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Welcome to Renown Films

Dear Club Members,

Hoping you are all well and managed to escape the heat with a film or two over the Summer. Its been an interesting time at HQ. It has been announced that Talking Pictures TV is number 16 in the UKs Top 20 non terrestrial channels! Also 1 in every 100 people in the UK regularly tune into Talking Pictures TV! It just goes to show that people do want to support film history.

As the last episode of 'A Family At War' aired some weeks back we were inundated with requests to repeat the series, so we will be looking into this and obtaining more from the repertoire of the brilliant John Finch in the future. 'The Gentle Touch' was also a great hit and more of this iconic series will be coming to Talking Pictures TV later this year. We are also delighted to announce that 'Public Eye' will be coming to the channel very soon.

There are just a small amount of spaces left for our Morning 'Reel Streets' Ealing Film Locations Tour on September 23rd 2018 - the old route master is a lovely bus and will add to a great nostalgic day out, so do call us if you were thinking of coming along.

Delighted to announce that the date and venue is now set for our Fifth Festival of Film on Sunday 24th March 2019 at the St Alban Arena in St Albans, Hertfordshire. A brilliant new venue, spacious with a state of the art cinema and in a great historic setting - with very easy transport access and a large car park. Tickets are on sale NOW and as normal we will sell out so do get yours quick more details on page 9. We are busy working on securing the guests on stage but rest assured this will be our biggest and best line up yet with a few celebrity interviewers coming along too, more announcements to be made later this year. As ever tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable I'm afraid.

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We are also looking at a future event in Stockport and a Christmas event in London, more details as we are able to announce.

This month we focus on the great E.J. Fancey. You cannot ignore the clever way this man made films on minuscule budgets and stock footage and for all his faults, his long career in the British film industry should be celebrated with our first E.J.Fancey collection! A short biography of his life is included in this newsletter. Some excellent offers including a special sale and an interesting book on the life and career of the great Albert Finney and finally, a real Collector's Item offer - 'The Adventures of Sir Lancelot' the Complete DVD Set, SIGNED BY Sir Lancelot himself, WILLIAM RUSSELL!

Finally, we are happy to announce that TV Choice are now printing our listings in their weekly guide. keep on spreading the word - its working! Best wishes,

Noel, Sarah and Neill.

STOP PRESS.... Talking Pictures TV is pleased to announce that we're now available via the Virgin Media 'Player' package. This means that the channel is available to everyone who has a Virgin TV subscription! So for those of you who didn’t have us on your Virgin package before, you will now have us on Virgin 445!

Renown Pictures New DVD Box Set Release:

RRP £29.99 Our Price £20 with Free Postage

E.J.FANCEY Collection

Renown Pictures are delighted to present THE E J FANCEY COLLECTION. A 3 DVD Box set of films and shorts from one of Britain's most loved film makers. The collection contains: FIGHTING MAD (1957) Directed by Denis Cavanagh. Stars: Joe Robinson, Adrienne Scott and Beckett Bould. A simple story of a Glaswegian ex-boxer who decides to start life afresh with his young bride in Canada and arrives in time to save his old uncle from being a victim of crime. ACTION STATIONS (1957) Directed by Cecil H Williamson. Stars: Paul Carpenter, Maria Martin, Joe Robinson and Ronald Leigh-Hunt. A forger flees to Spain to escape his criminal past, but is forced to return home when his daughter is kidnapped by a ruthless gang. HANGMAN'S WHARF (1950) Directed by Cecil H Williamson. Stars: John Witty, Genine Graham, Campbell Singer and Patricia Laffan. A doctor is called out to an accident on a ship, but upon arrival he finds that no accident has actually occurred and instead he is framed for a murder committed by a gang of crooks. ROCK YOU SINNERS (1957) Directed by Denis Cavanagh. Stars: Philip Gilbert, Adrienne Scott and Jackie Collins. In the early days of rock and roll, a radio DJ stages a live rock 'n' roll show in order to persuade a television producer to commission a series, but during the preparations his girlfriend feels he is neglecting her. Featuring George 'Calypso' Browne, Tony Crombie & His Rockers, Art Baxter & His Rockin' Sinners, Rory Blackwell and the Blackjacks and Angus the dog! The collection continues with TWINKLING FINGERS (1940) A short directed by Denis Kavanagh featuring Mark Hambourg, the famous pianist and the musician bandleader Charlie Kunz - who worked with vocalists Vera Lynn and Dorothy Squires - in extracts from Talking Feet. The madcap comedy DOWN AMONG THE Z MEN (1952) directed by Maclean Rogers and starring The Goons. In a misadventure, Professor Pureheart loses his secret formula in a grocery shop.


