The Will Hay Collection 9 DVD set


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A hilarious NINE film collection of some of Will Hay`s greatest comedy films.
Ask a Policeman: Will Hay heads a police force where no crime ever gets committed. Boys will be Boys : Will Hay takes his first outing as a School Master and in Good Morning Boys: Will Hay again stars in the role of Dr. Benjamin Twist, taking his pupils on a trip to Paris!
In Hey! Hey! USA: Dr Twist this time heads for New York City. Old Bones of the River, sees Hay taking his educational theories to the locals in Africa.
Where There`s a Will: Hay this time plays a bored solicitor caught up in a robbery.
Oh Mr. Porter: Will is sent off by his relatives to rural Ireland, where he becomes the Stationmaster of a derelict Irish railway station.
In Convict 99, he a disgraced schoolmaster who is mistaken for a tough prison governor.
Finally, Windbag the Sailor: Will Hay plays Ben Cutlet, who is tricked into taking control of an un-seaworthy ship — which the owners intend to sink – and stars with Moore Marriott & Graham Moffatt for the first time.

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