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The 20 Questions Murder Mystery Stars: Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson, Clifford Evans A mysterious man sends in a question to the BBC panel show ‘Twenty Questions` before he commits a murder; he then sends the four players clues which are read out live on the air and the film chronicles the endeavours of the panellists to solve a real murder. It`s great to see a number of celebrities play themselves as members of the Twenty Questions panel.

Inside The Room Stars: Austin Trevor, Dorothy Boyd, George Hayes The “Diary Murders” are the talk of London. Two men have been found murdered with a torn diary page found at the scene of each crime. The diary belongs to Lilian Hope, a silent film star who recently died in poverty. Scotland Yard suspect the killer is avenging Lilian by murdering those who betrayed her in life.

Blackout Stars: Maxwell Reed, Dinah Sheridan, Patric Doonan Blackout made in 1950 by Robert S Baker & Monty Berman stars Irish actor Maxwell Reed. Co-starring with the wonderful Dinah Sheridan who later become famous through the film Genevieve (1953). Maxwell plays a blind man who stumbles over a dead body and whose sight is restored as a result of being bashed over the head! Look out for Campbell Singer as the police inspector and Austrian actor Eric Pohlmann who often played shady night club owners. The photography is by Monty Berman and captures the atmosphere of the era with a good mix of location and studio settings. John Gilling directs and wrote the screenplay for this great British thriller

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