Street Corner




Compelling 1950’s drama that tells the story of the contribution made by Police women during a period of great social upheaval through three entwined stories.

Edna Hurran (Eleanor Summerfield) is enjoying an evening stroll with her husband along the River Thames when a young girl falls in, Edna saves the girl but her heroism draws her to the attention of the Police and her story unravels. Young mother Bridget Foster (Peggy Cummins) yearns for some excitement in her life, caught shoplifting she falls under the spell of Ray (Terence Morgan) a villain who seeks to exploit her but the Police have Ray firmly in their sights. Brave WPC Susan (Anne Crawford) risks her life to save a small child who wanders onto a window ledge, investigating the incident brings the young police woman into a world of child neglect.

Directed by Muriel Box STREET CORNER boasts an all-star British cast including Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Barbara Murray, Rosamund John, Ronald Howard, Dora Bryan, and Thora Hird.

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