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Based on her Broadway stage hit, 87-year-old Mae West portrays Marlo Manners, a movie star who has just married her sixth husband! Marlo arrives at a hotel on her honeymoon with her latest husband (Timothy Dalton), a young British aristocrat. Both are desperate to consummate the marriage but five factors make this very difficult ex-husbands! Not to mention the media, her fans, a gymnastic team, diplomats, and even a secret agent or two, all eager to bed the legendary star. And if that was not troublesome enough, an audio-tape she s made of her salacious memoirs has mysteriously disappeared… The musical received a cold reception when it was originally released in 1978, with the New York Times declaring Granny should have her mouth washed out with soap, along with her teeth. Since then it has achieved cult status. The roll call of superstars only adds to the film s notoriety.