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Talking Pictures TV turned 4 a few weeks ago, so a jolly happy birthday to us! Here’s to many more years of preserving film history and making sure films and series don’t get left on dusty shelves where no–one can see them! I hate to think how old Renown Pictures is now….

   We had trip to Devon this month to meet the wonderful Joss Ackland at his home. We filmed with Joss for four hours as he delighted us with childhood memories and snippets of the  strange sequence of events in his life and career, I can’t say too much – so watch out for the interview that will be airing on the channel later this year. We also filmed with the wonderful Tom Owen this month, what a lovely chap, fond memories of fishing on Brighton pier with his dear dad Bill Owen and some great insights into both his and his father’s career.

   We have received a number of complaints from people staying in hotels around the country recently that TPTV was not available on their hotel TV set. We should be available in all hotels but sadly the management of the hotels can be very lax at completing the tuning process on their TVs. If you stay somewhere and TPTV is not available please demand they re-tune so we will be there next time – it’s amazing how many people have found us while on holiday and continue to watch us when they get home!

   This month we bring you the wonderful Mr Pastry Collection, fully restored from the original elements WITH SUBTITLES and some exclusive snippets from Richard Hearne’s private film collection as bonus extra features. All that fun and madcap adventures for just £20 with FREE UK postage!

   Friday 12th July is Kenneth More Day on Talking Pictures TV – please do make a date in your diaries – it promises to be a tremendous day on the channel with wonderful interviews with friends and family of dear Kenny and an exclusive look at objects, pictures and awards from his private collection at his home.

   There are just a handful of tickets left for Stockport now, and availability for the upper circle only. We are busy working behind the scenes to bring you some wonderful guests and films  on the day. A full programme will be announced next month – however don’t delay if you were thinking about coming as it’s always such a shame to disappoint supporters at the last minute. There will be NO tickets available at the Plaza on the day.

   We teamed up with the very talented artist Steve Lilly to create a wonderful limited edition artwork of Mr Pastry himself, do have a look at page 5 and for items every home should have, see page 6! Some wonderful offers in this newsletter, I do hope you will find something to help support the cause, until next month, thank you again for all your support, 

Very best wishes, Sarah, Noel, and Neill



£20 with FREE UK Postage

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Renown Pictures present a selection of films featuring the bumbling character who became the nation’s first TV Star, Mr Pastry. Also included are exclusive glimpses into the life of Richard Hearne from his collection of home movies plus a slide show of a very rare Mr Pastry cartoon from ‘TV Comic’. The discs include all the material features on these pages, and the films have been fully restored with subtitles added.

Disc One 218’

TONS OF TROUBLE (1956) – 74’ (with subtitles)
A comedy, directed by Leslie S. Hiscott, starring Richard Hearne & William Hartnell. Mr Pastry deeply cares for the temperamental apartment boilers he maintains and names them “Mavis” and “Ethel”. Trouble begins when he faces the sack.

Cast List: Richard Hearne, William Hartnell, Austin Trevor, Ralph Truman, Robert Moreton, Joan Marion, Ronald Adam

THE BUTLER’S DILEMMA (1943) – 73’ (with subtitles)
In this comedy directed by Leslie S. Hiscott, Richard Hearne stars as a gambler who agrees to act as a butler for a gambling party in order to pay off his debt.  Cast List: Richard Hearne, Francis L. Sullivan, Judy Kelly, Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall, André Randall, Ian Fleming, Ralph Truman, Wally Patch, Marjorie Rhodes, Ronald Shiner, Arthur Denton, Alf Goddard

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE (1955) – 71’ (with subtitles)
This comedy film stars Richard Hearne as a newly released prisoner who returns home to the embarrassment of his socially ambitious daughter. Cast List: Richard Hearne, Ellen Pollock, Richard Wattis, Robert Moreton, Frederick Leister, Peter Sinclair, John Downing, Anne Smith, Darcy Conyers, Yvonne Hearne

Disc Two 170’

THE MADAME GAMBLES AKA MADAM LOUISE (1951) – 79’ (with subtitles)
A comedy film directed by Maclean Rogers. The owner of a dress shop gambles the business away to her bookie, who inherits not only the shop but also the manager. Starring Richard Hearne and Petula Clark.

