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Welcome to Renown Films

Welcome to the October 2017

Renown Film Club Newsletter!


Dear Club Members,

It’s been quite a month at HQ. Last week we filmed with a super-fan of Renown and Talking Pictures TV, the legendary Danny Baker. He ‘Takes Over’ Talking Pictures TV on Friday 27th October 2017, so be sure to tune in for some hilarious insights and selections of films for his day. His use of props alone is worth you watching!

We are delighted to finally be able to bring you the GLIMPSES Collection, based on our phenomenal hit series. These nostalgic shorts shown on Talking Pictures TV, make up this fabulous box set and Volume 1 brings you 60 entertaining glimpses of the 1940s and 1950s. All for just £15 with free UK P&P. For those of you new to these, the ‘glimpses’ can be public information films from the time, or amateur footage showing areas of Britain in the 1940s and 50s. They are really interesting pieces of nostalgia and great to reminisce too.

Tickets for our Festival of Film in February 2018 are selling very well. There is a range of hotels in the area to suit all budgets so if you are thinking about coming along please DO get your ticket as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Last year we sold out a month before the event and this year we may sell out even before that. So don’t delay call today! Just £10 each for members and £15 each for non-members. Sunday 11th February 2018, it’s a great day and a chance to meet fellow film fans and listen to some of the stars we love, talking about their time in the industry. 

CALL NOW on 0808 178 8212 or BOOK HERE. If ordering online, to obtain the members price, use the code FEST18 at the checkout.

Apologies for the printing error in last month’s newsletter, the Chiller & Thriller collection is £15 for all films listed on both pages, which caused some confusion as the pages were not together in the newsletter.

Delighted to present the LIMITED EDITION Renown Advent calendar – perfect for all film fans of our eras! More details inside. Where else can you open a door and see John Bentley or Peggy Cummins?!

As the nights draw in its great to be able to enjoy a nice film or too from our DVD collections or on Talking Pictures TV as Danny Baker says himself we are like a “hot cup of Bovril and a day off school on the sofa…”

Until next month, many thanks for your support

Best Wishes

Noel, Sarah and Neill

Glimpses of the 1940s and 1950s

A selection of ‘Glimpses’ from the Nostalgic Hit TV Series brought to you by Talking Pictures TV. This fabulous 3 DVD box set collection brings you 60 ‘Glimpses,’ rare pieces of nostalgia from the 1940s & 1950s, never before seen on DVD and restored for your enjoyment.

DISC 1 contains: 34 MOORE STREET family life in 1958 London; 4 & 20 FIT GIRLS (1940) keep-fit classes in the 40s; A CORNISH HOLIDAY (1950); A DAY AT THE ZOO in 1940; A THRILL A SECOND oddities from around Britain; ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR in the late 50s; ALONG PILGRIMS WAY (1940) the 120 mile walk;

BRIGHTON IN THE 1950s nostalgic footage; BRITISH TRADE & INDUSTRY (1949) in Newcastle & London; CARRY ON CHILDREN a war time public information film; CHRISTMAS IN BRITAIN traditional festive footage; CONCORDE IN FLIGHT (1969) test flight short film; COASTAL CORNWALL IN THE 1950s a family beach day; CYCLING PROFICIENCY IN THE 1950s amateur test footage; DARWIN WAS RIGHT a short comedic film set at the Zoo; DAY IN DEVON IN THE 50s colour amateur footage; GLACIERS & GOLD short documentary on Alaska; OUR LONDON 1947 footage; ECONOMY RUN 1957 THE LONGER MILE footage at Ascot & Silverstone and THIS FOWL BUSINESS is a 40s short on chicken farming.