A 13 Vintage Film & Shorts Box Set

FORCES SWEETHEART (1953) Directed by Maclean Rogers. Stars: Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine and Hy Hazel. Forces sweetheart, Judy James, is back in town and that means various admirers are showing up at the hotel where she stays. Two of those admirers are Flt-Lieut John Robinson and Private Llewelyn who are a hapless, lovesick pair and end up causing chaos and confusion as they hope to win her heart. SHADOW OF A MAN (1955) Directed by Michael McCarthy. Stars: Paul Carpenter, Rona Anderson, Jane Griffiths and Bill Nagy. A town drunk, Paul, is found dead the morning after he and his wife celebrated their tenth anniversary out at a nightclub. Despite the initial verdict of heart failure as cause of death, the police reopen the case believing it be murder. WHO'S CRAZY (1950) A documentary short, compiled and produced by E J Fancey, featuring oddities from around the Britain, featuring Charles Macey (the backwards walker) and knife thrower Wally Texan among others. THE TRAITOR (1957) Directed by Michael McCarthy. Stars: Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray, Jane Griffiths, Carl Jaffe, Anton Diffring and Christopher Lee. Col. Charles Price receives a phone call from a man claiming that one of the former German resistance group members gathered in his home is responsible for a friend's death, Price asks him to the house. But when the informant arrives, he is stabbed to death before he can name the traitor. SOHO CONSPIRACY (1950) Directed by Cecil H Williamson. Stars: Zena Marshall, John Witty, Jacques Labrecque, Peter Gawthorne and Tito Gobbi. The plans of a publicity agent to put on a charity concert are nearly wrecked by a legal representative who wants to take over a restaurant. The situation is aided by local co-operation who do everything they can to fight off the solicitor... but will it be enough? TODAY AND EVERY DAY (1948) Directed by Cecil H Williamson. Narrated by Frank Phillips, this is a rare short informative film with some superb vintage footage of locomotives and stations in the UK, including Paddington. The film details the history of the locomotive in Britain and we get to see not only inside the trains but the entire experience from that time. From shovelling the coal on the footplate to the comfort of the passenger, it's all there! The film was sold both for cinema "fillers" and used in schools as an educational film. The collection concludes with SWING TEASE (1940) Directed by Cecil H Williamson. Stars: Evelyn Dall, Nat Gonella and his Georgians and The Mills Brothers. Filmed at Rock Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, this is a condensed short film digest of musical acts from the feature Sing As You Swing. A wonderful tribute collection to a colourful film maker!

