The Planter’s Wife


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THE PLANTER`S WIFE (1952) drama
Set in 1950’s Malaya, Jack Hawkins stars as the embattled British plantation owner Jim Frazer who battles to save both his plantation, from local Malayan bandits and his marriage to his beautiful wife Liz, following years of neglect.
After years spent in a Japanese Internment camp during WW2, Jim Frazer has rebuilt his life as a wealthy plantation owner in the post War British colony of Malaya. A naturally warm man, Jim’s years of captivity had hardened him, particularly towards the local population who he mistrusts. Jim puts the survival of his plantation above his marriage to Liz (Claudette Colbert) and she plans to return to England with their young son Mike. However with the bandits closing in on his plantation Jim’s future in Malaya and relationship with Liz are put to the ultimate test!

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