Free Cinema 3 DVD Set




From the British Film Institute

Free Cinema

3 DVD Set

Year: 1952-1963 | Black & White | Optional subtitles | Running Time Approx: 475 min


The BFI has compiled a collection of films from the 1950sí Free Cinema movement which was the precursor for the British New Wave of social realist films in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

O Dreamland (Lindsay Anderson, 1953)
Momma Don’t Allow (Karel Reisz/Tony Richardson, 1956)
Together (Lorenza Mazzetti, 1956)
Wakefield Express (Lindsay Anderson, 1952)
Nice Time (Alain Tanner/Claude Goretta, 1957)
The Singing Street (Norton Park Group/Nigel McIsaac, 1952)
Everyday Except Christmas (Lindsay Anderson, 1957)
Refuge England (Robert Vas, 1959)
Enginemen (Michael Grigsby, 1959)
We Are the Lambeth Boys (Karel Reisz, 1959)
Food for a Blush (Elizabeth Russell, 1959)
One Potato Two Potato (Leslie Daiken, 1957)
March to Aldermaston (anonymous, 1959)
The Vanishing Street (Robert Vas, 1962)
Tomorrowís Saturday (Michael Grigsby, 1962)
Gala Day (John Irvin, 1963).

Disc 3 features an exclusive film of interviews with Lorenza Mazzetti, Walter Lassally, Alain Tanner and Michael Grigsby and five rarely seen films from the late 50s/early 60s, an illustrated booklet and notes on the 16 films.


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