The Buccaneers: The Complete Series 5 DVD Box Set


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The Buccaneers: The Complete Series
5 DVD Box Set


5 DVD Box Set | Year: 1956  | Running Time: 975 minutes

Cast: Robert Shaw, Peter Hammond, Brian Rawlinson, Paul Hansard, Wilfred Downing, Edwin Richfield, Jane Griffiths, Alec Mango, Tony Thawnton, Terence Cooper, Rupert Evans,
Roy Purcell, Denis Lacey, Terence Cooper, Alec Clunes, Hazel Court.

Cast: Terence Morgan, Jean Kent, Michael Crawford, Roger Delgado, Patrick McLoughlin, Alex Scott, Milton Reid, Richard Warner, Ewan Roberts, Howard Lang, Glynn Edwards.

All thirty-nine episodes of the action-packed 1950s TV series starring Robert Shaw as the swashbuckling reformed pirate Captain Dan Tempest, defending the island of New Providence in the Caribbean from the evil Spanish in the 1600s.
Episodes include: Blackbeard; The Raiders; Captain Dan; Tempest; Dan Tempest’s War With Spain; The Wasp; Whale Gold; The Slave Ship; Gunpowder Plot; The Ladies; The Surgeon of Sangre Rojo; Before the Mast; Dan Tempest and the Amazons; Articles of War; The Hand of the Hawk; Marooned; Gentleman Jack and the Lady; Mr Beamish and the Hangman’s Noose; Dead Man’s Rock; Blood Will Tell; Dangerous Cargo; The Return of Calico Jack; Ghost Ship; Conquistador; Mother Doughty’s Crew; Conquest of New Providence; Hurricane; Cutglass Wedding; Aztec Treasure; Prize of Andalusia; Dan Tempest Holds an Auction; Spy Aboard; Flip and Jenny; Indian Fighters; Mistress Higgin’s Treasure; To the Rescue; The Decoy; Instruments of War; Pirate’s Honour and Printerís Devil.


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