RRP £29.99 Our Price £20 with Free UK Postage


Classic Ghost Sotires E J Fancey, held so many positions within the film industry it would be easier to call him an all-round British Showman. He managed to sail by the seat of his pants, through many periods of difficulty within the industry and certainly had more luck than many of his rivals. He owned a grand 'castle-like' mansion in Worthing, which had a lodge cottage on the grounds, where it is alleged that his mistress, Olive Negus-Fancey lived there. He owned horses and lived life in the fast lane with all the trappings of a successful businessman. He was also notorious, at times ruthless, but always ambitious!
He was born Edwin John Fancey in Richmond, Surrey on 7th February 1902. He became mostly known as a film producer, director and distributor, who began by issuing American pictures in the UK, via his company New Realm. During the war he moved into film production, forming 'New Realm Pictures Ltd' in 1940 with his brother Sid and "D.U.K. Films Ltd" with his wife, B C Fancey in 1946. His film releases were generally regarded as 'poverty row' pictures or support features and short programme fillers. He also supplied films in 9.5mm, standard 8 and 16mm for home market collectors. But he was no saint! He could be blunt and to the point in manner and voice, but he also had a genius of making something out of relatively little!
When the British film industry was suffering in the 50s, as television began to become the new medium, he would raid the archives and compile old silent comedy material of the greats like Chaplin, to make new features and shorts. He would utilise actor friends and his own family, to create films and even found the upcoming "Goons" before they were a big hit and made a film with them, Down Among the Z Men (1952) - the only one to feature all 4 of the original Goons line-up - and clean up for years to come in cinema, 16mm, 8mm and VHS. Even today the film is available on DVD!
His cinematic output - much of which was released by Pathescope on 9.5mm printed sound films - from his companies included feature films such as Forces Sweetheart (1953) with Harry Secombe, Behind the Headlines (1953) with Gilbert Harding and Flannelfoot (1953). He was also responsible for travelogues and documentaries such as Land Of My Fathers (1951), Prisoners of the Tower (1946) and short compilation versions of musical films such as Dancing Feet (1937). But one archive raiding brewed trouble. Via his D.U.K Film Company, Fancey issued a Chaplin compilation for the cinema. The rights were rumoured to have come from Germany, but Chaplin objected and the cinema release was hastily withdrawn. Director Michael Winner in his autobiography recounts: "Chaplin made a rare visit to the UK in 1958 - "Why are you here?" asked the reporters. Mr Chaplin replied "To sue that bastard E.J. Fancey who has been making money by pirating my old films". On learning this, E.J. said to Winner "I'll sue the git for libel!"
Fancey retired in the mid-seventies and his children Adrienne and Malcolm took control of the companies. Adrienne, under the name of Adrienne Scott had been an actress in some of her father's films. Ever the showman, E J Fancey died aged 78 on 28th October 1980 in Surrey, managing to stay solvent in an ever changing industry, even though his companies didn't always. But he was an original Showman... one could say he was Fancey by name and fancy by nature!

© Paul Goodhead 2018.


BOTH DVD RELEASES for £25 with free UK P&P

The Planter's Wife

THE PLANTER'S WIFE (1952) drama

Set in 1950's Malaya, Jack Hawkins stars as the embattled British plantation owner Jim Frazer who battles to save both his plantation, from local Malayan bandits and his marriage to his beautiful wife Liz, following years of neglect.
After years spent in a Japanese Internment camp during WW2, Jim Frazer has rebuilt his life as a wealthy plantation owner in the post War British colony of Malaya. A naturally warm man, Jim's years of captivity had hardened him, particularly towards the local population who he mistrusts. Jim puts the survival of his plantation above his marriage to Liz (Claudette Colbert) and she plans to return to England with their young son Mike. However with the bandits closing in on his plantation Jim's future in Malaya and relationship with Liz are put to the ultimate test!
Circles of Deceit

CIRCLES OF DECEIT (1993) 2 DVD disc set

This drama series of 4 TV feature length thrillers stars Dennis Waterman as John Neil, a Falklands War hero whose family were murdered in a terrorist attack. Neil has withdrawn from society and lives an isolated existence, until MI5 come calling.
Former special-forces operative John Neil is a lone agent for hire for Britain's security services. Whether taking on Irish terrorists, tracking down professional assassins, or pitting his wits against ruthless drug dealers, the ex-SAS man harbours no illusions about the work he's doing, or the people he serves. Knowing he is expendable to the security services Neil must face down deadly adversaries relying on his instincts and his SAS training in a world of betrayal, danger, and deceit.
The films also star the much missed Peter Vaughan. These 4 films were made for broadcast on Yorkshire TV between 1993 and 1996.



