World War 1 Box Set


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Collection of feature films inspired by the Great War.

In ‘I Was a Spy’ (1933), Marthe Cnockhaert (Madeleine Carroll) works as a spy in a German hospital, acting for the allies. Aided by orderly Stephan (Herbert Marshall), Marthe plots to blow up a German ammunition dump. When Marthe accompanies a German Commandant to Brussels, a change in the Kaiser’s movements inadvertently reveals Marthe’s true purpose.

‘1914 All Out’ (1987) is a made-for-TV drama set during World War I in a quiet Yorkshire village. While the locals are enjoying a Bank Holiday cricket match, their fun is cut short when war breaks out and the men go off to fight for their country. Set in the Scottish Orkney Islands during the First World War,

‘The Spy In Black’ (1939) tells the story of three German spies plotting to sink the British fleet. When U-Boat Captain Hardt (Conrad Veidt) makes contact with his beautiful co-conspirator (Valerie Hobson), he falls in love with her, but she is already having an affair with the third spy in their group, Royal Navy traitor Lieutenant Ashington (Sebastian Shaw).

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