The Counterfeit Plan




The Counterfeit Plan

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Run Time: 83 mins approx
1 Disc |Year: 1956
Director: Montgomery Tully
Stars: Zachary Scott,
Peggie Castle, Mervyn Johns,
Sydney Tafler

A classic high-tension thriller directed by Montgomery Tully, this rarely-seen gem features an exceptional trans-Atlantic cast including Zachary Scott (on magnificently sinister form as a brutal master-criminal), Mervyn Johns, noir heroine Peggie Castle, fan favourite Lee Patterson and British screen spiv Sydney Tafler.

The Counterfeit Plan is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its original theatrical aspect ratio.

With the aid of his accomplices, convicted murderer Max Brandt escapes whilst being escorted to a French prison, and flees across the Channel. Arriving in England he seeks out a wartime acquaintance, Louie. An expert forger, Louie has now turned his back on his criminal career but Brandt is determined to blackmail him into putting his formidable skills to use once more…

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