This Is My Street




This is My Street

Run Time: 91 mins approx

1 Disc |Year: 1963 | Black and White

Director: Sidney Hayers

Stars: Ian Hendry, June Ritchie, Avice Landone, Meredith Edwards, Madge Ryan, John Hurt

Jubilee Close, a drab street of decaying houses in London’s Battersea, is home to a cross-section of working-class families. Yearning to escape from this depressing environment is pretty, ambitious Margery Graham; the victim of an enforced marriage, she is tied to a lazy, boorish husband and young daughter. Margery lives next door to her widowed mother who, in order to make ends meet, has taken in a lodger, Harry – a slick, unscrupulous salesman with a roving eye and a more-than-neighbourly interest in Margery.

This sixties’ backstreets bedroom drama adapted from Nan Maynard’s novel is an unflinchingly told story set amid the sordid squalor of post-war London’s broken streets. There are a number of interesting characters, most significantly Ian Hendry’s compelling performance as the jack-the-lad charmer capable of turning from seducer to scoundrel and back again. Hendry and June Ritchie together create an interesting chemistry, and the film is potently magnetic when they are on screen together.

Other relationships and marriages are portrayed; including extra-marital affairs and alliances, a gritty but fascinating glimpse into the hard lives of people who had no escape from their grey existences, reflected in the barren streets around them.

A slice of British realism which is hard to resist, the plot intertwines the lives of a group of working class characters, with sub-plots and storylines which weave and interconnect, with inevitable and dramatic outcomes.

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