Flame in the Streets on DVD




Flame in the Streets (1961)


Starring: John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Earl Cameron, Brenda de Banzie.

Director: Roy Baker

A gritty film noir dealing with simmering racial tensions in the London suburbs in the early ‘60s. Jacko Palmer is a dedicated, talented union leader who manages to mediate an upheaval over a black foreman at work and prevent a strike. Meanwhile, Palmer’s daughter Kathie has fallen in love with a schoolteacher colleague of hers, Peter Lincoln who happens to be black. The couple plan to marry, and that creates havoc in the Palmer home where Kathie’s mother throws a fit. The full gamut of racial prejudices unfolds, while the father tries to reconcile his own feelings and root out any biases that lurk there. Nominated for BAFTA Best British Screenplay 1962. 

Made in the wake of the 1959 Notting Hill riots, Flame in the Streets is a tense examination of racial prejudice, adapted by Ted Willis from his own stage play Hot Summer Night. In this screen presentation, Roy Ward Baker pulls few punches without being judgemental.

Duration: 93 minutes (approx)

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