The Fire Raisers


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THE FIRE RAISERS (1934) thriller drama
Superbly crafted thriller brilliantly directed by Michael Powell and starring Leslie Banks, George Merritt, Carol Goodner and Anne Gray. Jim Bronton is an insurance agent who helps his clients maximise their fire insurance claims. When Bronton gets a tip off that the Sonners warehouse is ablaze he quickly gets to the scene and recovers the company’s books from the burning building. When Bronton realises Sonners has committed arson he blackmails Sonners into letting him represent his case Bronton makes a killing on the claim. The dubious activities however bring his business to the attention of the Lloyds insurance brokers who he continues to outsmart. When he marries the daughter of a Lloyd`s broker with expensive tastes he is forced to consider a dangerous proposal that could end in tragedy.

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