Armchair Theatre on DVD Volume 1




Armchair Theatre on DVD Volume 1

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Armchair Theatre was ITV’s flagship drama anthology series. Initially screened between 1956 and 1973,
it was hugely popular, with viewing figures occasionally reaching twenty million. Pioneering, influential and challenging, the series became a showcase for the post-war generation of British writers and actors. The series featured powerful, award-winning plays, and had a lasting influence – testament to producer Sydney Newman’s passionate belief in television’s potential to bring high-quality drama to the viewing public. 

Armchair Theatre Volume 1 (2 Discs)

Eight plays, first broadcast between 1970 and 1973. Featuring scripts by Colin Welland, Ian Kennedy-Martin, Fay Weldon, Roy Clarke and Brendan Behan’s brother Dominic, the plays feature performances from actors including Tom Bell, Billie Whitelaw, Richard Beckinsale, Peter Barkworth, Rita Tushingham and Beryl Reid. 

Say Goodnight to Your Grandma

Office Party

Brown Skin Gal, Stay Home and Mind Bay-Bee 

Detective Waiting

Will Amelia Quint Continue Writing  ‘A Gnome Called Shorthouse’?

The Folk Singer 

A Bit of a Lift 

Red Riding Hood

Number Of Discs: 2; Approx: 400 minutes

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