7TH Renown Festival Of Film ST. Albans 2020 Information Sheet




Dear Supporters of Film and TV History,

Urgent Update – Postponed –  Renown 7th Festival Of Film Sunday 22nd March 2020 St Albans Arena EVENT Postponed

Dear Supporters,

Well I’m in quite a quandary. It appears likely that next week the government will announce no mass gatherings over 500 people. Until this happens I can’t officially postpone, but it would be heart-breaking for me and not so good for you if we put the show on with a minimal audience and no stars. I’ve tried to do the ‘keep calm and carry on’ but given the current situation, it wouldn’t be fair on our audience to go ahead. It is likely many of you just won’t attend and some shouldn’t attend and we don’t feel the decision should be left to you. Please be aware that this is just a postponement – as soon as we have a safe date that we can confirm, we will let you know.

I have to be conscious of the safety of our supporters.

I am in talks with the venue to obtain a date to postpone the event till later this year. I cannot tell you how devastated we all are here but it looks unlikely that next Sunday will now take place. I wont have a date to give you until the venue manager has met with the venues head office, so please bear with us at this difficult time. I’ve worked on this event for an entire year and the line up of stars and the rare films and shorts airing are one of the best shows yet. Let alone all the extra montages we’ve been putting together for the screen etc and tweeks an additional bits and bobs plus all the merchandise we’ve printed…with the date on…

I am hoping we can just transfer you all to the next event but please bear with us for the next few days while we work out a plan…

Thank you in advance for your understanding, you’ll find me crying in a cupboard under the stairs for the foreseeable future…

Best wishes,


And of course Noel and Neill