The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Complete Series 18-DVD Set


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The Adventures of Robin Hood:
The Complete Series
18-DVD Set


Year: 1955-1959; Black and White. 

Running time: 3575 mins approx.

Cast: Richard Greene, Alan Wheatley, Bernadette O’Farrell, Patricia Driscoll, Alexander Gauge, Archie Duncan, Rufus Cruikshank, Ronald Howard, Paul Eddington.

Directors: Terry Bishop, Bernard Knowles, Ralph Smart, Robert Day, Terence Fisher, Don Chaffey, Lindsay Anderson, Sidney Cole.

Richard Greene stars as television’s most famous Robin Hood in ITV’s first smash-hit series from the very early days of British commercial television. First seen in 1955, The Adventures of Robin Hood ran for 143 episodes and its worldwide success gave rise to a whole strand of swashbuckling heroes, including Sir Lancelot, William Tell and The Buccaneers.

Still shown around the world and highly regarded more than 50 years later, this series, more than any other, established a tone and style for the half-hour adventure format series, influencing every series of that kind that followed.

This set contains the complete run of 143 episodes on 18 discs.

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NEW SERIES: The Adventures of Robin Hood

Timeless entertainment with stories that have thrilled audiences and captured the imagination of generations. Richard Greene is the definitive Robin Hood, the daring, quick-witted hero, who with Maid Marian and his Merry Men, defies the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

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