Public Eye – A Box Called Frank


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Alfred Burke stars as down-at-heel inquiry agent Frank Marker in this critically acclaimed, long-running drama series. Always working the lower end of the spectrum – divorces, missing persons, bankruptcies – the highly sympathetic character of Marker found great affinity among the viewing public, with Public Eye`s enormous popularity enduring throughout its ten-year lifespan and beyond.

In common with many series made in the 1960s and ’70s, a large number of episodes were junked; this complete set contains every surviving episode, together with a wealth of special features.


[] Exclusive, definitive book on the making of Public Eye by archive television historian Andrew Pixley
[] It Must Be the Architecture – Can`t Be the Climate extract
[] Interview with Roger Marshall
[] Interview with Alfred Burke
[] ATV Today – 1966 interview with Alfred Burke
[] Twenty Pounds of Heart and Muscle audio soundtrack
[] PDF Material

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