DISC 2 contains: EASTBOURNE 1957 rare footage; FAMILY CHRISTMAS festive dinner with the family; ARTIC HIGHWAY documentary on Finland; DOVER a Ministry of Information short educational film; HIGHWAY GOODS educational film on the highway code; HOVERCRAFT educational short; MAGIC FEET documentary of Sir Stanley Matthews; BRUSSELS WORLD FAIR (1958) rare footage; QUEEN COTTON (1941) Lancashire’s cotton industry; ROLLERCOASTER enjoy the 50s thrill of a traditional fairground ride; SILVERSMITH documentary from the workshop; THE V1 - 1944 Ministry of Information short; 1950s NEWQUAY rare footage; COTTON & STEEL industrial footage from 1940s; LONDON footage from the 50s; ON GUARD 1950s Kent Ambulance Service; WHO’S CRAZY (1950) E J Fancey short of oddities from in and around Britain including a crazy taxi ride; THE HISTORY OF ROVER from concept to the Street and the racetrack; WAR & ORDER 1940 examines the role of the police force during the hostilities and THE FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 1951 has more rare and historical footage from the capital cities big festival.

DISC 3 contains: PEWTER mining in 50s Cornwall to the table teapot, SAIL HO (1941) comic look at yachting on the Australian coast; TRE, POL & PEN (1943) an educational short on the unusual, lore and people in Cornwall; GROWTH OF LONDON (1951) from the Roman settlement to 1951; JOINING THE YOUTH CLUB IN 1942 Educational short; KNOWSLEY HALL a 50s short on the Stately Hall; LAKE DISTRICT IN 1955 inc: footage of Lake Windermere; LET’S VISIT THE CROFTER’S Shetland Island crofter’s farming; LIVERPOOL & HARROWGATE 1955 nostalgic 50s footage; LONDON FOOD MARKETS in the 40s rare footage of the market halls and dock area in the 1940s; LONDON’S WEST END in 1946 take in Oxford Street and the West End of London for a step back in time; PILBOROUGH IN THE 1950s WITH THE MORRISONS traditional summer family footage; ROAMIN’ IN SCOTLAND historic locations and people; THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR short documentary; SEEN AT THE ZOO IN 1948 see the pandas and penguins; SIX CANDLES (1960) short documentary on road safety sponsored by British Insurance Association; SOUTH OF ENGLAND & CORNWALL rare colour footage; A DAY AT THE DERBY in the 50s, place your bets with the bookies and finally BRIGHTON IN THE 1940s provides nostalgic footage from the 1940s.

Remember the bygone eras of the 1940s & 50s in this unique Glimpses Collection for the very first time on DVD. Order now while stocks last.

RRP £29.99   CLUB PRICE JUST £15.00 with free UK post and packing!
ENTER CODE: TPTV at Checkout for the price to drop when purchasing.

Special Offer for Club Members!
Starring Herbert Lom – 7 DVD Box Set

Back in 1963, cult favourite actor Herbert Lom took on his first British television starring role as the gifted, compassionate psychiatrist Dr. Roger Corder in this classic sixties series from ABC Television.

A widower in his mid-forties, Corder spends his life analysing others; tearing them apart to put them back together again in better shape.

Primarily he is a detective, probing secrets and searching for causes – dispassionately laying the facts before those seeking his help in the ‘human jungle’...

This complete-series set contains all 26 episodes of this hard-hitting and well-remembered series. John Barry’s moody theme tune sets the scene for each story (based on a real-life case history) and the guest stars in the episodes include Joan Collins, Francesca Annis, Rita Tushingham, Alfred Burke Jess Conrad OBE, Michael Ripper, Derek Farr, Harry Fowler, Jane Merrow, Janina Faye, Sylvia Syms, Dudley Sutton, Susan George, Flora Robson and Annette Andre, among many others.

The series ran for two seasons, in 1963 (filmed at Beaconsfield Studios) and then in 1965 (filmed at Elstree Studios due to the closure of Beaconsfield shortly after the completion of the first series.) A commemorative booklet on the making of The Human Jungle by renowned archive television historian Andrew Pixley is included in the box set. Is it time for your appointment? Order now!

RRP £39.99   £25.00 with free UK post and packing!


What better way to celebrate the run up to Christmas than with our nostalgic Advent Calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors you will find one of your favourite Renown Pictures stars inc; Diana Dors, Sam Kydd, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Old Mother Riley, Jess Conrad, Richard Hearne, Sid James, John Mills, Liz Fraser Dora Bryan,

Irene Handl, John Bentley and many more. Of course you can expect to see Alastair Sim as Scrooge behind Christmas Eve’s door on the 24th!

