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Hoping you are all well and enjoyed Christmas. May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and here’s to preserving film history in 2019.

We are very pleased to announce our festival on Sunday 24th March is now completely sold out and I’m afraid there will be NO tickets on the door. For those lucky enough to have tickets, the guest line-up so far (more to be announced) include Bernard Cribbins OBE, Anne Aubrey, Marty Wilde MBE, Craig Douglas, Glyn Baker (son of Stanley Baker), Jonathan Tafler (son of Sydney Tafler) and Jonathan Kydd (son of Sam Kydd). Brian Murphy and Linda Regan will be opening the event.

If you have missed out on this event, there is good news. We now have our 6th Festival of Film planned for Sunday 6th October 2019 at the beautiful Stockport Plaza, an Art Deco gem which has served her community for over 85 glorious years. Tickets are on sale now at £20 for a full day of entertainment, celebrating British Film History from the 1940s, 50s and 60s complete with original Cinema organ to play before the films, shorts, news reels – and of course celebrity guest stars will also be in attendance. We hope this location away from London and the south will enable more of you from ‘up there’ to attend. More details below.

Our new release this month is the brilliant Southern TV series SALLY ANN – surrounding life in The Salvation Army with a host of British film and TV stars in the cast and as cameos – and WITH SUBTITLES! A bargain at £15 with free UK postage for the whole series. More details below.

Also a January Sale with 4 DVDs for £20 as many times as you like! A great way to stock up your collections. Lots more special offers on other TV series box sets and DVDs too.

We spent a great day filming with some stars recently at the cinema museum; Shirley Anne Field, Francoise Pascal, Sally Geeson, Reina James (Sid James’s daughter), George Layton and Anneke Wills – all the interviews will be on the channel very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Those of you who watch Talking Pictures TV through a local channel Latest TV or NVTV Northern Visions will need to retune to reach us on Channel 81 from now on as sadly our joint project with them has come to an end.

Also, for those of you watching us on Talking Pictures TV on Virgin channel number 445, you should now notice a remarkable increase in the quality of the picture you now receive for our films. It took a lot of hard work and was not an easy task but as you know we like to look after our audience, so I hope you are all now enjoying a clearer picture.

FREE POSTAGE: As you know we have always been Free Postage for all UK orders. You now have an additional option of paying £5 for your order to be sent first class signed for if you need your order tracked. You do not have to take this option, you can still have your order sent free of charge second class by us – but some of you have requested this.

Until next month, our very best wishes to you all and thank you for your continued support.

Noel, Sarah and Neill

New Release: SALLY ANN – The Entire Series from Southern Television

RRP £29.99 Our Price £15.00 with FREE UK Postage & Packing

Renown Pictures presents the complete SALLY ANN series (all 8 episodes).From the award winning writer Phil Redmond, the 1970s drama series – made by Southern Television in 1979 and set around the daily lives of a Salvation Army group – for the first time on DVD and with optional subtitles available!

The original press sheet in 1979 states: Major Gibbs (Frank Mills) and his wife Mrs Major Gibbs (Stephanie Cole) work at the Citadel. Their two teenage children Hannah (Julia Chambers) and Bramwell (Philip DaCosta) have come to terms with growing up in the Salvation Army.

Phil Redmond, went on to write for ‘Doctors,’ ‘Grange Hill’’ and ‘The Bass Player and the Blonde.’ Phil went on to create a lot more after 1979! Including ‘Hollyoaks’ and ‘Brookside’ which he later became famous for. He provides some of the scripts along with Peter Terson (the author of ‘Zigger Zagger’); Anne Valery (‘Angels’ and ‘Emmerdale’) and Tony Hoare (‘Hazel’), but all refined their talents on this series, for Southern TV.

The hostel is run by Major Cartwright (Gerald James) who has a strong willed and determined assistant in Lieutenant Mary Barker (Carol Leader), and an amiable receptionist, the ex-convict Pike (Sam Kydd).

