Catweazle The Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set



Catweazle: The Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set (1970-1971)

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Run Time: 650 mins approx |Colour 

Stars: Geoffrey Bayldon, Elspet Gray, Robin Davies, Gary Warren, Neil McCarthy, Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, Moray Watson and Peter Butterworth plus many guest actors including: Patricia Hayes, Hattie Jacques, John Junkin, Peter Sallis and Paul Eddington.

The series was divided between three directors: Quentin Lawrence, David Reid and David Lane. It was created by Richard Carpenter, who won a Guild of Great Britain Award for Catweazle and also wrote Dick Turpin, The Ghosts of Motley Hall and Robin of Sherwood, among others.

Filled with humour, warmth and charm, Catweazle captured the imagination of children everywhere with the story of a bumbling magician and his pet toad, trapped nine hundred years ahead of their own time. Geoffrey Bayldon gave an entrancing performance as Catweazle the wizard, who mistakes all modern technology for powerful magic, particularly “elec-trickery” (electricity) and the “telling bone” (telephone). 

Special features included on the disc:

New introduction to the series by Geoffrey Bayldon 

Brothers in Magic – Geoffrey Bayldon and Robin Davies are reunited after 30 years, at the Hexwood Farm location,  to reminisce about filming Catweazle 

Commentaries with Richard Carpenter, Geoffrey Bayldon, Joy Whitby and Robin Davies 

Anglia News – Richard Carpenter interview, from 1970 

Extensive image gallery including behind the scenes and many previously unseen clips; 

Merchandise image gallery

Material including merchandise, magazines, annuals and scripts for all episodes, including an unfilmed episode, The Horned Dragon

Plus a Commemorative Booklet.

Speak to a member of the team on the ‘telling bone’ by the magic of ‘elec-trickery’!

Watch Catweazle the series on your ‘magic boxes’ on Talking Pictures TV on: Saturday 2nd November at 3:30pm. Continues Saturdays and Sundays at the same time.

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