Dear Supporters of Film and TV History,

Hoping as usual that you are all safe and well in these troubled times. Our cinema doors are still well and truly open, I’m pleased to say, the channel has been transmitting 24 hours a day 7 days a week on air with a number of premières for you all and orders have been posted out to you all every day as normal. It’s looking like a difficult few months ahead with lack of advertising on the channel, as you all know it’s the adverts that help us pay for the channel to be transmitted to you all for free and without them it’s very difficult. But we are confident we can get over the next few months. All we ask is that you keep on spreading the word about the channel in any way you can. Our audiences are strong with 4 million viewers per week , but it’s spreading the word that’s going to help us get over this.

Can you believe it Talking Pictures TV is FIVE Years Old later this month?! 

There’s some very interesting selections in this months newsletter. Firstly, a terrific deal on The Humphrey Jennings Collections – one of Britain’s greatest filmmakers. I know lots of you have enjoyed the shorts from the Imperial War Museum archive that we have brought to Talking Pictures and a selection of these can be found on these DVD collections. Also a brand new release from the BFI, The Battle of the Sexes with Peter Sellers and Constance Cummings; the complete series of Butterflies with Wendy Craig on DVD, Quatermass with John Mills to tie in with it airing on the channel, from the British Film Institute, British Transport Films Volume 14: THE ROAD AHEAD and some wonderful music CDs plus lots more.

I had a lovely chat online with Adrienne Posta about her time on Up the Junction which we aired recently and I hope we can start filming again soon with the stars we love. I hope to invite Adrienne and Maureen Lipman to our next event.

Licensing – a thank you to all of you once again for suggestions of what to air on the channel. Our list is pretty full now I’m afraid! As you know it’s not always a case of we haven’t thought of your suggestion, it could be we can’t locate the copyright owners, or we  know film material still exists but the owners don’t wish to negotiate a license with us – but stay tuned, hopefully we will get there eventually!

Very sad news at the loss of dear Jill Gascoine recently. I know it was a release for her, but watching her so young in ROOMS currently airing on the channel, really brings it home that she is no longer with us. Our hearts go out to her family and of course also to the family of dear Blonde British Bombshell Honor Blackman who also passed away recently. Both a great loss to our industry and we are fortunate to be able to see them both on Talking Pictures TV.

Finally, our T-shirts are ready! Hand made by us! They are super quality and a new and improved price – do wear them with pride. Do enjoy the premières on Talking Pictures TV this month including: The Molly Maguires (1970) with Sean Connery, Viva Max (1969) with Peter Ustinov, Copacabana (1947) with Carmen Miranda and Groucho Marx, The Enforcer (1951) with Humphrey Bogart, I Walk Alone (1948) with Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster and The Rebel (1961) with Tony Hancock.

Until next month, Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

Wishing you all the best, Sarah, Noel, and Neill

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From the British Film Institute

One of Britain’s GREATEST Filmmakers


DVD Collections Volumes 1 & 2 SPECIAL OFFER

Volume 1: The First Days (1934-1940)


Volume 2: Fires Were Started (1941-1943)

£15.00 each OR £25.00 for both WITH FREE UK POSTAGE

Humphrey Jennings Volume 1 The First Days (1934-1940) 

2 discs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray £15.00

Colour & Black & White; Optional subtitles; Running time approx: 211 minutes.

Volume 1 gathers together 14 films from 1934-1940 and provides a fascinating insight into Jennings’ early days as a filmmaker, learning and developing his craft. Features include the acclaimed Spare Time and London Can Take It! as well as previously neglected works, many of which are available for the first time since their release.

Films: Post Haste (1934) Locomotives (1934) The Story of the Wheel (1934) Farewell Topsails (1937) Penny Journey (1938) Speaking from America (1938) The Farm (1938) Making Fashion (1938) Spare Time (1939) SS Ionian (1939) The First Days (1939) Spring Offensive (1940) Welfare of the Workers (1940)  London Can Take It! (1940)

Extras: The Birth of the Robot (1936): a Len Lye film for Shell on which Jennings worked. English Harvest (1939): alternative cut of The Farm. Cargoes (1940): alternative cut of SS Ionian. Britain Can Take It! (1940) alternative cut of London Can Take It! ; Illustrated booklet with essays and film credits.

Humphrey Jennings Volume 2 Fires Were Started (1941-1943)

2 discs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray £15.00

Black & White; Optional subtitles; Running time approx: 138 minutes.

The second volume of films is a lyrical portrait of the nation at war and includes five films from 1941-1943. It shows Jennings at the peak of his tragically short but outstanding career. From the rousing call to arms of The Heart of Britain and Words for Battle, the poetic evocation of daily life in Listen to Britain, and the powerful drama of Fires Were Started and The Silent Village, the films included in the set offer a lyrical portrait of the nation at war and a moving celebration of ‘Britishness’. 

Films: The Heart of Britain (1941) Words for Battle (1941) Listen to Britain (1941) Fires Were Started (1943) The Silent Village (1943)

Extras: This is England (1941, 10 mins): alternate cut of The Heart of Britain. I Was a Fireman (1943, 74 mins): Jennings’ original cut of Fires Were Started. Illustrated booklet featuring essays, film notes and biographies by Lindsay Anderson, Patrick Russell and Kevin Jackson.

Widely considered to be one of Britain’s greatest filmmakers, Humphrey Jennings has long been celebrated as the director of works which capture everyday heroism in times of war and peace. 

Born in Walberswick, Suffolk on 19th August 1907 he was not only a filmmaker but a photographer, literary critic, theatrical designer, poet, painter and theorist of modern art. He died on 24th September 1950 in an accident in Greece, while preparing for a film.

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