Ill Met By Moonlight (1957)




On Nazi-occupied Crete, British officers Fermor (Dirk Bogarde) and Moss (David Oxley), aided by local patriots, are assigned the job of kidnapping the German commander-in-chief General Kreipe (Marius Goring). The operation, if successful, will be an incredible propaganda coup for the Allies. While the abduction goes smoothly, the chase across the rocky Cretan landscape proves anything but. Based on the true story of how, during World War II, a group of British Army officers combined with local Cretan partisans to abduct a German General from the enemy occupied island of Crete and to deliver him into the hands of the Allies, the difficult part was not the kidnapping but rather the escape over the very rugged hinterland of the island in order to rendezvous with a Naval vessel to effect the completion of the mission. “One of the war’s most dashing feats – they kidnapped a German General under the nose of his army.” – “They stole a General under the noses of his 20,000 crack paratroops”

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