Choose from these listed DVDs with Free UK P&P

ASSIGNMENT REDHEAD (1956) Drama - Richard Denning & Carole Mathews
BATTLE OF THE V1 (1958) War (in colour) - Michael Rennie & Christopher Lee
BOOBY TRAP / FOUR DAYS (1957/51) - Sydney Tafler / Hugh McDermott
BROKEN BLOSSOMS (1936) drama - Arthur Margetson and Dolly Haas
BROKEN MELODY (1934) Romance - John Garrick & Merle Oberon
CALLING PAUL TEMPLE (1948) Drama - John Bentley & Dinah Sheridan
CHILD IN THE HOUSE / SCAMP (1956/57) Drama double bill Stanley Baker & Mandy Miller / Richard Attenborough & Colin 'Smiley' Petersen
COTTON QUEEN (1937) Comedy - Will Fyffe, Stanley Holloway
COMMAND PERFORMANCE (1937) Musical - Arthur Tracey & Lilli Palmer
DANCE LITTLE LADY (1954) Drama - Mai Zetterling and Terence Morgan
DUSTY ERMINE (1936) Drama - Margaret Rutherford & Felix Aylmer
EMERGENCY / LANDSLIDE (1962/36) Drama - Dermot Walsh / Jimmy Hanley
FLANNELFOOT (1953) Crime - Ronald Howard & Mary Germaine
GELEGNITE GANG (1956) Crime - Wayne Morris and Sandra Dorne
GLASS MOUNTAIN (1949) drama - Michael Denison & Dulcie Gray
GUILTY? (1956) Drama - John Justin, Jessica Laage & Sydney Tafler
GILDED CAGE (1955) Crime - Alex Nichol & Clifford Evans
HER FAVOURITE HUSBAND (1950) Comedy - Jean Kent & Robert Beatty
HOUSE OF BLACKMAIL / THE SIX MEN / MATTER OF MURDER (1953) Drama Triple Bill: William Sylvester / Harold Warrender / John Le Mesurier
IT'S IN THE BAG / MISS MCTAGGART WON'T LIE DOWN (1943/66) Comedy Elsie & Doris Waters / Barbara Mullen & Eric Woodburn
I'LL WALK BESIDE YOU (1943) Musical - John Bird & Lesley Brook
I'LL TURN TO YOU (1946) Drama - Dan Stannard & Irene Handl
IT'S A GREAT DAY/GIRL WHO COULDN'T QUITE (1955/50) Comedy double bill Ruth Dunning & Sid James / Bill Owen & Betty Stockfield
I LIVED WITH YOU (1933) Comedy - Ivor Novello and Ida Lupino
JAILBIRDS / SAILORS DON'T CARE (1940) Comedy - Charles Hawtrey / Edward Rigby
KILL ME TOMORROW (1957) Drama - Pat O’Brien & Tommy Steele
KISS THE BRIDE GOODBYE (1944) Drama - Jimmy Hanley & Patricia Medina
LILLI MARLENE (1950) Drama - Lisa Daniely & Hugh McDermott
LOVE IN PAWN (1953) Comedy Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly
MADAME LOUISE (1951) Comedy - Richard Hearne & Petula Clark
MEET MR CALLAGHAN (1954) Crime - Derrick De Marney & Adrienne Corri
MELODY CLUB/HOLE LOT OF TROUBLE/ GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT (1949/69/68) Comedy triple bill - Terry-Thomas / Arthur Lowe / Eddie Byrne
MEN IN WAR (1957) War drama - Robert Ryan & Aldo Ray
ONCE A SINNER (1950) Drama - Pat Kirkwood & Jack Watling
THE OTHER LOVE (1947) Romantic drama - Barbara Stanwyck & David Niven
OUT OF THE FOG / RADIO CAB MURDER (1962/54) - Crime drama double bill David Sumner & Susan Travers / Jimmy Hanley & Sam Kydd
ROGUES YARN / STEEL KEY (1956/53) Crime - Derek Bond / Terence Morgan
THE RELUCTANT BRIDE (1955) Comedy - Virginia Bruce & John Carroll
THE ROUGH AND THE SMOOTH (1959) Drama - Tony Britton & Nadjar Tiller
SAY IT WITH FLOWERS/SONG OF THE ROAD (1934/37) Musical double bill Mary Clare & George Carney / Bransby Williams & Ernest Butcher
SEND FOR PAUL TEMPLE (1946) Crime - Anthony Hulme & Joy Shelton
STORMY CROSSING (1958) Drama - John Ireland, Derek Bond & Joy Webster
SOHO CONSPIRACY (1950) Drama - Zena Marshall & John Witty
SOS PACIFIC (1959) Drama - Richard Attenborough, John Gregson & Pier Angeli
SONS OF THE SEA (1939) Drama - Kay Walsh & Leslie Banks
SQUIBS (1935) Comedy - Betty Balfour, Stanley Holloway & Gordon Harker
THE STORY OF SHIRLEY YORKE (1948) Drama - Dinah Sheridan & Derek Farr
SUBWAY IN THE SKY (1959) Drama - Hildergarde Knef & Van Johnson
TIGER BY THE TAIL (1955) Drama - Larry Parks & Lisa Daniely
THE TIGER AND THE FLAME (1953) Drama - Mehab, Schrab Modi & Mubarak
TINKER (1949) Documentary - Mining trainees with Derek Smith
THIS WEEK OF GRACE/SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC (1933/35) musical double bill Gracie Fields & John Stuart / Jack Hylton & Claude Dampier
THAT WOMAN OPPOSITE (1957) Thriller - Phyllis Kirk & Petula Clark
THUNDER ROCK (1942) Supernatural drama - Michael Redgrave & James Mason
TIME OF HIS LIFE (1956) Comedy - Richard Hearn & Richard Wattis
TOO YOUNG TO LOVE / FRAIL WOMAN (1960/32) Drama double bill Jess Conrad & Pauline Hahn / Mary Newcombe &
TO DOROTHY A SON (1954) Drama - Shelley Winters & John Gregson
TALKING FEET (1937) Musical - Hazel Ascot & Jack Barty
TREAD SOFTLY STRANGER (1958) Thriller - Diana Dors & George Baker
TREASURE OF THE SAN TERESA (1959) Drama - Eddie Constantine & Dawn Addams
YOU PAY YOUR MONEY/FREEDOM TO DIE (1956/61) Crime double bill Hugh McDermott, Jane Hylton & Honor Blackman / Paul Maxwell & Bruce Seton
UNDER YOUR HAT (1940) Comedy - Cicely Courtneidge & Jack Hulbert
WHEN YOU COME HOME (1948) Comedy – Frank Randle & Leslie Sarony
WHILE I LIVE (1947) Musical - Sonia Dresdel, Carol Raye & Tom Walls

