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Double Bill


Jack Moir (Conrad Phillips of “William Tell” fame), a newspaper reporter, is framed by ‘The Duke’ (George Pastell), a Soho racketeer against whom he has written a series of articles. Moir serves a two year sentence
and then, with the help of his cell-mate, Charlie (John Rees), he lures ‘The Duke’ and his gang into Charlie’s warehouse…

A very good Butchers B feature that Conrad Phillips also co-wrote. Its also nice to see that Mike Pratt of “Randall and Hopkirk” is the detective in charge of the case. The film has good quality picture and sound
following extensive restoration.

Directed By
Peter Maxwell

Produced By
John Phillips

Jack – Moir
Conrad – Phillips
Sebastian – ‘The Duke’
Dukelow – George Pastell
Bill Mackenzie – Ballard Berkeley
Diana Travers – Linda Marlow
Wally Wheeler – Richard Klee
Melanie Calf – Anita West
Charlie Wright – John Rees
Sid – Frank Pettit
Maury Parfitt – Edward Ogden
Hilda, The Secretary – Jean Trend
Prison Warder – Desmond Cullum-Jones
Police Sergeant – Michael Pratt
Constable – Don Barkham

Year of Production 1963
Running Time: 61mins approx
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 dual mono


Scotland Yard Inspector Gregory (Patrick Holt), strives to solve the mystery of an artist`s wife found shot dead at an isolated Surrey cottage. The victim`s husband, suave Howard Rogers (Emrys Jones),
becomes the chief suspect. The mystery takes a complex turn when Rogers goes to identify her, but due to the gunshot wound her face is unrecognisable. However, when he inspects her body for an acknowledged birthmark he realises the body is not that of his wife…

This 1962 Butchers production demonstrates again how Butchers were able to put together a good British B movie with a modest budget.

The cast is the reliable Patrick Holt, Emrys Jones and Honor Blackman who was already enjoying
success in “The Avengers” and two years later was Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger”. Shot on location and at Shepperton Studios it`s a story of death and deception nicely directed by Peter Maxwell with some ‘newsy’ type pan and zooms. The Director of Photography was Stephen Dade, who created some good stark atmospheres, he went on in 1964 to be D.O.P. on “Zulu”. Serena is a good British B flick with picture and sound of good quality.

Directed By
Peter Maxwell

Produced By
John Phillips

Inspector Gregory – Patrick Holt
Howard Rogers – Emrys Jones
Ann Rogers – Honor Blackman
Detective Sergeant Conway -Bruce Beeby
Mr Fisher – John Horsley
Mrs Price, landlady – Vi Stevens
Norman Cole – Gerry Duggan
Policewoman Scott – Benedicta Leigh
Barman – Wally Patch
Mike, photographer – Bill Mills
Fred Jackson – Frank Pettit

Year of Production 1962
Running Time: 1hr approx B&W
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 dual mono

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