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3 Renown Box Sets For £50

3 Renown Box Sets For £50

3 Renown Box Sets For Only £50-00

You Get the following box sets;

The Renown Vintage Chiller and Thriller Collection.

A mildly terrifying collection of over 11 hours of vintage chills and thrills in our 3 DVD box set containing 9 films and bonuses.

The Renown Pictures Monster Collection.

9 Classic creature features + bonus documentary on early hollywood monster flicks.

The Renown Vintage Sci-Fi Collection.

10 films on 3 dvds
Filmed at Shepperton rather than saturn and with mildly terrifying aliens, a box set to enjoy the history of science fiction films.


The Renown Vintage Chiller and Thriller Collection

A mildly terrifying collection of over 11 hours of vintage chills and thrills in our 3 DVD box set containing 9 films and bonuses.
The collections kicks off with THE HOUSE IN MARSH ROAD (1960) starring Patricia Dainton, Tony Wright, Sandra Dorne and Sam Kydd. When Jean Linton inherits a house she hopes it will be a new start for her and her failing writer husband, but when he plots to do away with her, the house has other ideas.
Next is THE TROLLENBERG TERROR (1958) starring Forrest Tucker, Laurence Payne & Jennifer Jayne. A series of decapitations on a Swiss mountainside appear to be connected to a radioactive cloud.
In FIREMAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE (1956) and starring Susan Shaw, Paul Carpenter and Harry Fowler, we find that a team of astronauts that land on a moon of Jupiter, discover a population of beautiful young women looking for mates, but also discovering the dangers there.
TREAD SOFTLY (1952) stars John Bentley and Patricia Dainton in a story about a haunted theatre. The show must go on but people are dying to keep a dark secret surrounding a 40 year old murder.
The Scream Queen actress Barbara Shelley, Donald Wolfit, Vincent Ball and Victor Maddern star in BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE (1958). A mad scientist – believed to be a vampire – is conducting a series of experiments on the inmates of a prison hospital for the criminally insane, in order to sustain his own return to life!
THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1950) stars Gwen Watford, Kaye Tendeter and Irving Steen. A traveller arrives at the Usher mansion to visit his friend, Roderick Usher and finds both he and his sister are suffering from a mysterious malady. That evening Roderick tells his friend of the Usher curse and as the days draw on the effects of this curse reach a terrifying climax. Another type of curse is found in the next of the chillers in this thrilling collection.
In THE MONKEY’S PAW (1948) starringMegs Jenkins, Milton Rosmer and Michael Martin-Harvey, a magic monkey’s paw grants its owner three wishes before a disaster does befall upon them.
Next up is CROW HOLLOW (1952) starring Donald Houston, Natasha Parry and Patricia Owens. It tells the story of the newly-wed wife of a young doctor who goes to live with him in an oppressive old house where various and mysterious attempts are made on her life. The last film in the Chiller & Thriller Collection stars the first British horror star, the great Tod Slaughter.Bruce Seton and Henry Caine co-star.
in THE CURSE OF THE WRAYDONS (1946). A young Captain, after participating in a duel, becomes the main suspect of a series of killings in Epping Forest. Now the only way that he can prove his innocence to the police is to find and trap the real killer, who maybe is closer to home than he imagined him to be!