Choose any 4 for £20 with free UK P&P

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot - Complete Series

SIGNED by WILLIAM RUSSELL - 4 DVD Set Our Price £25 with free UK Postage (limited availability)

Sir Lancelot

A brilliant opportunity to own the complete series of THE ADVENTURES OF SIR LANCELOT on this 4 DVD Set and SIGNED by Sir Lancelot himself, WILLIAM RUSSELL for just £25 or unsigned for £15 with free UK postage! RRP is £29.99 so a magnificent saving can be made, if you are quick, as we have very limited stocks of signed copies! Don't delay! The collection presents all 30 episodes of the action packed series made at Nettlefold Studios, some of them presented in colour form for the first time - as previously the colour episodes were only seen in America.
The famed character actor (and one of Doctor Who's first companions) William Russell, stars in the popular and well-remembered series The Adventures of Sir Lancelot. The classic and inspirational stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are brought to life through the adventures of Sir Lancelot - bravest of all the Knights! It is one of the very few British television series ever to have been screened on one of the major broadcast networks in the US (as opposed to on PBS or cable television stations). Its success on NBC led to it becoming the first British television series ever to be produced in colour, the last fourteen of the thirty half-hour episodes being shot on colour stock. The series was directed by some of Britain's finest film directors of the era, such as Ralph Smart, Lawrence Huntington, Bernard Knowles and Terry Bishop. Bruce Seton appeared as King Arthur and Jane Hylton played Guinevere. Other guest actors include Ballard Barkeley, Brian Worth, Nigel Green, Patrick McGoohan, Jennifer Jayne, Wilfred Brambell, Edward Judd and William Franklyn.

