The Hand/Ambush in Leopard Street


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The Hand

Henry Cass directed this 1960 support film. Three British soldiers are captured in Burma and incarcerated in a Japanese POW; Corporal George Adams (Bryan Coleman), Private Mike Brodie (Reed De Rouen) and Captain Roberts (Derek Bond). Brodie and Adams are interrogated by the exasperated Japanese officer,
who severs their right hands when they refuse to talk. Years later in London, Inspector Munyard (Ronald Leigh-Hunt) investigates the murder of a drunk who claims to have sold his amputated hand for -£500.
Scotland Yard begins searching for the killer behind a series of gruesome murders.

Derek Bond – Roberts / Roger Crawshaw
Reed De Rouen – Michael John Brodie
Bryan Coleman – George Adams
Walter Randall – Japanese Commander
Tony Hilton – Police Sgt. Paul Foster
Harold Scott – Charlie Taplow
Ray Cooney – Sgt. David Pollitt
Gwenda Ewen – Nurse Johns
Michael Moore – Dr. Metcalfe
Ronald Leigh-Hunt – Inspector Munyard
Ronald Wilson – Doctor
Garard Green – Dr. Simon Crawshaw
Jean Dallas – Nurse Geiber
David Blake Kelly – Jay Marshall
Reginald Hearne – Noel Brodie

Year of Production 1960

Running Time: 62 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono

Ambush in Leopard Street

Made in 1962, this Luckwell production tells the story of an armed holdup in London. A retired thief forms a gang for one last job, heisting a diamond shipment. With good period locations and a British cast that make this an enjoyable British B film.

James Kenney – Johnny
Michael Brennan – Harry
Bruce Seton – Nimmo
Norman Rodway – Kegs
Jean Harvey – Jean
Pauline Delaney – Cath
Marie Conmee – Myra
Lawrence Crain – Danny
Sheila Donald – Val
Susan Hayes – Ann
Charles Mitchell – Big George

Year of Production 1962

Running Time: 57 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono

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