Tweaking The Tail


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This is the amusing story of a wildly unpredictable career journey…

Not every RADA-trained actor with aspirations to the classical stage expects to find himself an international sci-fi icon in DOCTOR WHO at the end of the day. Again, not every actor expects to find fulfilment in a parallel profession as an accredited wine educator alongside his work in the theatre, film and TV….and yet again, not every actor expects to find himself appointed to a completely different ‘theatre` – the Magistrates` Courts – sitting in judgement on the right side of the law!

Nobody could be more surprised, perhaps, at the curious turns of fortune that have been dealt to the author revealed in this engaging, often hilarious picture of his life other than the author himself!

This, then, is your invitation to share a kaleidoscope of recollections: the surprise, the triumphs, trials and tribulations of professional work across half a century including repertory and ‘fringe` theatre work, West End appearances, British TV sitcoms including ‘Dad`s Army`, voiceover work, question setting for ‘Mastermind`, TV commercials at home and abroad….. let alone his insights into the worlds both of wine and of public service as a magistrate. A passionate cook, too, he`s even found the time to write this book! Clearly, he needs to slow down!

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