RARE Collector Opportunity to get a SIGNED COPY!!

Renown Film Festival 2019

BFI: DVD Special Releases

£15 each with free UK Postage

Classic Ghost Sotires

OF M.R. JAMES (1986)

Stars: Robert Powell. From his study, a learned professor tells five vintage ghost stories. In The Mezzotint, a haunted picture slowly reveals the horrors of the past, whilst The Ash-Tree tells of the execution of a witch and the curse she put on the Fell family. Curiosity is fatal in Wailing Well, disturbing visions upset The Rose Garden and Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad concerns itself with an academic who gets more than he bargained for after he finds an enchanted whistle. + Bonus extras including three episodes of Spine Chillers (1980), produced by the 'Jackanory' team

From the Sea to the Land Beyond


Using decades of BFI Archive Footage, the film explores the role the coast plays in our lives; whether it's a trip into busy, colourful seaside towns or the remote Scottish Isles. The film is an evocative and sometimes nostalgic piece of work to inspire people to think about their own experiences and opinions on the British coast. Made by the award-winning filmmaker Penny Woolcock with a soundtrack by British Sea Power Band. Many bonus archival film extras from 1901 - 2013 and an informative booklet.

OUR PRICE £15 each with FREE UK P&P

BFI: DVD Special Releases

£15 each with free UK Postage

The Devils (1971)

Director: Ken Russell - 2 DVD Set.

Stars: Oliver Reed, Vanessa Redgrave and Murray Melvin. In seventeenth century France, Father Urbain Grandier, uses his powers to protect the city of Loudun from destruction at the hands of the establishment. Soon, he stands accused of the demonic possession of Sister Jeanne, whose erotic obsession with him fuels the hysterical fervour that sweeps through the convent. The Devils is presented in the original UK 'X' certificate version with a host of new and exciting extra bonus features.


Terence Davies's ode to his native Liverpool wowed audiences and critics alike and was hailed as the highlight of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. This is no simple documentary; it is an entrancing piece of autobiographical cinema that reaches beyond the city in which it is set, weaving a rich tapestry from archive and contemporary footage, music, voice, literary quotation, personal reminiscence and wickedly funny observation. Plus bonus extra features.

OUR PRICE £15 each with free UK Postage

BFI: The COI Collections on DVD

RRP £19.99 Our Price £15 each
or ANY 3 for £30 with free UK Postage

Police and Thieves

Vol 1: POLICE AND THIEVES (1944-75) - 2 DVD Set

The Central Office of Information (COI) was established in April 1946 and has produced thousands of films that reflected the culture and concerns of the nation. Volume one of the COI collection tackles crime, juvenile delinquency, policing and the justice system. A variety of styles and genres - story documentary, drama and public information shorts. 14 films - fully restored - with accompanying booklet providing comprehensive notes and essays from academics and film historians.


Vol 2: DESIGN FOR TODAY (1944-81) - 2 DVD Set

This second volume in the COI Collection surveys the subjects of architecture, design and fashion. 16 films including: Designing Women (1948), Joyce Grenfell on the dos and don'ts of home furnishing; Brief City (1952), modernist architecture and design on show at the Festival of Britain; Design for Today (1965), Hugh Hudson's day-in-the-life of British design; Insight: Zandra Rhodes (1981). Comes with accompanying booklet as an extra.


Vol 3: THEY STAND READY (1946-85) - 2 DVD Set

The third volume in the COI Collection, looks at Britain's armed forces. To help paint a positive picture of life in the Services the collection contains 23 morale-boosting documentaries, propaganda shorts and numerous recruitment films, dating from 1946 to 1985, which all placed emphasis on escaping the humdrum of daily life. Join the Services, we are told, and a world of opportunity awaits you! Bonus extras include the film: Egypt Today (1956).


