of a wealthy duchess. In She Shall Have Music, starring Jack Hylton and Claude Dampier; The Hylton Orchestra is hired to broadcast worldwide from a cruise ship.

YOU PAY YOUR MONEY (1956) / FREEDOM TO DIE (1961) A British crime drama double bill. You Pay Your Money stars Honor Blackman & Hugh McDermott as a financier who smuggles valuable books. Freedom To Die stars Paul Maxwell who plays Craig Owen, a criminal whose cellmate holds the secret to a safe deposit box. Also stars Felicity Young.

JAILBIRDS (1940) / SAILORS DON’T CARE (1940) A double bill of films directed by Oswald Mitchell. Jailbirds stars Charles Hawtrey & Albert Burden. Two prisoners who escape in drag and get jobs in a bakery! In Sailors Don’t Care starring Edward Rigby and Tom Gamble, a boat building father and son join the River Patrol but get involved with spies!

LIFE IN DANGER (1959) / COVER GIRL KILLER (1959) A thriller double directed by Terry Bishop. Life In Danger stars Derren Nesbitt & Julie Hopkins. A child murderer escapes from an asylum and a girl goes missing. Cover Girl Killer stars Harry H Corbett and Felicity Young. A killer is murdering models similar to those in a glamour magazine cover photo shoot.

OUT OF THE FOG (1962) / RADIO CAB MURDER (1954) Out Of The Fog, stars David Sumner and Susan Travers, is a tale of a killer who murders only on a full moon. Radio Cab Murder stars Jimmy Hanley & Lana Morris. A reformed criminal assists police by infiltrating a gang. A crime double.

ROGUES YARN (1956) / STEEL KEY (1953) In Rogues Yarn, a mistress convinces her lover to murder his wife. Stars Derek Bond. In Steel Key with Terence Morgan and Joan Rice, thieves steal a formula for a special kind of steel.

New HARDBACK BOOK Offer: £24.99 with free postage
The Kenneth Williams Companion

One of Britain’s most beloved and much missed comedy actors is celebrated in a large and hefty brand new 680 PAGE HARDBACK BOOK written by Adam Endacott for Fantom Books. The Kenneth Williams Companion is the first and only, definitive book on the complete career of Kenneth Williams. The book details all of his stage, radio and television work, as well as his recordings and film appearances as a chronology. With fascinating facts, memories and information, the book covers a career spanning 40 years and gives you everything you need to know on his work. “Much has been written about the person that was Kenneth Williams, but a full and detailed appreciation of his body of work has been neglected and this book is here to rectify this and catalogue the career of a genius,” writes Adam. “As my hero, I have been collecting and researching Kenneth’s life for over 25 years and is a project that has been inspired as a work of passion and to ensure that his 40 year career is documented not only for existing fans but a future generation too.” “I hope readers will discover that he wasn’t just in the Carry On films and a turn on the chat show circuit – I think there will be some surprises in some of the projects that he was involved with and with contributions from a wealth of his friends and colleagues, some who have never spoken before, with new and never before told anecdotes and stories.”

Our Price £24.99 with FREE UK Postage & Packing