Cast List: Richard Hearne, Petula Clark, Garry Marsh, Hilda Bayley, Doris Rogers, Richard Gale, Charles Farrell, Vic Wise, John Powe, Robert Adair, Anita Sharp-Bolster, Harry Fowler, Pauline Johnson, Mavis Greenaway, Pat Raphael, Doorn Van Steyn, Mackenzie Ward, Gerald Rex 

SOMETHING IN THE CITY (1950) – 76’ (with subtitles)
A comedy film directed by Maclean Rogers. Starring: Richard Hearne, Garry Marsh and Ellen Pollock. The wonderfully simple story of Mr Ningle, who lost his job in the City many years ago yet still commutes every day – to a very different job!

Cast List: Richard Hearne, Garry Marsh, Ellen Pollock, Betty Sinclair, Tom Gill, Diana Calderwood, Bill Shine, Dora Bryan, Molly Weir, George Merritt, Horace Kenney, Stanley Vilven, Gerald Rex, Vi Kaley, Ben Williams, Esme Beringer, Kenneth
Henry, Mackenzie Ward

Bonus Features Included:

This rare piece of comic memorabilia features Mr Pastry and was first published in ‘TV Comic’, a British magazine produced weekly from 1951-1984. The comic featured strip cartoons with stories about the TV favourites of the day, including Muffin the Mule and Larry the Lamb as well as Mr Pastry. Printed in full colour, the cartoon is entitled “Mr Pastry’s Sportsday by Richard Hearne” with the words: “TV Mini-Book No. 4”  and the price of 6D. The illustrations are by TV Comic regular Lunt Roberts, a contributor to ‘Punch’ and the ‘Daily Mail’, best known for his illustrations of Richmal Compton’s ‘Just William’ books. 

The cartoon describes the day Mr Pastry and his friends Mr Timblethwaite and Mortimer decided to do something to “help British sport”. Mr Pastry has invented a machine called ‘The Pastry Self Starter’ which he persuades Mr Timblethwaite to try, but unfortunately he is catapulted through the air and gets stuck on top of a church spire. 

Next Mr Pastry ties a rope to an old kettle for throwing the hammer, but he ends up with the rope wrapped tightly around his throat! Mr Timblethwaite wraps the rope around all three of them. Mortimer then tries, and sends the kettle into the air, knocking an unsuspecting PC Catchem to the floor. Mr Pastry and his friends now run a race – with the policeman in pursuit! They run into Farmer Hayseed’s field where prize bull Billy gives chase. Now PC Catchem is running away too and they all leap a high hedge together, landing in a river, swiftly followed by the bull!  By now they are being followed by cheering crowds, who think it’s “better than the boat race”! Finally the bull hits the bridge and is led back to his field, and the three receive a telling off from the law!

Short film of a 1950s celebrity cricket match played by stars of the day. Richard Hearne makes a guest appearance as Mr Pastry and entertains the crowd with various jokes and routines including his own version of a ‘sticky wicket’!

Rare footage of Buster Keaton & Richard Hearne larking around in America in the 1950s / 1960s. Hearne first made a guest appearance on the US Ed Sullivan Show in 1954, subsequently appearing on the show frequently. He was a favourite of comedy superstar Buster Keaton.

A rare behind the scenes look at Petula Clark’s working day in 1948, from a lost news piece. 

Rare footage of Richard Hearne from his private home movie collection, in which he clowns around at a charity home for disabled children in Bexhill.
This cause was very close to his heart and he dedicated a huge amount of his time to raising money for the charity he so dearly believed in, despite commitments worldwide.

Exclusively brought to you from Richard Hearne’s private collection of home movies. He started performing in the circus at the age of 7, following his father’s footsteps, who was a circus clown. Richard Hearne also performed with the world famous Chipperfield’s Circus as a clown and acrobat. After he became an international star, he still enjoyed returning to his performance roots as a behind-the-scenes visitor to Chipperfield’s. In this short film he performs comic stunts as only he did best, as Mr Pastry in this incredible footage from the late 1950s, including shots of his beloved car and him clowning around and doing stunts with a horse.

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