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From the Imperial War Museums Collection 

Target for Today 

Run Time: 176 mins | No of Discs: 1 

Produced by the First Motion Picture Unit, Army Air Force, during World War Two. Filmed record of an American air raid on Nazi Germany. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: 8th Air Force At War • Extract From 8th Great Warbirds Display Colour home movie • B-24 Liberators and other 8th Air Force aircraft in Britain • Wade Lemmons • USAAF 

The True Glory (Collectors Edition)

Run Time: 271 mins | No of Discs: 2 

Co-directed by Carol Reed, a feature length film produced by the Allied military during 1944 and 1945 as a record of the war campaign in Europe. It covers D-Day to the fall of Berlin, including Omaha Beach, the Falaise Gap, Caen, Arnhem, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge.
BONUS FEATURES: also includes four full length war documentaries
covering the campaign in Europe: FROM ITALY TO D-DAY; FROM D-DAY TO PARIS; FROM PARIS TO THE RHINE; FROM THE RHINE TO VICTORYPLUS the unseen alternative ending to The True Glory.

Journey Together 

Run Time: 95 mins | No of Discs: 1 

Sir Richard Attenborough & Edward G. Robinson star in this feature-length documentary produced by the RAF in 1946. Written by Terence Rattigan and directed by John Boulting, it shows the training and selection process for RAF pilots and aircrew in preparation for a bombing raid on Berlin.

London Can Take It!  

Run Time: 107 mins | No of Discs: 1 

Seven wartime films from the Imperial War Museums collection.

LONDON CAN TAKE IT! (1940) Londoners during the Blitz. 

THE FIRST DAYS (1939) London in the first days of war. 

NEIGHBOURS UNDER FIRE (1940) The fury of the Blitz.

CHRISTMAS UNDER FIRE (1941) Christmas in 1940. 

ORDINARY PEOPLE (1942) Life continues even with the air raids.

LONDON SCRAPBOOK (1942) A portrait of London at war.

SECOND BATTLE OF LONDON (1944) Anti-Aircraft Command defend London against German V-1 Flying Bombs.


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