Corridor Of Mirrors


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Three for £20 3 - 5 Get 1 quantity of cheapest item Another Man's Poison (£10.00)
Bedelia (1946) (£10.00)
Cast A Dark Shadow (£10.00)
Corridor Of Mirrors (£10.00)
Dancing With Crime (£10.00)
Fire Over England (£10.00)
Forever And A Day (£10.00)
Hotel Sahara (£10.00)
Jet Storm (£10.00)
Nurse Edith Cavell (£10.00)
Pandora And The Flying Dutchman (£10.00)
Perfect Understanding (£10.00)
Storm In A Teacup (£10.00)
Sudden Fear (£10.00)
The Sea Shall Not Have Them (£10.00)
Wanted For Murder (£10.00)


Terence Young directs this classic 1940s drama based on the novel by Christopher Massie. Edana Romney plays Mifanwy Conway, an unhappily married woman who is led astray by a mysterious stranger and the allure of a new life. As Edana’s new lover Paul Mangin (Eric Portman) becomes increasingly obsessed with her, she discovers that he believes her to be the reincarnation of his love from a previous life.

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