The Renown Vintage Sci-Fi Collection

ONCE IN A NEW MOON – (1935) Director: Anthony Kimmins. Stars: Eliot Makeham, René Ray, Morton Selten, Derrick De Marney. When the small town of Shrimpton-on-Sea is dragged out into space by the force of a 'dead star' passing Earth, the populace try to organise a local government based on equal rights for all, but conflicts arise between the local aristocracy and the villagers. Filmed At Shepperton Studios. Watch out for the great Wally Patch and a young Thorley Walters at the start of his career.
THE NIGHT CALLER – aka Blood Beast From Outer Space (1965) Director: John Gilling. Writers: Jim
O'Connolly (screenplay), Frank Crisp (novel). Stars: John Saxon, Maurice Denham, Patricia Haines. An intelligent, restrained, moody and highly effective winner. In it, scientist John Saxon,working at England's Falsley Park research station, grapples with a mysterious sphere that has touched down on the moors, direct from the Jovian moon Ganymede. The film cleaves fairly evenly into two discrete sections. In the first, Saxon and his Falsley co-workers (including blonde, no-nonsense Ann Barlow,
played by the excellent Patricia Haines) conduct tests on the sphere and endeavour to puzzle out its mysteries. In the latter half, Saxon assists Scotland Yard in its investigation of the disappearances of several dozen young women, all of whom had answered an ad for a modelling job in "Bikini Magazine." Filmed At Shepperton.
PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) Directed and Produced by W Lee Wilder. Stars: Ted Cooper, Tom Daly, Steve Acton and Burt Wenland. An alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by the government authorities.
DR.CYCLOPS (1940) Castle Films Digest version. Director: Ernest B. Schoedsack. Producer: Dale Van Every. Stars: Albert Dekker, Thomas Coley, Janice Logan, Charles Halton, Victor Kilian, Frank Yaconelli, Paul Fix and Frank Reicher. Four explorers are summoned to Peru by the brilliant physicist Dr Thorkel. They discover a rich source of radium and a half-mad Thorkel
who shrinks them down to one-fifth their normal size when they threaten to stop his unorthodox experimentation. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for special effects in the 1941 ceremony.
TARGET EARTH – (1954) Director: Sherman A. Rose. Stars: Richard Denning, Kathleen Crowley, Virginia Grey. Raw Panic The Screen Never Dared Reveal! Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago... Stranded in the deserted city are strangers Frank and Nora.
STRANGER FROM VENUS – (1954) Director: Burt Balaban. Stars: Patricia Neal, Helmut Dantine, Derek Bond. Tonight, first contact will be made! A beautifully-crafted tale of a superior being from Venus who has the power of life and death at his
touch. Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal's glowing and sensitive performance as a woman caught up in the biggest event in history is complemented by Helmut Dantine's powerful, moving portrayal as the Stranger.
THE ALIEN FACTOR – (1978) Director: Don Dohler (as Donald M. Dohler). Stars: Don Leifert, Tom Griffith,Richard Dyszel. A spaceship containing specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth near a small back woods town. The specimens escape, and soon town folk are turning up mutilated.
CAPTIVE – (1980) Directors: Robert Emenegger, Allan Sandler. Writers: Seth Marshall III (screenplay),Robert Emenegger. Stars: Cameron Mitchell, David Ladd, Lori Saunders. Earth and the planet Styrolia are at war over the possession of valuable Dirathium crystals. A Styrolian warship is shot down on Earth, and the surviving aliens make their way to a nearby farmhouse where they take the family captive.
PSI FACTOR – (1980) Director: Bryan Trizers. Writers: Steven Posner, Robert Emenegger. Stars: Peter Mark Richman, Gretchen Corbett, Tom Martin. Aliens from another dimension cross space and time to come to Earth. A scientist tries to discover what their motives are.
THE DREAM DOCTOR (1936) Director: R W Lotinga (real name Widgley R Newman). Cinematography: John Miller. Stars: Julie Suedo, Sydney Monckton, Leo Genn, Margaret Yarde, Yvonne Murray, Peter Cousins, Thelma Sheehan and Jennifer Skinner. A lady gypsy interprets the dreams of a doctor's patients, but are her readings any more true than her psychic pronouncements?


BEHEMOTH THE SEAMONSTER (1959) stars Andre Morell & Gene Evans – Nuclear testing causes a dinosaur to surface and terrorise England. BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE (1959) Stars Michael Forest. Gold thieves pull off a heist only to be pursued by spider like monsters as they flee. GORGO (1961) with Bill Travers. Undersea volcano causes aquatic creatures to come out of hiding! MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL (1957) stars Jim Davis and Robert Griffin in a tale of giant wasps! THE GIANT GILA MONSTER (1959) stars Don Sullivan & Lisa Simone. A giant lizard terrorises a local Texas community and a heroic teenager tries to save the day. THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER (1977) stars Richard Cardella & Glen Roberts. In Crater Lake a scientist is informed of a remarkable discovery in the cave system! THE KILLER SHREWS (1959) stars James Best, Ingrid Goude and Ken Curtis. A doctors experiments mutate and become giant shrews that escape and reproduce rapidly. THE STRANGE WORLD OF PLANET X (1958) stars Forest Tucker. An alien spaceship warns of the dangers of a scientists experiments. THE WOMANEATER (1958) with Vera Day. In the Amazon a tree feeds on the blood of women! BONUS FEATURES: MAN OR BEAST – a short documentary on early Hollywood monster movies inc; Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Phantom of the Opera + VERA DAY – exclusive insight into her life in films and introduction to her movie THE WOMANEATER!