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Thanks so much to all of you who travelled from far and wide to be with us in St Albans  for our Festival of Film. It was a great day and a wonderful time was had by all! A full write up is on pages 4 and 5. We will be back at St Albans next year – date to be announced very soon.

We now look forward to our first event in the North – The 6th Festival Of Film, Sunday 6th October 2019 at The Stockport Plaza. There are just a few hundred tickets left – so do grab yours quick – book here to avoid disappointment. We are working very hard behind the scenes, putting together a tremendous day for you all at this beautiful, iconic venue.

In other news, this month sees the release of our very first CD! We often hear from so many of you about how much you enjoy the soundtracks from the films and series we show, which inspired us to put together a compilation CD. This brilliant 3 disc set of Hits From The Flicks contains over 90 tracks from the eras, films and series we all know and love. Artists include: Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Tommy Steele, Frankie Vaughan, Don Lang, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Adam  Faith, Gene Vincent  and Chubby Checker plus many more. The CD set is incredible value at just £20 for all 3 discs with free postage. It’s a limited edition so order while stocks last! See pages 2 and 3 for the offer.

Continuing with the 50s and 60s music theme we have some great special offers on related DVDs including our very popular Films With A Beat Box Set,(see page 13) which can be yours for just £10 – offer lasts now until your next newsletter.

Celebrating the return of the Van Der Valk series to British TV screens on Talking Pictures TV every week night at 9pm, this month we have a special deal for the complete series on DVD, (pages 16 and 17). To commemorate the memory and celebrate the birthday on May 6th of Orson Welles a brand new documentary will be shown on TPTV. There is an article on the great man on page 11; a Great Mysteries Box Set special offer on page 10, and a Welles memoir book offer on page 12.

On page 19 we remember one of our greatest British directors: Basil Dearden, an innovative and influential force in the film world. This issue is packed with offers on Renown DVDs and bundles (4 for £20!), a Jack the Ripper DVD, and more marvellous merchandise.

Some brilliant premières coming up on the channel this month, including Carve Her Name With Pride, Oklahoma Crude, Billy Liar, Songwriter, Hanover Street, A Walk in the Spring Rain, White Water Summer and Fool’s Parade, all featuring great actors such as Virginia McKenna, Faye Dunaway, Harrison Ford, Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn, Kevin Bacon and the wonderful James Stewart.

Until the next newsletter, thank you for your support!

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£20 with FREE UK Postage

Call Us Now On Freephone 0808 178 8212 Or 01923 290555

For the first time on CD, Renown have brought together all your favourite music hits from the 1950s and 1960s. From cool crooners to rock’n’roll rebels, these tunes have all featured in films from the golden era of the teenager. This EXCLUSIVE to Renown 3-CD set is filled with magical musical moments, including:

Frankie Vaughan, John Barry, Petula Clark, Anthony Newley, Marty Wilde, Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Drifters, Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Adam Faith, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury, Lonnie Donegan, Bobby Vee and Chubby Checker.

The CD also includes bonus novelty tracks from Sid James and Liz Frazer, the theme from the Edgar Wallace Mysteries and Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren duetting on the cheeky hit Goodness Gracious Me.

This compilation will take you on a musical trip down memory lane, with tracks from films including: The Tommy Steele Story (1957), Rock You Sinners (1958), 6.5 Special (1958), The Golden Disc (1958) Idol on Parade (1959), Serious Charge (1959), Jet Storm (1959), Expresso Bongo (1959), Beat Girl (1960), The Young Ones (1961), Play it Cool (1962), Some People (1962), Mix Me A Person (1962) and It’s Trad Dad! (1962).

