All New 2019 Talking Pictures TV calendar




Support Your Channel by purchasing this EXCLUSIVE Calendar for 2019 – A Must For all ‘Film Buffs’!
Each month has been carefully researched to bring you birthdays of some of the stars we know and love and Important dates in Cinema, Film and TV History. For Example, the date Bill & Ben first aired, John Bentley’s Birthday, when the first ‘talkie’ came out, when ‘The Blue Lamp’ first premiered in a London cinema, when Montgomery Tully was born, when Hitchcock directed his first film, when is Terry-Thomas birthday and much much more!

Just £10 with Free UK Postage – its A4 in size and printed on thick luxurious Silk Card.
The PERFECT Christmas Gift For The Talking Pictures TV Fan..

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Dimensions 30 × 21 × 0.5 cm