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Hoping you are all well in these strange times. It has certainly been a month of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ here! We were so sad to hear the recent news of the sad loss of French singer and actress Juliet Gréco who was recently seen in Whirpool and The Big Gamble on Talking Pictures TV. Also, our own dear Dame Diana Rigg DBE sadly passed away recently; scroll down to see a tribute to her.

Good news on the ‘lost film can’ front – we’ve found another episode of No Hiding Place on 16mm from a viewer’s private collection! Lots of interesting short films have also been brought forward – so do keep on checking your lofts, sheds and under the bed….

I’m very proud of our new DVD release this month – it’s a charming film with George Cole and Prunella Scales: The Ghost of Greville Lodge. A wonderful film for all the family and a nice gift. Noel was the Executive Producer on the film and we have very fond memories as a family of being on set with George and Prunella. I was actually supposed to play one of the parts, but alas I didn’t make it through to the final audition! It’s now presented with optional subtitles for the very first time and just £10 with FREE UK postage. For details click HERE. The second project we’ve been working on this month is a wonderful AUDIO BOOK of SCROOGE narrated by dear George Cole himself. It’s a brilliant 4 disc collection to sit by the fire with and listen to the dulcet tones of dear George narrating this yuletide tale. Just £15 with FREE UK postage for all 4 discs. For details click HERE. This extra special release celebrates the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens.

For the lady in your life, or a treat for yourself, we have produced some very special Handmade Earrings, the perfect stocking filler, completely unique! I am proudly wearing my Margaret Rutherford pair as I type!  They are not available in any shops, for details click HERE.

As Autumn is upon us and the colder nights are drawing in, Talking Pictures TV brings you premieres galore this month, including: Loyal Heart (1946) with Percy Marmont, Harry Welchman and Patricia Marmont; Strawberry Roan (1945) with William Hartnell, Carol Raye and Petula Clark; Uneasy Terms (1948) with Michael Rennie, Moira Lister and Nigel Patrick; The Great Gatsby (1974) with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and Heller in Pink Tights (1960) with Sophia Loren and Anthony Quinn.

Until next month, stay safe, stay tuned to Talking Pictures TV and please, keep on spreading the word! As we face a time where many can find themselves lonely, it would be nice to introduce them to Talking Pictures and become part of our TPTV family, so please, ring that friend and chat about a film on this afternoon, or what’s coming up at the weekend – it’s so important.

And finally – here’s one of my favourite film quotes to cheer us all up from the comedy Two Way Stretch: 

[Fred’s wife has brought in a baby when she visits Fred in prison]

Fred: How old is he now, my love? 

Fred’s wife: Eight months, dearest. 

[Fred looks suspicious and counts on his fingers] 

Fred: But I’ve been in here nearly two years. [Fred’s wife smiles sweetly] 

Fred’s wife: Oh yes, Fred. But you sent me some *lovely* letters!

Hopefully you will find something to purchase in this magazine– it all helps keep that projector turning!!!  

Many thanks for your support and very best wishes, Sarah, Noel & Neill

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The Ghost of Greville Lodge

With optional subtitles. 

Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes.

JUST £10.00


George Cole and Prunella Scales star in this cracker of a Christmas ghost story. Perfect for family viewing or a winter afternoon by the fire!

A Renown Production. Director: Niall Johnson.  Executive Producer: Noel Cronin.  Year: 2000

Cast:  George Cole, Prunella Scales, Jon Newman, Billy Smith, Marc Danbury, Emma Powell, Kevin Howarth, Stephen Lyons, Howard Coggins, Christian Rodska, Laura Coats. Based on the novel by Nicholas Wilde.

The teaming of George Cole and Prunella Scales in this eerie ghost story will keep the grown-ups content as the youngsters hide behind the sofa. There’s a hint of The Children of Green Knowe about orphan Jon Newman’s arrival at his uncle’s rambling country manor, but the action turns into a more traditional supernatural mystery, as the teenager ventures through the doors of the forbidden west wing and stumbles upon clues to the secrets of the dark old house. Radio Times

James Greville becomes enmeshed in a chilling ghost mystery when he is invited to spend Christmas at Greville Lodge with his Great Uncle. James finds himself being pulled back in time to the cataclysmic events of Christmas 1939.

Teenager James Greville (Jon Newman) grew up in children’s homes. To his surprise a distant Great Uncle (George Cole) invites him to stay at Greville Lodge. James notices that his Great Uncle has a thoughtful, haunted manner and Sarah the housekeeper (Prunella Scales) appears to mask her sadness with false jollity.

James wakes to strange sounds, glimpses movement in the shadows and sees a figure watching him. He becomes driven to find out about the house; but the more he uncovers, the more frequent the hauntings become.

One night he wakes to find himself in the past, in 1939, to witness events which explain the secret of the house. He discovers a forbidden friendship between the Master’s son and two of the servants, which destroyed all happiness at Greville Lodge. Now he must do what he can to put things right and remove the curse of the past.

An intriguing ghost mystery along the lines of The Amazing Mr Blunden, this film also travels between eras in time, uncovering a past mystery which still affects the future and haunts all those who were connected with it.

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