The series was produced and directed by Tristan De Vere Cole and originally broadcast on Sundays at 6pm from 28-Oct to 16-Dec 1979. (It was originally due to air from 12-Sept, but industrial action at ITV forced the series to be rescheduled. Sally Ann lasted for one series of eight episodes.

Episode One: CHOICE. The Salvation Army hostel takes in a new resident, but Lt. Mary Barker (Carol Leader), suspects that he may be illiterate. Meanwhile Major Gibbs’ son, Bramwell, wants to play for a local country football team, but the match day clashes with his father’s plans to commission him into the army’s brass band… Episode Two: A SAILOR’S RETURN. ‘Banjo’ (Patrick Troughton) returns from a life at sea and proceeds to cause arguments with everyone he meets. He is determined to blame others he has had to put up with in previous years. Episode Three: A SAILOR’S FAREWELL. Major Cartwright receives an unpleasant reminder of his past life when ‘Banjo’ (Patrick Troughton) an old friend from the Navy days, turns up and accuses him of murder. He blames him for his wife’s death and is determined to avenge the crime. Episode Four: WHERE’S MY TROUBLE AND STRIFE? The Salvation Army has a 70% success rate in finding missing persons, so when Harry Dooley asks Major Gibbs (Frank Mills) to find his wife, hopes are high! Episode Five: I’M ENTITLED. Harry (Ronald Lacey) expresses a wish to join the Salvation Army, but are his motives sincere? Episode Six: DECISIONS. Battling human dilemmas are daily routine for the Salvation Army. In this episode they deal with Mrs Higgins (Myrtle Devenish), a blind pensioner. Episode Seven: THE RELUCTANT CHOSEN. A young accountant (Mark Wynter) is much impressed with the work done by the Salvation Army. Episode Eight: PUT OUT TO GRASS. Brigadier Wells (Bill Owen) cannot get used to the idea of retirement, while accountant Benny considers joining the Salvation Army. Relive this ground breaking series.

RRP £29.99 Our Price £15 with FREE UK Postage

NEW Strawberry DVD Release:


Special Price £12,99 with free UK postage

Director: Gordon Parry. Producer: Geoffrey Goodheart. Screenplay by Ben Travers and A R Rawlinson. Starring Kay Kendall, Brian Reece, June Thorburn, Stanley Holloway, Dora Bryan, Charles Victor, Reginald Beckwith, Fabia Drake, Joan Young, Alexander Gauge, Aubrey Mather, Toke Townley and Eliot Makeham.

Charming 1950’s farce by the legendary Ben Travers.
A young married couple, Peter (Brian Reece) and Barbara (June Thorburn) are travelling by train to the countryside for a romantic weekend. Leaving Barbara in the train on the platform Peter pops out to buy a newspaper, but meets old flame Carol (Kay Kendall) at the news stand. While Peter and Carol are chatting, Barbara’s train leaves for the country without him. Peter, accompanied by Carol, frantically tries to catch up with his wife, hiring a car in order to drive to the hotel. Unfortunately for Peter the car breaks down and he ends up spending a night with Carol in a remote Inn.
Barbara meanwhile has enlisted the help of her parents in order to track down her husband and the ensuing chase leads to a hilarious series of misadventures that you would anticipate from a Ben Travers script. Stanley Holloway is superbly cast as Barbara’s downtrodden father.

Our Price just £12.99 with FREE UK P&P

New Release Book Offer: £12.99 with free postage

Signed by the author John Hannam


An all-new volume of star interviews all connected by the Isle of Wight.
Whether they were born there, lived there, or made memorable appearances on the island, you are sure to find their stories in this magnificent new book!

John’s third book in his The John Hannam Interviews series is called The Wight Connections and is about people from the Isle of Wight, both past and present. Over the years the south coast island has been a haven for showbiz stars and included in this new book are many famous people who were born there, lived there or made historic appearances there.

