Elstree Story DVD




Elstree Story



Run Time: 61 mins approx 

Year: 1952 | 1 Disc

Black and White

Featuring: Richard Todd, Stewart Granger, Joan Greenwood, Charles Laughton, Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Ray Milland, John Mills, Maureen O’Hara, Laurence Olivier, Patricia Roc, Richard Todd, Michael Wilding, Googie Withers, Will Hay and many more.

Richard Todd takes the audience through the story of Elstree Studios – which have been operating since the 1920’s. Starting in 1927 when the first film, The White Sheik, was made there, Elstree Story features excerpts from over forty productions – including Hitchcock’s Blackmail, the first feature-length British talkie ever shown. With early appearances by some of cinema’s greatest stars; it is a memorable and evocative journey through the years. This is a profile of the legendary film studio; of the pictures made there, and the stars and technicians who helped make it one of Europe’s greatest film production centres. Featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, Elstree Story is showcased in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

In addition to the main story, a bonus feature: Revisiting the Elstree Story, is an excellent portrayal of the history of the studio, the making of the film, the almost-making of a sequel in the 1980s and the preservation of the studios at a time when the then-owner would have been happy enough to sell off the land and have it turned into car parks or supermarkets.

Special Features:
Revisiting the Elstree Story, Image Gallery and Promotional material PDF. 

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