Songs from the following films are included on the discs:

Kill Me Tomorrow (1957)
Tommy Steele: Rock With The Caveman; Rebel Rock
The Tommy Steele Story (1957)
Tommy Steele: Take Me Back, Baby; Butterfingers; You Gotta Go; Will It Be You; Two Eyes; Time To Kill; Elevator Rock; Doomsday Rock
Chas McDevitt Feat. Nancy Whiskey: Freight Train
Tommy Steele: Singing The Blues
These Dangerous Years (1957)
Frankie Vaughan: These Dangerous Years
Rock You Sinners (1958)
Art Baxter: Art’s Theme
Joan Small: You Can’t Say I Love You To A Rock And Roll Tune
Art Baxter: Rock You Sinners
Tony Crombie: Let’s You And I Rock
6.5 Special (1958)
Don Lang: Six-Five Special
Jim Dale: Sugar Time; The Train Kept A-Rollin’
Jimmy Lloyd: Ever Since I Met Lucy
Petula Clark: Baby Lover
Don Lang: Boy Meets Girl
John Barry: You’ve Gotta Way; Every Which Way
Jackie Dennis: La Dee Dah
The King Brothers: 6-5 Jive
Lonnie Donegan: Jack O’ Diamonds
The Golden Disc (1958)
Les Hobeaux: Dynamo
Terry Dene: Charm; Candy Floss; C’min & Be Loved; The Golden Age
Chas McDevitt Feat. Nancy Whiskey: Johnny-O

The Duke Wore Jeans (1958)
Tommy Steele: Hair-Down-Hoe-Down; Happy Guitar
The Heart Of A Man (1959)
Frankie Vaughan: The Heart Of A Man; Walkin’ Tall; My Boy Flat Top
Idol On Parade (1959)
Anthony Newley: Idol Rock-A-Boogie; Sat’day Night Rock-A-Boogie; I’ve Waited So Long; Idol On Parade
Serious Charge (1959)
The Drifters: Chinchilla
Cliff Richard & The Drifters: No Turning Back; Living Doll (Movie Version); Mad About You (Bonus Track) Cliff Richard & The Drifters: Living Doll (Single Version)
Jet Storm (1959)
Marty Wilde: Jet Stream
Expresso Bongo (1959)
The Shadows: Bongo Blues
Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Love; Voice In The Wilderness
Beat Girl (1960)
Adam Faith: I Did What you Told Me; The Beat Girl Song; Made You
John Barry: London Home Rock; Beat Girl (Main Theme)
Shirley Anne Field: It’s Legal
Victim (1961)
Jimmy Crawford: Long Stringy Baby
The Young Ones (1961)
The Shadows: Peace Pipe; The Savage
Cliff Richard & The Shadows: We Say Yeah; The Young Ones; Lessons In Love; When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart; Got A Funny Feeling (Bonus Track); The Young Ones (Single Version)

Play It Cool (1962)
Billy Fury: Play It Cool; You’re Swell; Once Upon A Dream; Let’s Paint The Town
Shane Fenton & The Fentones: It’s Gonna Take Magic; Why Little Girl
Jimmy Crawford: Take It easy
Helen Shapiro: Cry My Heart Out; I Don’t Care
Billy Fury: Twist Kid
Bobby Vee: At A Time Like This
Two And Two Make Six (1962)
Craig Douglas: A Change Of Heart
Murder Can Be Deadly (1962)
Craig Douglas: Another You
Some People (1962)
The Eagles: Johnny’s Tune; Bristol Express
Valerie Mountain: Yes You Did; Too Late; Some People
Mix Me A Person (1962)
Adam Faith: Mix Me A Person
It’s Trad Dad! (1962)
John Leyton: Lonely City
Gene McDaniels: Another Tear Falls
Helen Shapiro: Let’s Talk About Love; Sometime Yesterday
Craig Douglas: Ring-A-Ding; Rainbows
Gene Vincent: Spaceship To Mars
Chubby Checker: The Lose-Your-Inhibitions Twist

Bonus Tracks
Sid James: The Ooter Song
Sid James & Liz Frazer: Double Bunk
The Shadows: Man of Mystery (Theme Tune From The Edgar Wallace Mysteries)
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren: Goodness Gracious Me


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