Traveller’s Joy DVD




Traveller’s Joy



Run time: 78 min

Starring: Googie Withers, John McCallum, Colin Gordon, Dora Bryan, Yolande Donlan.

Director: Ralph Thomas

A hilarious 1950’s comedy from Rank Studios.

Bumble Pelham (Googie Withers) has just concluded a major business deal in Stockholm, Sweden. However, she is unable to celebrate her success with her secretary Tom (Colin Gordon) as she runs out of money due to foreign currency restrictions. Instead she is reduced to trying to sell clothes and jewellery to hapless hotel maid Eva (Dora Bryan) and her situation worsens when her ferry home is cancelled. By coincidence her wealthy estranged husband Reggie, (John McCallum) is also in Stockholm but is also short of money.  Will the hapless couple find a way of meeting their debts and finding love again in this hilarious Ben Travers’ farce?

The film was based on a West End play by Andrew Macrae about English travellers in Europe and the problems experienced by them due to post-war currency restrictions. Co-stars Googie Withers and John McCallum had been married the previous year, and remained together until McCallum’s death in 2010, Withers following him the  year after.

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