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Renown Feature Focus


A crime drama that tells the story of an infamous jewel thief known as ‘Flannelfoot’.  A crime journalist Mitchell sets out to identify the criminal but his investigation has unforeseen consequences.

Features: Ronald Howard, son of Leslie Howard and Diana Coupland with her debut screen performance.

Directed by: Maclean Rodgers

Cast: Ronald Howard, Mary Germaine, Jack Watling, Gene Anderson, Ronald Adam,  Adrienne Fancey, Graham Stark, Diana Coupland, Peter Hammond,  Alastair Hunter, Stuart Lindsell, Michael McCarthy, Edwin Richfield.

Year of Production 1953 | Run Time: 75 mins approx  Black and White

Guilty? (AKA Je plaide non coupable)  

Convinced that a wartime resistance heroine is innocent of the murder charge of a lover whose wartime betrayal resulted in her incarceration in a concentration camp, a private detective travels to France searching for evidence to clear her name.  Helped by a police officer, he soon finds himself entangled in a ring of international counterfeiters. Based on Michael Gilbert’s novel, Death Has Deep Roots. 

Directed by: Edmond T. Gréville

Cast: John Justin, Barbara Laage, Donald Wolfit, Norman Wooland, Stephen Murray, Andrée Debar, Frank Villard, Kynaston Reeves, Betty Stockfeld, Hugh Morton, Leslie Perrins, Russell Napier, André Mikhelson, Sydney Tafler, Raf De La Torre, Félix Clément, Margo Lion, Marcel Lupovici, Michael Anthony

Year of Production: 1956 | Run Time: 89 mins approx | Black and White

Cotton Queen (AKA Crying Out Loud)

Directed by Bernard Vorhaus in 1937 and produced by the prolific Joe Rock at Rock Studios. Joe produced 123 titles, acted in 96 films and wrote 36. Cotton Queen is the story of two feuding Lancashire mill owners, who have to work together so they can secure a major American contract. Further trouble ensues when the niece of one of the mill owners becomes romantically involved with the son of the other – but all is sorted out at the annual Cotton Queen festival. Watch out for Gibson Gowland, who played McTeague in Erich Von Stroheim’s silent masterpiece, Greed.

Cast: Will Fyffe, Stanley Holloway, Mary Lawson, Helen Haye, Marcelle Rogez, C. Denier Warren, Syd Courtenay, Gibson Gowland, Esma Cannon, Syd Crossley, Jimmy Hanley, James Knight, Bill Shine, Elsie Wagstaff, D.J. Williams.

Run Time: 77 mins approx | Black & White

Command Performance

Arthur Tracy and Lilli Palmer star in this 1930’s British romantic drama.  A celebrated stage performer goes to live in a gypsy camp, where he meets and falls in love with a young woman who is unaware of his fame. Her little sister follows him back to London, but a car knocks her down. He sings to her on the radio before rushing to her bedside, where he is reunited with his gypsy love.  Arthur Tracy was a great singing star of the 1930s and 1940s. He visited Britain in 1932 to top the bill at the London Palladium. 

Directed by: Sinclair Hill  

Cast: Arthur Tracy, Lilli Palmer, Mark Daly, Rae Collett, Finlay Currie, Jack Melford, Stafford Hilliard, Julian Vedey, Phyllis Stanley.

Year of Production 1937 | Run Time: 80 mins approx | Black and White

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