Danger UXB The Complete Series




The complete series of the wartime drama, starring Anthony Andrews as young officer Brian Ash, who joins the UXB unit during the Blitz, the military organisation responsible for defusing unexploded German bombs. Following Brian through training and as he gains more experience as an officer, the series also follows his growing love for his girlfriend Susan (Judy Geeson), in a world wracked by war. Includes all 13 episodes: ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’; ‘Unsung Heroes’; ‘Just Like a Woman’; ‘Cast Iron Killer’; ‘The Silver Lining’; ‘The Quiet Weekend’; ‘Digging Out’; ‘Bad Company’; ‘Seventeen Seconds to Glory’; ‘Butterfly Winter’; ‘Dead Letter’; ‘The Pier’; and ‘With Love From Adolf’.

All 13 episodes of this seventies drama series in this
4 DVD Box Set!

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