Kenneth More Five DVD Box Set




Kenneth More Five DVD Box Set


Affable, bright and breezy, Kenneth More epitomised the traditional English virtues of fortitude and fun. At the height of his fame in the 1950’s he became one of Britain’s most popular film stars and appeared in a string of  box office hits. This five disc DVD collection celebrates some of his greatest work.

• Run Time: 546 minutes • 5 discs • with Subtitles

Genevieve (1953)

Director: Henry Cornelius

Stars: Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson, Kay Kendall, Kenneth More

A wistful, nostalgic sigh of regret for times gone by when there were no motorways, traffic jams were almost non-existent and friendly police motorcyclists cheerfully let people driving vintage cars race each other along country lanes. This gentle comedy follows the antics of two obsessive vintage car enthusiasts on the annual London to Brighton classic car rally.

A Night to Remember (1958)

Director: Roy Ward Baker

Stars: Kenneth More, Ronald Allen, Robert Ayres, Honor Blackman

In 1912, the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic leaves Southampton with 2207 passengers on board. They dine and dance while the ship sails on the calm sea. Then a look-out spots an iceberg looming directly ahead.

Chance of a Lifetime (1950)

Director: Bernard Miles

Stars: Basil Radford, Niall MacGinnis, Bernard Miles, Kenneth More

The owner of an agricultural machinery factory challenges his workers to run the business better than he does – and they try to take him at his word!

North West Frontier (1959)

Director: J. Lee Thompson 

Stars: Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall, Herbert Lom, Wilfrid Hyde-White

India in 1905; British army officer Captain Scott is charged with protecting the six-year-old Hindu prince from would-be assassins. Together with the prince’s governess, a cynical reporter, an arms merchant and a pair of upper class Brits, Scott attempts to sneak his charge to safety on a 300 mile danger-filled journey. 

Reach for the Sky (1956)

Director: Lewis Gilbert 

Stars: Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow, Lyndon Brook

The story of Douglas Bader, the RAF pilot who, despite losing both his legs in 1931, went on to fly for his country in the Second World War and become a hero of the Battle of Britain. Kenneth More plays the role with typical British humour, ideally cast as the war hero. Lewis Gilbert’s screen-play and direction are historically accurate.  

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