One Way Out



One Way Out

A gritty 1950’s police drama in which the forces of law and order do battle with organised crime.



Run Time 61 min approx

Director: Francis Searle

Stars:  Jill Adams, Eddie Byrne, Lyndon Brook, John Chandos and Arthur Lowe

Year: 1955 | Black & White

Carol Martin is found dead in a canal in what appears to be a straightforward case of suicide. When she was found however, Carol was wearing a silver necklace stolen during a recent robbery in Harrow; she was also the girlfriend of local ‘jewellery fence’ Jim Danvers. Superintendent Harcourt (Eddie Byrne), is close to retiring from the police force, but when he discovers that Danvers may be involved in Carol’s death, and the robbery, he sees one last chance at putting his arch nemesis behind bars. But in doing so will Harcourt put himself and his family in danger from Danvers’ ruthless criminal gang?

One Way Out portrays a story of deep moral choices with the main character following a path of corruption and trapped by an ever more complex web of lies and intrigue – is a lifetime of personal honour worth this final risk?

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