Many famous stars were actually born on the Isle of Wight and several have their own chapters in the book. These include Brian Murphy, Sheila Hancock, Phill Jupitus, Cliff Michelmore, Mark King, from Level 42, Raymond Allen, the creator of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, and Anthony Minghella. The foreword is by another Islander, pop star Craig Douglas. Also featured are stars who moved to the Isle of Wight at an early age. These include actors Laura Michelle Kelly and Stephen Wight.

So many stars have moved to the Isle of Wight in past years and those featured in chapters of their own include Celia Imrie, Michael Sheard, most famous for playing Mr Bronson in Grange Hill, Dick Taylor, from the Pretty Things, Michael Grade, Kenneth Kendall, Alan Titchmarsh and Billy Whittaker and Mimi Law. Roy Barraclough is also in the book. His first-ever professional engagement was a summer season at a small local holiday camp.

Treat yourself to this fabulous signed edition for just £12.99 with free UK postage.

Our Price £12.99 with FREE UK Postage & Packing

Autobiography Book Offer: £12.99 with free postage

Signed by the author Alan Goldsmith


What the critics said:

“A real page turner! A brilliant read for anyone interested in pop history.”

“The best history of rock n roll I have read. Five stars!”

“The book has an air of authenticity that leaves you in no doubt all the things the author recounts really happened.”

Written from the memories of one of the last great Rock ‘n’ Roll promoters of our time, this book is the doorway to a host of amazing revelations. From national television stars who started out as strippers, to the true highs and lows in the lives of the greatest music icons in history such as Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and The Who. Alan Goldsmith has seen and pretty much done it all; his time as a promoter gave him the inside scoop on hundreds of stories, including never before revealed Nazi secrets as told to him by one of Hitler’s greatest fighter pilots, and the unmentioned dark secrets of the Suffolk town hall. This book sets the record straight and spills the beans through an amusing and fascinating recollection of events that have occurred throughout Alan’s life, which has been fast paced, electric and at times can only be described as truly unbelievable. But one thing that’s certain is that every story in this book is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, although once you start reading you may struggle to believe it!

An outstanding book and available in this signed edition for just £12.99 with free UK postage. Treat yourself to a good read while stocks last!

Our Price £12.99 with FREE UK Postage & Packing

FOR THE LOVE OF ADA – The Complete Series

The Popular Comedy Series in a fabulous 4-DVD Box Set!

Every episode from all four series plus the 1971 Christmas Special episode!

This gentle, fondly remembered sitcom pairs comedy legends Irene Handl and Wilfred Pickles as two senior citizens who find that as romance blossoms, so too does the inevitable emotional turmoil…

Created and scripted by the massively successful writing team of Vince Powell and Harry Driver, the series charts the relationship between Yorkshireman Walter Bingley and Londoner Ada Cresswell, septuagenarians who meet while Ada is visiting the grave of her late husband. Will their love survive the disapproval of Ada’s daughter, Ruth? Does the “permissive society” extend to its senior citizens? Can the North-South divide be bridged? And will Walter and Ada ever save enough money to get married on their old-age pensions?

Co-starring Love Thy Neighbour’s Jack Smethurst, this complete-series set comprises all four series – including the 1971 Christmas Special.

Our Price £20 with FREE UK Postage

A FAMILY AT WAR – The Complete Series

The Highly Acclaimed Television Series. Our Price £60 with free UK Postage.

Every episode of this iconic seventies drama in this magnificent 22 DVD Box Set!

Starring Colin Douglas, Coral Atkins, Barbara Flynn, Colin Campbell, Shelagh Fraser, Lesley Nunnerley, Keith Drinkel, John McKelvey and Ian Thompson.

This is the powerful wartime story of the Ashton family, living in Liverpool during the Second World War The family struggles to deal with the harsh realities of war as their sons are sent away to fight and their children are evacuated to strange, previously unheard of parts of Britain. Those who remain at home live in constant fear of a knock on the door with a telegram from the War Office or the Luftwaffe bombs overhead as they sleep at night. This unique collection contains every episode ever made of this popular, moving and poignant series which portrays life, through the Ashtons, as it was during the war years. This box set contains all three series (uncut) of this iconic drama series on 22 DVDs, for you to treasure the series forever.

