Get Some In! The Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set




Get Some In! (1975-1978)
The Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set

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Directors: Michael Mills & Robert Reed 

Starring: David Janson, Tony Selby, Gerard Ryder, Brian Pettifer and Robert Lindsay

Created by the winning team of John Esmonde and Bob Larbey (The Good Life, Please Sir!),  Get Some In! follows the misadventures of the unfortunate ‘erks’ of ‘C’ Flight as they do their best to survive their gruelling two years of National Service at the fictional RAF Skelton. Enduring endless square-bashing at the hands of their demonic drill instructor Corporal Marsh are grammar-school boy Ken, cynical Glaswegian Bruce Leckie, Teddy boy Jakey and Matthew, a privately educated vicar’s son; “Little namby-pamby darlings just off their potties”, as Marsh affectionately describes them, for whom life will never be quite the same again…

Setting the rigours of 1950s-style National Service against a nostalgic backdrop of coffee bars and Rock and Roll, Get Some In! stars Tony Selby (Ace of Wands) as the dreaded Corporal Marsh and Robert Lindsay (Citizen Smith) as Jakey, with Paul Eddington (Yes, Minister) guest-starring as Squadron Leader Bush. Its sharp humour made Get Some In! an instant success, running for five series between 1975 and 1978; this complete set features all five series and includes the 1975 Christmas Special.

Run Time: 850 mins approx

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