For vintage film fans or a treat for yourself, this limited edition advent calendar is only available while stocks last. So don’t delay, order today!

Price is just £6 with free UK P&P.


Beautiful bespoke and hand made in England - Card Baubles, perfect for the British film lover! Adorn your tree with your favourite faces!

Choose from Sid James, Dora Bryan, Sam Kydd, William Hartnell, Richard Hearne, Joan Collins, Brian Rix, Peter Sellers, Irene Handl, Julie Christie, Jean Kent, Barbara Murray, Jean Simmons, Nigel Patrick, Diana Dors, Arthur Lucan, Dinah Sheridan, Terry-Thomas, Tony Britton, Patricia Dainton, Harry Fowler, Peggy Cummins, John Mills, Liz Fraser, Jimmy Hanley, Jack Warner, Jess Conrad, John Bentley, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims and Alastair Sim.

Price £5 each or 10 for £25.00 with free UK post and packing.
Please list your chosen faces in the comments box of the order form.

British Transport & GPO Films Collection DVD Sets

All DVD sets rrp £24.99 £14.99 each with free UK P&P

“Following the nationalisation of transport in 1948, the British Transport Commission set up its own in-house film production unit, which launched on 1st May, 1949.”

12 restored films on a 2-disc set including West Country Journey (1953), A Letter for Wales (1960), The Coasts of Clyde (1959) and The Heart of England (1954).

14 restored films on a 2-disc set including Terminus (1961), Operation London Bridge (1975), Farmer Moving South (1952) and Moving Tracks (1956).

15 restored films on a 2-disc set including the award winning Song of Ceylon (1934), Air Post (1934), BBC: Voice of Britain (1935) and Coal Face (1935).

22 restored short films on a 2-disc set including Night Mail (1936), Penny Journey (1938), The Fairy on the Phone (1936), North Sea (1938) and Big Money (1937).

18 restored films on a 2-disc set including Squadron 992 (1940), War Library Items 1,2,3 (1940), Christmas Under Fire (1941) and The First Days (1939).

“Created in 1933 out of the ashes of the Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, the General Post Office (GPO) Film Unit was one of the most remarkable creative institutions Britain had produced.”

All DVD sets rrp £24.99 £14.99 each with free UK P&P

“What every vintage film fan wants for Christmas!”

Film fans will be writing to Father Christmas this year for THE “must have” item! The Talking Pictures TV Jigsaw. Among the glorious black and white montage you’ll find Gert & Daisy, Old Mother Riley, Harry H Corbett, Sid James, Sam Kydd, Jack Warner, Tod Slaughter, Tony Britton, Anthony Newley, Sir John Mills, Marjorie Rhodes,

Patricia Dainton, Dudley Sutton, Nigel Patrick, Bill Owen, Hattie Jacques, James Hayter, Dinah Sheridan and many more!

This exclusive limited edition 300 piece jigsaw is available now, in time for Christmas, so get in early and make a film fan happy (or treat yourself!) Just £20 inc free UK postage and packing.

Price is just £6 with free UK P&P.

This Months CD Audio Book Offers

THE GREAT GATESBY by F Scott Fitzgerald.

Considered to be F. Scott Fitzgerald's finest novel,
The Great Gatsby is a consummate summary of
the "roaring 20s" and a devastating expose of the
"Jazz Age". Read by William Roberts.
Double CD set £9.99 inc free UK Postage.


In Victorian England Lord Wooton observes a
sensitive artist painting Dorian Gray, who is
the artists ultimate muse. Read by Martin Shaw.
Double CD set £9.99 inc free UK Postage.

THE 39 STEPS by John Buchan.

Richard Hannay is warned of an assassination plot
with potential to take Britain into a war. Days later
he discovers the murdered body of the man that
warned him. Read by James Fox.
Double CD set £9.99 inc free UK postage.