Renown Special Offer 4 films for £20



Renown Special Offer 4 films for £20

Soho Conspiracy; The Story of Shirley Yorke;
Madame Louise; Command Performance.

Normally £7.99 each – you save £11.96!

WHILE STOCKS LAST!  Offer expires November 15th

As the evenings begin to draw in and a chill is felt in the air, why not treat yourself to a selection of films from Renown? The perfect way to spend an evening by the fire.
The four films on offer are enduring classics, to be watched again and again. They also make fantastic gifts!


Soho Conspiracy (1950) Director: Cecil H. Williamson.
Cast: Zena Marshall, Jacques Labrecque, John Witty, Peter Gawthorne, Max Harrison, Syd Harrison, Gino Bechi, Beniamino Gigli, Tito Gobbi, Tito Schipa.
After a local church is bombed, a press agent plans a charity concert to help fund the restoration. Incorporates footage from the 1948 Italian film Mad About Opera (Follie per l’Opera) for its climatic concert performance.
Black & White. Running Time: 80 mins approx.

The Story of Shirley Yorke (1948) Director: Maclean Rogers.
Cast: Derek Farr, Dinah Sheridan, Margaretta Scott, John Robinson, Barbara Couper, Beatrix Thomson, Ian McLean, Jack Raine, Lesley Osmond, Valentine Dyall, Eleanor Summerfield, Bruce Seton, Charles Hawtrey. Nurse Shirley Yorke, must assist Dr Napier, the only person able of effecting a new treatment on the ailing wife of a British Lord. The woman dies and the finger is very strongly pointed at Sister Shirley, the main reason being because she and the Lord were former lovers.
Black & White. Running Time: 88 mins approx.

Madame Louise (1951) Director: Maclean Rogers.
Cast: Richard Hearne, Petula Clark, Garry Marsh. The lady owner of a dress shop gambles the business away to her bookie who inherits not only the shop but Mr Pastry (the manager) and his assistant (Petula Clark).
Black & White. Running Time: 80 mins approx.

Command Performance (1937) Director: Sinclair Hill.
Cast: Arthur Tracy, Lilli Palmer, Mark Daly, Rae Collett, Finlay Currie, Jack Melford, Stafford Hilliard, Julian Vedey, Phyllis Stanley. With his voice faltering due to nerves, celebrated stage performer ‘The Street Singer’ parts company with the theatre and goes to live in a gypsy camp where he meets and falls in love with Susan, an attractive young woman who is unaware of his fame. 
Black & White. Running Time: 80 mins approx.

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