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Sugiani, a black market racketeer (Joseph Calleia) is amassing a fortune until reporter Linda Medbury (Carole Landis) is on to him. When yet another ‘victim’ is found washed up in the River Thames, reporter Linda takes it upon herself to challenge Sugiani with the aid of her boyfriend Jumbo Hyde (Derek
Farr) and a gang of boxers…

Sadly this was to be one of Carole Landis’s last films.

Directed By
Edmond T Greville

Carole Landis – Linda Medbury
Joseph Calleia – Sugiani
Derek Farr – Capt. Jumbo Hyde
Stanley Holloway – Insp. Kendall
Nigel Patrick – Bar Gorman
Ruth Nixon – Annie Foss
Carol Van Derman – Mercia Lane
John Slater – Pudd’n Bason
Lesley Bardley – Basher
Reginald Tate – Editor
Edward Rigby – Slush
John Salew – Greasy Anderson
Robert Adair – Sgt. Brooks
Hay Petrie – Barber
Uriel Porter – Coaly

Year of Production 1948

Running Time: 1 hr 31 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4×3
Region: 0
Sound: Mono, 2.0 Dolby Digital
Encryption: CSS

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