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The Hangman Waits / The Gentle Trap

The Hangman Waits / The Gentle Trap

Double Bill

This 1947 semi-documentary style featurette shot around the News of the World press, is a story of grisly murders by a cinema organist. A fascinating film produced by Five Star Films using the mediums of the Press and the cinema. Good historic scenes of the News of the World Printing Plant and Victoria Station.

Directed By
A. Barr-Smith

Produced By
A. Barr-Smith & Roger Proudlock

Distributed by
Butchers Film

Beatrice Campbell - Usherette
John Turnbull - Inspector
Anthony Baird - Sinclair
David Mowbray - Cast Member
Ken Warrington - Cast Member
Michel Bazalgette - Cast Member
Edwin Ellis - Cast Member
Len Sharp - Cast Member
Robert Wyndham - Cast Member
Hylton Allen - Cast Member
Bessie Courtney - Cast Member
Vi Kailey - Cast Member
Arthur Mack - Cast Member
Stanley Jay - Cast Member
Jeanette Green - Cast Member

Year of Production 1947

Running Time: 58 mins approx
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono

Gentle Trap

A 1960 Butchers production about safe cracker Johnny Ryan (Spencer Teakle) who after robbing a jewellers, is himself robbed by a rival gang headed by Ricky Barnes(Martin Benson). Barnes has also pinched Ryan’s girlfriend and she in turn has set Ryan up. However, Ricky’s dumb henchmen miss the diamonds on Ryan. With this £60,000 booty, he acquires some refuge at a nightclub in the company of two sisters; the kindly Jean (Felicity Young) and deceitful Mary (Dorinda Stevens).

Directed By
Charles Saunders

Produced By
Jack Parsons

Distributed by
Butchers Film

John Dunbar - Uncle
Spencer Teakle - Johnny Ryan
Felicity Young - Jean
Dorinda Stevens - Mary
Martin Benson - Ricky Barnes
Dawn Brooks - Sylvia
Alan Edwards - Al Jenkins
Hugh Latimer - Vic Carter
Larry Burns - Ted
Colin Reid - Inspector Stevenson
Arthur Hewlett - Sam
James McLaughlin - Sergeant
Ronnie Clark - Coster

Year of Production 1960

Running Time: 56 mins approx
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono


Ref: 194756