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Rogues Yarn 1956
When Derek Bond is persuaded by his mistress, Nicole Maurey, to murder his rich invalid wife, he concocts a seemingly waterproof alibi by appearing to be in charge of his yacht on a Channel crossing at the time of her demise. But the scheme proves full of holes under the close inspection of Elwyn Brook-Jones`s Scotland Yard inspector. Co-written and directed by Vernon Sewell, a keen sailor in his spare time, can also be seen acting in this film. It was partly shot on location at Shoreham and Le Havre.
Director: Vernon Sewell
Starring: Nicole Maurey, Derek Bond, Elwyn Brook-Jones

Steel Key 1953
Directed By Robert S. Baker, who went on to direct “The Saint”. Steel Key tells the story of An adventurer who embarks on a mission to track down a group of thieves who have stolen the formula for processed hardened steel, and are going to extreme and violent lengths to cover their tracks.
Director: Robert S. Baker
Starring: Terence Morgan, Joan Rice, Raymon Lovell

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