RRP £89.99 Our Price £60.00 with FREE UK Postage

DANGER UXB – The Complete Series

Starring Anthony Andrews, Judy Geeson & Iain Cuthbertson.

Our Price £20 with free UK Postage.

All 13 episodes of this seventies drama series in this 4 DVD Box Set!

When a young Royal Engineer Officer is killed trying to defuse a bomb, he is replaced by raw officer recruit Brian Ash. Ash is shocked to discover that his new unit, the 97th Tunnelling Company, is in fact a hastily formed bomb disposal squad. With the Blitz devastating London every night and making massive demands on Royal Engineers’ manpower, he is to take command of 347 Section forthwith. It’s not long before he’s facing the real thing at close range, with his men looking on from a safe distance, making bets as to whether he’ll go the same way as his predecessor…

This highly popular and critically-acclaimed series was created and produced by John Hawkesworth and starred Anthony Andrews in an early role, with Judy Geeson, Iain Cuthbertson and Maurice Roëves. This outstanding series was first broadcast on ITV in 1979 and all 13 episodes are presented complete and uncut on this superb box set.


RRP £29.99 Our Price £20.00 with FREE UK Postage

HANNAY – The Complete Series

Starring Robert Powell as Major Richard Hannay.

Our Price £20 with free UK Postage.

All 13 episodes of this exciting 80s drama series in this 4 DVD Box Set!

All 13 episodes from the television drama series, following the exploits of Major Richard Hannay – spy, soldier and adventurer – as he helps save the British Empire in the days before the First World War. In these episodes, Hannay finds himself charged with murder and suspects he has been framed by his arch-nemesis, the dastardly German officer Count Von Schwabing. In his further adventures, Hannay must foil an assassination plot against Britain’s First Sea Lord, undertake a dangerous return journey to the small Scottish village where he was born, and stop a nefarious plan to wage germ warfare against Britain. Episodes are: ‘Fellowship of the Black Stone’; ‘A Point of Honour’; ‘Voyage Into Fear’; ‘Death With Due Notice’; ‘Act of Riot’; ‘The Hazard of the Die’; ‘Coup de Grace’; ‘The Terrors of the Earth’; ‘Double Jeopardy’; ‘The Good Samaritan’; ‘The Confidence Man’; ‘That Rough Music’; and ‘The Bells of Shoreditch’.

RRP £29.99 Our Price £20.00 with FREE UK Postage



Blu-ray & DVD! £15 with free UK Postage

The feature-film finale of the cinema’s most-beloved comedy duo, Atoll K marked Laurel and Hardy’s long-delayed big-screen return.
The two great clowns, lured back to film amid the extensive stage tours of Europe that were the poignant coda to their career, embark here on a ramshackle voyage to save Laurel’s Pacific island inheritance. This ambitious attempt to invest their time-honed slapstick with a satirical edge is a testament to the duo’s indefatigable comic antics.
The BFI is proud to release the longest-ever English-language cut of this historically important film, presented for the first time in High Definition and showcasing a new 2K restoration by the BFI using original 35mm nitrate film elements. Packed with special features, this release includes rare early solo shorts and amateur footage of Stan and Ollie, alongside new audio commentaries and contextual writing by internationally acclaimed experts on the life and work of ‘The Boys’. The superb extras include 5 rare silent shorts featuring Stan and Ollie in solo performances, rare footage of them in Scotland (1947), Tynemouth (1932) and other unseen footage. A new video essay ‘The Boys Stay in the Picture,’ an 80 minute audio interview with Stan Laurel shortly after Oliver Hardy’s death in 1957 and much more.

Remember this dual format edition gives you both the Blu-ray and the DVD.

Blu-ray & DVD! £15 with free UK Postage

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