Vol 4: STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! (1949-92) - 2 DVD Set

The fourth volume on the COI collection focuses on health, safety and welfare messages. Cautionary tales, motherly advice, celebrity appearances and shock tactics in 27 films on themes; killed on the road; burnt to death; abducted by strangers; crushed by tractors; drowned at sea, and so on. The release concentrates on the longer films in this area, punctuated by a selection of some well-known short public information films and commercials.


Vol 5: PORTRAIT OF PEOPLE (1949-68) - 2 DVD Set

The fifth volume in the COI collection, proudly looks at Britain and its people. Promoting an idealised notion of Britain has often been at the forefront of COI film production: from encouraging immigration to redefining the nation in 13 films from sport and the arts to a tour of London plus bonus features.


Vol 6: WORTH THE RISK? (1948-81) - 2 DVD Set

Complimenting the safety messages in Vol 4: Stop! Look! Listen!, this volume of over 30 films examines the issue of 'risk' in our everyday lives. We get advice on crossing the road, the Welfare State, the dangers of drinking, of playing with matches, the complexities of decimalisation, surviving nuclear attack, the Green Cross Code man and much more. Featuring Dave Prowse, Roy Hudd and Tufty and his friends!


Vol 7: THE QUEEN ON TOUR (1953-71) - 2 DVD Set

Volume Seven of the COI Collection, The Queen on Tour, celebrates the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in over a dozen films. As Whitehall's publicity agency, the COI - with unprecedented access to the royals - was the natural choice to produce official records of royal tours and state visits. In addition, it commissioned and supervised a variety of retrospectives on the Queen and her family.


Vol 8: YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU (1935-85) - 2 DVD Set

With a spike in birth rates after WW2, it was the job of the government's publicity agency, the Central Office of Information (COI), to provide guidance for first-time parents on the dos and don'ts of bringing up children. This collection provides a survey of our ever-evolving attitudes to child-rearing, covering the topics of pregnancy, birth, parenting, childhood, child development, child psychology and school days. Plus 4 bonus films.


MisinforMation - Public Information Films of the 70s & 80s

A superb DVD to compliment the COI Collection series containing 101 minutes of 70s & 80s public information films. The films take on a far more sinister tone than ever before with a new haunting soundtrack provided by Mordant Music, turning the message of the films completely on their head. Utterly brilliant and worthy of being played constantly in the Tate Modern! (1 DVD disc).

Our Price £15 each or ANY 3 for £30 with free UK P&P

Renown Film Festival 2019

HARDBACK BOOK Offer: £20 with free postage

Strolling Player: The Life & Career of Albert Finney

Stroling Player

A great read with a wealth of well researched material. ROGER CROW - On Magazine

This biography is written to pay tribute to Albert Finney's acting skills and career, as Hershman makes clear in his Introduction. He is writing as a fan, and much of the book is given over to deep analysis of each of Finney's film roles, with many contributions from friends, colleagues and critics. What emerges is a portrait of a highly likeable man, a strolling player who turned away from the riches offered by Hollywood to pursue work he was interested in and an actor with a love of acting above all else. From the review by actor, writer and director PAUL T DAVIS for British Theatre.

Strolling Player is the story of a Salford-born, homework-hating bookie's son who broke the social barriers of British film and dodged typecasting to become a five-time Oscar nominee. This riveting account of the life and career of Albert Finney examines how one of Britain's greatest actors built a glittering career without sacrificing his integrity. It's also the story of an actor who went his own way, did his share of roistering and yet outlived his contemporaries to become one of our most durable international stars.
Bon vivant, perennial rebel, self-effacing character star, charismatic charmer, mentor to a generation of working-class artists, a byword for professionalism, lover of horseflesh - and female flesh - Finney is all these things and more - as Hershman's colourful and incisive biography reveals.
Gabriel Hershman is an international writer. His books aim to preserve the memory of those gifted and underrated performers who enthralled cinema and theatregoers with their passion.

Our Price £20 with free UK P&P